Jefferson County Property Sales – February 2012

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office in the month of February 2012:

Feb. 29:

Town of Watertown: 1.44 acres, U.S. Route 11, Farm Specialist Realty Inc., Watertown, sold to Frederick H. Phinney, Watertown $124,000
Town of Clayton: 9.2 acres, West Bald Rock Road, Ian Lundell, Wilmington, Del., sold to Carl Lundell, Alexandria, Va. $180,000
City of Watertown: Flower Avenue West, Martha S. Grant, Rochester, executor, estate of Lucy W. Sprague, late of Watertown, sold to Nichole L. Bricker, Watertown $100,000
City of Watertown: 0.418 acre, Holcomb Street, Daniel F. Morrison and Cammy J. Morrison, Watertown, sold to Steven A. Ferguson, Black River $233,500
Village of Mannsville: 0.85 acre, U.S. Route 11 (North Main Street) Jon W. Besaw, Mannsville, and Thomas E. Besaw, Mannsville, co-executors, will of William J. Besaw, late of Jefferson County, sold to Glenn A. Richter and Michele P. Richter, Adams $99,000
Town of Pamelia: 8.70 acres, Knowlesville Road, Michael T. Countryman and Sylvia Countryman, Watertown, sold to Benjamin Locke, Antwerp $138,000
Town of Theresa: 29261 Stevens Hollow Road, Anna Lee Wilkinson, surviving spouse and administrator, estate of Gary R. Wilkinson, Buffalo, sold to Zoltan Azary, Occidental, Calif. $106,000
Town of Theresa: 2 acres, Silver Street, Peggy J. Sepko, Watertown, administrator, estate of George M. Sepko Sr., sold to Shawn A. Sullivan and Marcie L. Sullivan, Theresa $127,000
Town of Wilna: State Route 3, Clay M. Grooms and Menda S. Grooms, Opp, Ala., sold to Sean Michael Pence and Erin Pence, Fort Drum $192,000

Feb. 28:

Town of Rutland: 0.754 acre, Chelsea Road, Percy Chicks Subdivision LLC, Black River, sold to Erin A. Gallagher and John S. Northrop, both of Carthage $220,000
Town of Rutland: 5.10 acres, Ball Road, Harold R. Kramer and Traci L. Kramer, Black River, sold to Christopher W. Donnelly and Carmin M. Donnelly, Fort Drum $249,500
Town of Pamelia: 0.59 acre, intersection U.S. Route 11 and Gardner Drive, Ian N. Nelson, Watertown, sold to Teniola I. Taiwo, Felts Mills $202,000
City of Watertown: 0.159 acre, Sherman Street, Diane E. Davidian, Watertown, sold to Mark A. Harris, Sackets Harbor $110,000
Town of Brownville: 0.7408 acre, state Route 180, James M. Riley, Richmond Hill, Ga., sold to Leonard J. Cooper and Martha C. Cooper, Dexter $175,000
Town of Lyme: 31.80 acres, state Route 12E, Wallis S. McDermott, Hobe Sound, Fla., sold to Estate of Donald J. Lance, Laurie L. Bishop and Jennifer J. Lance, co-executors, Three Mile Bay $116,000
Town of Watertown: 5.010 acres, Ives Street Road, Shannon P. Baka, Watertown, sold to Patricia L. Fluno, Watertown $147,000
Town of Worth: Hayes Road, Kenneth M. Kelly Sr. and Sharon H. Kelly, Windermere, Fla., sold to Robert A. Fleming, Watertown $45,000

Feb. 27:

