Jefferson County DBAs – December 2012

DBA (doing business under an assumed name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office for the month of December 2012:

Dec. 31

Maple Lane Farm, 36815 County Route 28, Antwerp, Luke S. Martin, 36815 County Route 28, Antwerp, and 3809 Bears Lane, Alexandria, Pa.

Gift of Gab Greetings, 164 Winslow St., Watertown, Teyanna Harvey, 164 Winslow St., Watertown.

Sellfish Lures, 36555 State Route 3, Carthage, David M. Campbell, 36555 State Route 3, Carthage, and David A. Converse, 4 Bridge St., Carthage.

New Golden Cheng Restaurant, 323 State St., Carthage, Zhenfen Gao, 323 State St.,  Carthage.

Dec. 28

Food Restores, 10 Shirley Drive, Adams, Kimberly Caird, 10 Shirley Drive, Adams.

Flashback Lounge, 1309 State St., Watertown, Mitchell LaBarge, 152 Francis St., Watertown.

Marlene’s Keepsake Quilts, 16948 County Route 53, Dexter, Marlene P. Johnson, 16948 County Route 56, Dexter.

Dec. 26

GS Services, 221 W. Lynde St., Watertown, Gregory E. Stickel, 221 W. Lynde St., Watertown.

Asian Food Market, 552 State St., Watertown, Sung Un Kim, 22430 Knowlesville Road W., Watertown.

Dec. 21

FieldKing Decoys, 200 Washington St., Suite 206, Watertown, Matthew Eggleston, 4238 Mill St., Redwood, Bartholemew S. Bonner, 23967 County Route 67, Watertown.

Dec. 20

Bully Pride Services, 514 Clay St., Watertown, Ryan M. Terry, 514 Clay St., Watertown.

Dec. 19

Brian Lister Fine Art, 12254 County Route 125, Chaumont, Brian Lister, 12254 County Route 125, Chaumont.

Dec. 18

Tim’s Sugar Shack, 5300 County Route 97, Adams, Timothy Jay Kurtz, 5300 County Route 97, Adams

Uncle Luke’s Roofing and Siding, 23268 Knowlesville Road, Watertown, Luke Kampnich, 23268 Knowlesville Road, Watertown.

Dec. 17

Polar Bear Hockey, 22245 Knowlesville Road, Watertown, Thomas J. Dutton, 22245 Knowlesville Road, Watertown.

I.W.T.O. Technology Services, 32547 County Route 179, Depauville, James J. Hasner, 32547 County Route 179, P.O. Box 152, Depauville.

Dec. 14

Lil Sapphires Photography, 143 N. Hamilton St., Watertown, Tosha L. Murray, 143 N. Hamilton St., Watertown.

Johnston Management Services, 520 Broadway St., Cape Vincent, Brooks J. Bragdon, 520 W. Broadway St., P.O. Box 695, Cape Vincent.

Dec. 12

Kitto Flooring, 24517 Mullin Road, Dexter, David James Kitto and Lori Ann Kitto, 24517 Mullin Road, Dexter.

Dec. 11

Torn Souls Veterans Motorcycle Club New York, 216 Park Drive W., Watertown, Phillip Hunter, 24996 State Route 126, Watertown, William J. Ryan, 216 Park Drive W., Watertown.

Magic Moments Photography, 17949 Comstock Road, Adams, Shalene Dillin, 17949 Comstock Road, Adams.

North Country Business Solutions/NCBS, 44951 County Road 191, Wellesley Island, Amber M. Brown, 511 Theresa St., Clayton/37002 Pelo Road, Clayton.

C&C Cleaning, 2713 County Route 2, Richland, Cory A. Hall, 2713 County Route 2, Richland.

Dec. 10

R.J.S. Estate Construction, 44475 County Route 100A, Wellesley Island, Ricchd J. Schwander, 45513 Route 37, Redwood.

Dec. 7

Cristina’s Cleaning, 21639 Heather Acres, Apt. 8B, Watertown, Cristina Thompson, 21639 Heather Acres, Apt. 8B, Watertown.

Terry Teague Photography, 11724A Woodland Drive, Watertown, Terry Teague, 11724A Woodland Drive, Watertown.

Dec. 6

C&J Dispensing, 26862 Anable Ave., Evans Mills, Curtis Kendall Blount Jr., 26862 Anable Ave., Evans Mills.

Dec. 5

Odds and Ends,273 State St., Watertown, Charles R. Skellen, 510 Lansing St., Watertown.

Comet Music Studio, 515 Snell St., Watertown, Jason D. Comet, 515 Snell St., Watertown.

Dec. 4

KS Kreations, 20663 Slater Road, Watertown, Ronald A. Mackey, 20663 Slater Road, Watertown.

Mackey’s Mr. FixIt, 20663 Slater Road, Watertown, Ronald A. Mackey, 20663 Slater Road, Watertown.

Back 2 Black, 730 Leray St., Watertown, Jason P. Foley, 730 Leray St., Watertown.

Dec. 3

Green Leaf Mechanicals, 38047 Windward Cliffs Lane, Clayton, Dorian B. Ladd and David W. Podkowka, 38047 Windward Cliffs Lane, Clayton.

Allen Consulting, 329 Clay St., Apt. B, Watertown, Sean Allen, 329 Clay St., Watertown.