20 Under 40: New leaders, classic values

Daniel M. Myers, 38
Lowville Academy, RBI Bats

Hometown:  Lowville
Professional position: Teacher, Lowville Academy; founder and executive director, Double Play Sports Community Center; bat designer and creator, RBI Bats, Lowville, a product with Royal Custom Cabinets and David Lapp
Family: Wife, Victoria; daughters Jordan, 19, and Grace, 8; son, Brett, 11; granddaughter, Kennedy, two months old
Education: Lowville Academy; Jefferson Community College, criminal justice, 1995; SUNY Oswego, public justice; master’s degree in education, University of Biddeford, Maine
Community involvement: Member, Lewis County Youth Bureau; village of Lowville Recreation Committee; Lowville Lions Club; director of Hoop Shoot tournament, Lowville Elks Club; varsity baseball coach, Lowville Academy; founder, Double Play Baseball Camps and Clinics, Lowville T-Ball League
Last book read: “Secrets of a Secret Place: Keys to Igniting Your Personal Time with God” by Bob Sorge and “A Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren

Nothing that Daniel M. Myers has ever done has been easy, the Lowville native admitted.

That hasn’t shied him away from the multiple projects he’s leading. Instead, the list keeps getting longer. He started young, tackling whatever interested him.

Whether it was a two-story clubhouse at age 10, a master’s degree in another field of study, a wooden bat business in Northern New York that has bats sought after by Major League Baseball or even a community center that rivals the best in the tri-county area, Mr. Myers is involved with it all.

His vision and hard work benefit many people in the north country, but what pushed him to pursue his dream locally?

“I see what other parts of the country have and feel we can have the same or at least similar amenities,” he said. “There is nothing north country people can’t do if given the opportunity.”

Mr. Myers added that “getting your hands dirty and getting things started” is often the only way to bring about change in a positive way.”

His wide range of experiences, as a probation officer, teacher, coach and businessman, keeps him in contact with people from all walks of life, with various backgrounds. “These interactions have afforded me an opportunity to be well-rounded in my approach to life challenges,” he said.

-Christina Scanlon
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