Town of Alexandria: Two parcels, 0.67 acre, 1.01 acres, Kring Point Road, Lawrence A. Fay and Judy O. Fay, Redwood, sold to Stacey R. Durand, Wellesley Island $475,000
Town of Brownville: 4.983 acres, Reasoner Road, Jennifer Risser Derouin, Sackets Harbor, sold to Amanda A. Derouchie and Peter T. Derouchie, Watertown $130,000
City of Watertown: 0.161 acre, Elm Street, Betty P. Slack, Watertown, sold to Nancy E. Yuhasz and Emory J. Yuhasz, Black River $128,000
Village of Theresa: 9.66 acres, Morgan Street, Charles R. Wilson, Theresa, sold to Greg A. Sweet and Ann M. Sweet, Theresa $30,000
Town of Hounsfield: Three parcels, Evans Road; 10 acres, Old Rome State Road; 0.057 acre, Evans Road, Timothy W. Scee and Pamela R. Scee, trustees, Scee Living Trust, Brownville, sold to Brian MacCue and Stacy A. MacCue, Dexter $205,000
Village of Alexandria Bay: 14 Anthony St., Judith V. Fulmer, Emmaus, Pa., sold to John R. Oravec Sr. and Gloria J. Oravec, Andreas, Pa. $67,000
Town of Clayton: Three parcels, 0.64 acre, 0.36 acre, 0.75 acre, state Route 12, Karen A. Knight, Clayton, sold to Scott John Baughn and Christi D. Baughn, Clayton $204,000
Hamlet of Calcium: County road from Calcium to Calcium Cemetery, Brian L. Gonseth, Watertown, executor, will of Frederick O. Gonseth, and estate of Rose A. Gonseth, sold to Chris McConnell, Watertown $79,500

Feb. 24

Town of Clayton: 1.7 acres, Clayton-Cape Vincent Road, Mark R. LoMonaco, Brockport, executor, will of Richard S. LoMonaco, late of town of Clayton, sold to Ronald F. Napodano, Pittsford $210,000
Village of LaFargeville: 0.70 acre, intersection of Sarah Lane and state Route 180, Petros Anastasiou, LaFargeville, sold to Marquitta Kelly and Jeffrey Edwards II, both of LaFargeville $261,000
Town of Pamelia: Lots 20 and 24, Allen Meadows Subdivision, Lawler Realty LLC, Sackets Harbor, sold to Sciuga Corporation, Solvay $80,000
Town of Pamelia: Lot 25, Liberty Avenue, Lawrence C. Longway, Watertown, sold to Sciuga Corporation, Solvay $35,000
Village of Antwerp: Two parcels, Van Buren Street, Ronald Haymond, Antwerp, and Patrick J. Haymond, Ellijay, Ga., sold to Jared Lewis, Watertown $123,000
Town of LeRay: 4.41 acres, County Route 17, Ryan M. Campbell, Evans Mills, sold to Meaghan L. Steele, Fort Drum $230,000
Town of Henderson: 1.086 acres, 8288 County Route 152, John W. Sproch, Pensacola, Fla., sold to Jonathan Rhodes and Emily Rhodes, Adams $65,000
Town of Hounsfield: 0.49 acre, State Route 12F, Brian MacCue and Stacey A. Pecori MacCue, Dexter, sold to Matthew J. Decaprio, Carthage $160,000
City of Watertown: 644 Water St., Kevin W. Heald, Fort Lee, Va., sold to Ferdinand Villar and Shirley Villar, Marfa, Texas $115,000

Feb. 23

Town of Lyme: 0.32 acre, County Route 57, Steven Widrick and Elnora Widrick, Waxahachie, Texas, sold to Joseph J. Widrick and Donna G. Widrick, Adams $165,000
Village of Carthage: 0.188 acre, 917 Alexandria St., Clifford D. Scougal and Margaret Scougal, Carthage, sold to Milton Shampine, Carthage $38,000
Town of Orleans: 115.3 acres, Amend Road, Charles Victor Bayliss, Winchester, Va., sold to Michael Robin Shifflett, Clayton $29,000

Feb. 22:

Town of Henderson: 61.40 acres, no address given, Terrel J. Zumbach and Carmen M. Zumbach, Sackets Harbor, sold to Brian L. Zumbach and Amy E. Zumbach, Henderson $80,000
Town of Lyme: 4.03 acres, County Route 179, Logan Properties LLC, Chaumont, sold to George Tempesta and Traci Tempesta, Wilimington, Del. $32,000
City of Watertown: Two parcels, no acreage or addresses given, Nancy D. Brown, Watertown, administrator, estate of Theresa I. Derouin, late of Watertown, sold to Brian Roy, Watertown $25,000

