Lewis County Property Sales – November 2012

The following Lewis County property sales was recorded by the Lewis County Real Property Tax Service in the month of November 2012:

Nov. 30

Town of Lowville: 7735 State Route 12, Jack Lomeo sold to Richard A. Clement Jr. $135,000

Village of Turin: 6144 Main St., Rosalind W. Drager sold to Alicia E. Wiedrick $110,000

Nov. 29

Village of Castorland: 4874 State Route 410, Dennis Goldthrite sold to Graig D. Moser $110,000

Town of Greig: Chases Lake Road, Justin J. Bull sold to Guy W. Clemons $55,000

Town of Pinckney: 8015 River Road, Merritt Jones sold to Paul E. Smith $72,500

Nov. 28

Village of Lowville: 7636 Park Ave., Susan Mariott sold to Thomas J. Fayle $120,000

Village of Lowville: 7617 Park Ave., Thomas J. Fayle sold to Jonathan C. Gillette $169,950

Town of Martinsburg: 6162 River Road, Kassandra J. Pominville sold to Shawna M. Petrus $80,000

Nov. 27

Town of Diana: 12931 State Route 812, Gerald Baker sold to Brittani L. Bickel $139,900

Town of Pinckney: 9657 Gardner Road, Steve Bertino sold to David Loomise $25,000

Nov. 26

Town of Martinsburg: 7117 State Route 26, The Secretary of Veterans Affairs sold to Elon R. Waugh II $46,900

Town of Watson: 6319 Number Four Road, David W. Peters sold to Martin A. Tobin $40,000

Nov. 23

Town of Martinsburg: Mud Creek Road, Matthew R. Dunckel sold to Andrew M. Makuch $25,000

Nov. 21

Town of Denmark: 4548 State Route 410, James F. Rupert sold to Scott W. Anderson $127,000

Village of Lowville: 7564 Church St., Roger Zapotoski sold to David R. Mihalyi $86,000

Village of Lowville: 5299 Jefferson St., Brenda A. Bochino sold to Matthew M. Birchenough $81,000

Nov. 19

Village of Copenhagen: 2963 Cataract St., Malynda S. Rumble sold to Eric M. Scott $220,000

Village of Port Leyden: 3370 Quarry St., Michael Hurilla sold to Susan Myers $35,000

Nov. 16

Town of Leyden: 7278 Martin Drive, Stanley Yaworski sold to Peter Gragnolin $60,000

Nov. 15

Town of Watson: 6328 George Hill Road, Everett F. Reed sold to Frederick C. Walter $150,000

Nov. 13

Town of Croghan: 9851 State Route 812, Titus R. Halteman sold to Jason A. Turck $47,500

Village of Constableville: 5820 High St., Jeffrey Meiss estate sold to Todd Galarneau $60,000

Nov. 9

Town of Denmark: 9518 State Route 12, Forist Brockway sold to Jack W. Felker $68,000

Town of Diana: Hogsback Road, James H. Hahn sold to Mickey Lehman $100,000

Town of Lyonsdale: Walker Road, Annette D. Hammond sold to Celia Domser $85,000

Village of Harrisville: 8264 High St., William Betrus sold to Michael G. Miller $65,000

Nov. 7

Town of Greig: 7888 Middle Road, Mary Belknap sold to Mark M. Olmstead $25,000

Nov. 5

Town of Watson: 6500 Number Four Road, Robert J. Kafline sold to Sarah A. Freeman $148,000

Nov. 2

Village of Constableville: 5838 High St., Randall W. Wellema sold to John J. Robinson $70,000

Town of Leyden: 1329 Muha Road, William F. Vaugh sold to Jeffrey M. Rigdon $43,000

Village of Lowville: 5406 Stewart St., Donald H. Christman Trust sold to Ambrose J. Bush $100,000

Town of Lowville: 7787 Ridge Road, Michael G. Nuffer sold to Ryan R. Kolenda $120,000

Nov. 1

Town of Lewis: 3580 Osceola Road, Howard Fey sold to Lester H. Detweiler $350,000

Town of West Turin: 4004 Mackay Road, Joseph and Linda Barth sold to Joseph L. Kenny $32,000