Feb. 21:

City of Watertown: 0.142 acre, 843 Water St., Ronald E. John Sr., Land O Lakes, Fla,, and JoAnne M. John, Watertown, sold to Eric W. McIntosh, Watertown $133,000
Village of Clayton: 0.41 acre, 1400 State St. (state Route 12E), Curtis B. Byington, Clayton, sold to Robert J. Aiken, Clayton $197,500
City of Watertown: 118 Gale St., St. Michael Properties, Watertown, sold to Dustin J. Christopher and Judith A. Christopher, Watertown $81,500
City of Watertown: 0.134 acre, North Colorado Avenue, David E. O’Riley and Patience C. O’Riley, Watertown, sold to Matthew Capone and Becky Capone, Watertown $91,000
Village of Deferiet: Anderson Avenue, Frederick A. Brotherton, Great Bend, sold to John A. Hager and Michelle L. Hager, Deferiet $125,000
Town of Antwerp:
2.08 acres, 37425 Pulpit Rock Road, Steven Jewell, aka Steven E. Jewell, Culpeper, Va., sold to David A. Bigelow, Lorraine $99,000
Town of Wilna: 1.837 acres, Strickland Road, Larry J. Walseman II, Castorland, sold to Jonathan Hirschey and Jessica Hirschey, Carthage $238,000
Hamlet of Plessis: 0.57 acres, road from Plessis to Redwood, George Rollinson, Plessis, sold to Matthew J. Green, Watertown $65,000

Feb. 17:

City of Watertown: 0.248 acre, 163 Flower Ave. W., Carl L. Berg and Amy M. Berg, Watertown, sold to Josh Metz and Andrea Metz, Watertown $215,000
Village of Carthage: South Washington Street, Catherine A. Benson, Carthage, sold to Scott L. Benson and Tara L. Benson, Carthage $70,000
Town of Lyme: 1 acre, 19325 South Shore Road, Three Mile Bay, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., sold to Thomas Simbari, Rochester $115,000

Feb. 16:

Town of Pamelia: 0.43 acre, state Route 37, Edward J. Anson and Ginger K. Anson, aka Ginger K. Martin, Watertown, sold to Eric J. McLane, Watertown $84,000
City of Watertown: Hamlin Street, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., as trustee, Vendee Mortgage Trust, Santa Ana, Calif., sold to Robert Lyn Moyer, Watertown $28,500
Village of Adams: 1.740 acres, North Park Street, GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust, Ryan Rebarcak, trustee, Aurora, Colo., sold to Ronald J. Sloan and Shirley G. Sloan, Adams $187,500
Hamlet of Redwood: Three parcels, 1) 0.73 acre, 2) and 3) no acreage given, Main Street, Brent H. Sweet, Alexandria Bay, sold to Redwood United Methodist Church, Redwood $52,000
Village of Carthage: North Clinton Street, Michael F. Burgos, Carthage, sold to Christopher J. Sparacino, Carthage $159,000
Town of Rutland: 15.10 acres, Andrews Road, William K. Stockard and Jeanne E. Stockard, Black River, sold to Dari B. Pfeiffer, Great Bend $150,000
Town of Brownville: Five parcels, no acreage given, 0.075 acre, 0.076 acre, 0.076 acre, Fetterly Road; 74.5 acres, state Route 12E, Watertown Savings Bank, Watertown, sold to William E. Lawler II and Colleen J. Lawler, Dexter $580,000
Town of Watertown: 4.52 acres, Summit Drive, Washington Summit Associates LLC, Watertown, sold to Lundy Development & Property Management LLC, Carthage $160,000

Feb. 15:

Town of Brownville: 0.32 acre, Potter Avenue, John M. Stage and Cynthia A. Stage, Brownville, sold to Tony M. Tatum, Fort Drum $132,000
Town of Adams: North Adams Heights, Cook Development Inc., Adams, sold to Dwight Austin and Laurie J. Austin, Dexter $275,000
City of Watertown: 0.375 acre, 540 Bradley St., Donald E. Hall and Karen M. Hall, Watertown, sold to Douglas R. Smith Jr. and Samantha H. Smith, Watertown $140,000
City of Watertown: 0.204 acre, 162 Thompson Blvd., Frank P. Florence and Julie Hudson, both of Watertown, sold to Brandt G. Anderson, Naples, Fla. $228,500
Town of Clayton: 16671 Rainbow Shores Drive, Alexander Marciano and Prudence Marciano, Rochester, sold to Michael J. Brandemuehl and Lee Bentz, both of Longmont, Colo. $428,000
Town of Ellisburg: 3.58 acres, U.S. Route 11, Jay R. Reynolds, aka Jay P. Reynolds and Jay B. Reynolds, Westville, sold to Kevin J. Baker and Janet A. Baker, Mannsville $65,000
Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.319 acre, Lot 11, Mill Creek Lane, John F. Pirina, Sackets Harbor, sold to Sarah Leonard-Barrows, Calcium $287,500
Town of Pamelia: State Route 37, David M. Gregory, Chester, Va., sold to Kacie M. Reed and Matthew B. Reed II, Gouverneur $198,500
Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.224 acre, East Washington Street, Edward J. Rouse, Sackets Harbor, sold to Susan M. Heap, Sackets Harbor $132,000
Village of West Carthage: 0.220 acre, North Main Street, Jesse L. Enos, Carthage, sold to Brandon J. Dube, Fort Rucker, Ala. $126,500
Village of Adams: 1.740 acres, North Park Street, Douglas Stoddart and Bonnie Stoddart, Adams, sold to the GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust, Aurora, Colo. $218,500
City of Watertown: Morrison Street, Muriel J. Weston, Watertown, sold to Scott Robert Weston and Julie A. Weston, Watertown $57,500
Town of Champion: 0.512 acre, Lewis Loop, state Route 126, Stephen J. Converse and Andrew Converse, Watertown, sold to Harold D. Brown Jr., Carthage $231,000
Town of Cape Vincent: 7.93 acres, Pleasant Valley Road, (County Route 6), Martin’s Marina & Motel Inc., Cape Vincent, sold to Mud Bay RV Park & Motel LLC, South Plymouth $150,000

Feb. 14:

Town of LeRay: Two parcels, 0.69 acre, 0.53 acre, Black River-Watertown state highway, Brian T. Carson, as guardian for Virginia D. Carson, Northfield, Minn., sold to Catherine F. Ferran, Bel Air, Md. $145,000
Village of Clayton: 0.126 acre, 402 Webb St., Brian A. Jones and Pamela A. Jones, Clayton, sold to John V. Botto IV, Syracuse $175,000
Town of Orleans: Two parcels, 1.65 acres, 0.17 acre, Clayton-Alexandria Bay highway, Barbara S. Wootton, Clayton, sold to St. Lawrence County Manufacturing Inc., Canton $40,000
Village of Theresa: Two parcels, 204 Mill St. (foreclosure) John W. Graham, Watertown, referee, Jonathan B. Slate, sold to PHH Mortgage Corp., Mount Laurel, N,J. $128,000
Town of Theresa: 0.85 acre, intersection, Camp Tousley Road and County Route 21, Chad Rice, Redwood, sold to Peter D. Shue and Katherine M. Shue, Theresa $147,000
Town of Rutland: Three parcels, 0.531 acre, 0.50 acre, no acreage given, Middle Road, Richard L. Mentry and Mariah L. Mentry, Watertown, sold to Laurie A. Hall, Evans Mills $90,000

Feb. 13:

Town of Lyme: 0.41 acre, shoreline of Lake Ontario (Chaumont Bay), Bruce Taylor and Lynn Taylor, successor trustees, William J. Grant Revocable Living Trust, San Rafael, Calif., sold to Gouverneur Savings and Loan Association, Gouverneur $78,000
Town of Champion: Two parcels, 8.68 acres, 1.11 acres, Cole Road, James D. Uhlinger Sr., Three Mile Bay, sold to Carthage Area Hospital, Carthage $1,066,000
Town of Adams: 95.88 acres, no address given, Lawrence J. Palmer and LaJoy M. Palmer, Chandler, Ariz., sold to John H. Jennings Jr. and Erin C. Jennings, Adams $90,000
Village of Black River: 0.39 acre, Hadley Drive, Betty L. Flynn, aka Betty B. Flynn, Black River, sold to Jesse J. Amaya and Gaudy Amaya, Watertown $162,000

Feb. 10:

Town of Cape Vincent: Two parcels, Lot 22, Aubertine Tract; 0.74 acre, Lot 22A, near state Route 12E, Michael J. Evereth, Willow, sold to Edward B. Murphy and Barbara A. Murphy, Webster $180,000
Village of Carthage: 0.102 acre, Church Street, Chui Sam Chan, Watertown, sold to Travis R. Moser, Copenhagen $70,000
City of Watertown: 617 Gotham St., Karen L, Kisner and Karl F. Kisner, co-executors, will of Myra B. Thorigal, late of Watertown; and Trudy T. Casale, ancillary administrator, estate of Regina Thorigal, late of Fort Myers, Fla., sold to William C. Dertinger and Suzanne M. Wood, both of Clayton $66,000
Town of Ellisburg: 0.71 acre, Benton Place, Jeffrey A. Klar, APO, AP, sold to Daniel P. Leen and Elizabeth C. Leen, Woodville $107,000

Feb. 9:

Hamlet of Three Mile Bay: 0.46 acre, 8679 Depot St., (aka County Route 5), Thomas J. Harrienger and Kristin A. Harrienger, Watertown, sold to Anthony M. Shemanski and Tirzah M. Berlin, Evans Mills $180,000

Feb. 8:

Town of Orleans: 4.90 acres, Peck Road (Woodard Road), George A. McAloon and Barbara A. McAloon, Watertown, sold to Edward A. Harmes, Fort Drum $136,500
City of Watertown: 427-429 S. Massey St., Dean C. Ames, Watertown, sold to William J. Quencer and Catherine Burns Quencer, Dexter $60,000
Village of Philadelphia: 1.02 acres, Sandy Hollow Road (Church Street), Wayne Dimock, Philadelphia, sold to Justin B. Bollay and Lori M. Bollay, Philadelphia $118,000
City of Watertown: Two parcels, Dimmick Street, Dean C. Ames, Watertown, sold to Northland Operations, Brownville $60,000
Village of Theresa: 117-121 Commercial St., Keith T. Carrio, Theresa, sold to Stuart Haggerty and Sandra M. Haggerty, Theresa $172,500
Village of Chaumont: 1.56 acres, no address given, Brian J. Bourquin, executor, will of Audrey C. Warner, no address given, sold to Jeffrey J. Walters, Clayton $140,000
City of Watertown: 126 W. Lynde St., Thousand Islands Area Habitat for Humanity Inc,, Watertown, sold to Jamie J. Shear and Jennifer A. Shear, Watertown $148,000

Feb. 7:

Town of Adams: 3.50 acres, South Harbor Road (County Route 66), Justin Howard and Sarah Howard, Adams, sold to Craig M. Howard, Adams $88,000
Town of Adams: 1.265 acres, 19449 New York State Route 177, William Griffith and Deborah S. Griffith, Adams, sold to James E. Grimm and Wendy A. Grimm, Adams $107,000
City of Watertown: 758 Davidson St., Joshua L. McGrath, aka Joshua McGrath, and Miranda L, McGrath, aka Miranda McGrath, Watertown, sold to Jorge A. Molina, Fort Drum $83,000
Town of Brownville: Lot 3, St. Lawrence Lumber Inc. Subdivision, Charles M. Valentine, Chaumont, sold to Evi C. Morrison and Raven E. Allen, Randolph, Vt. $182,000
Town of Cape Vincent: Two parcels, 1.682 acres, County Route 7; 1.769 acres, state Route 12E, Gary H. Wood and Ellen S. Wood, Cape Vincent, sold to Howard Hartmeyer and Jeanne Hartmeyer, Centreville, Md. $25,000
Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.102 acre, Walton Street, Citizens Bank of Cape Vincent, Cape Vincent, sold to Friendship Island LLC, Alexandria Bay $70,000
Village of West Carthage: Two parcels, 0.14 acre, 0.10 acre, Champion Street, Christopher M. Benton, Carthage, sold to Caleb L. Robinson and Katherine Robinson, Pearland, Texas $120,000

Feb. 6:

Village of West Carthage: Two parcels, no acreage or addresses given, Sung Un Kim, Watertown, sold to Neng Zhan Wang, Carthage $185,000
City of Watertown: 0.47 acre, Superior Street, Robin L. Makuch, Evans Mills, sold to Chester Kubis and Tonya Kubis, Black River $48,000
City of Watertown: 0.229 acre, 195 Thompson Blvd., David A. Renzi and Amy R. Renzi, Watertown, sold to Scott Eugene Hashagen and Frankie L. Hashagen, Fort Drum $244,000
City of Watertown: 257 Thompson Blvd., Jennifer Irwin Copeman, Watertown, and Bruce R. Irwin, Watertown, sold to Travis W. Hartman and William G. Hartman, Watertown $135,000

Feb. 3:

City of Watertown: 0.1722 acre, Park Avenue, Casford I. Johnson and Tamara D. Johnson, aka Tamara Desire Johnson, Glenburnie, Md., sold to Anthony J. Burgess and Jessica S. Raymond, both of Watertown $151,000
Town of Champion: 1.354 acres, Sayre Road, Walter Barker and Rose Barker, individually and as trustees, Barker Living Trust, Carthage, sold to Hollie R. Powis, Carthage $25,000
Town of Alexandria: The Anna Clink Tract, Clear Lake Road, Gouverneur Savings and Loan Association, Gouverneur, sold to Martin A. Sala, Campbell $140,000
Town of Rutland: 2.405 acres, County Route 126, William R. Cook and Catharine R. Cook, Black River, sold to Thomas A. Thomson III, Como, Miss. $182,000
Village of West Carthage: 10 S. Main St., Maryln M. Roberts, Carthage, sold to Shane A. Rebb and Shena M. Rebb, Carthage $58,000

Feb. 2:

Town of Theresa: Three parcels, 0.5 acre, no acreage given, 5.01 acres, County Route 22, Bernadette Timmins, Syracuse, sold to Timothy B. Frank and Tina M. Frank, Theresa $80,000
Town of Brownville: 0.871 acre, Star School House Road, Ronald W. Casler, Dexter, sold to Bjorn J. Ahlstrom, Dexter $137,000
Village of Adams: 0.817 acre, 7 Valley Park Drive, Wendy A. Grimm and James E. Grimm, Adams, sold to Kevin G. Boswell and Susan Boswell, Greenwood, S.C. $249,000
Village of Clayton: 0.317 acre, Washington Island, Richard A. Uderitz and Jean L. Uderitz, Macungie, Pa., sold to Gregg A. German and Janet E. Dehart, Bakersfield, Calif. $430,000

Feb. 1:

Village of Clayton: Two parcels, 0.048 acre, 0.10 acre, Riverside Drive, Vincent J. Dee Jr., Clayton, sold to Mathew Hardy and Melissa A. Ringer-Hardy, Clayton $450,000
City of Watertown: 349 Winslow St., Shaun Donovan, secretary, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., sold to Kenneth Hanners, Sackets Harbor $30,000
Town of Lyme: Two parcels, 1.8 acres, 4.37 acres, County Route 57, Nichols Revocable Living Trust, Douglas Nichols and Jacqueline F. Nichols, trustees, Three Mile Bay, sold to Matthew K. Laniak, Honeoye Falls $45,000
Town of Brownville: Three parcels, Cedar Grove, Robin I. Selle, Sackets Harbor, executor, will of Leonard F. Selle, sold to Peter C. Hovey and Sarah M. Hovey, Watertown $130,000
City of Watertown: Two parcels, Wyoming Avenue, Francis F. Bocciolatt, Watertown, and Stephen A. Bocciolatt, Auburn, co-executors, will of Carmen A. Bocciolatt, sold to Francis F. Bocciolatt, Watertown $120,000

TOTAL: $18,104,500