Jefferson County DBAs – January 2013

DBA (doing business under an assumed name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office for the month of January 2013:

Jan. 31

Hayman Harvesting, 9810 Short Road, Woodville, Christopher A. Hayman, 9810 Short Road, Woodville.

Jan. 30

Right Cut, 214 Water St., Dexter, Stephanie Miskimon, 425 W. Kirby St., P.O. Box 186, Dexter.

Jan. 29

Grumpy Pumpkin Farms, 31036 Miller Road, LaFargeville, Kenneth L. Richard Jr., 31036 Miller Road, LaFargeville.

Jan. 28

Fashion Jewelry, 21182 Salmon Run Mall Loop WA 111, Watertown, Talha Ramazanoglu, 21751 Hewitt Drive, P.O. Box 223, Carthage.

Harbor Candle Company, 118 W. Main St., Sackets Harbor, Cheryl Payne, 118 W. Main St., Sackets Harbor., 118 W. Main St., Sackets Harbor, Cheryl Payne, 118 W. Main St., P.O. Box 353, Sackets Harbor.

Jan. 25

Synergy Medical Consulting, 15886 Route 11, LaFargeville, Mary S. Heenan, 15886 Route 11, LaFargeville.

George’s Auto Repair, 104 Relyea St., Glen Park, George Walters Jr., 103 Relyea St., Glen Park.

Capital Technology Services, 235 Merrick St., Clayton, Joshua P. Jones, 2017 Vermont View Drive, Watervliet, P.O. Box 5386, Albany.

Fun N Play, 246 State St., Carthage, Julie Brooks, 24 Main St., Philadelphia.

Jan. 24

Americoups, 1027 Huntington St., Watertown, Beverly A. Olney, 1027 Huntington St., Watertown.

Northpoint Outfitting, 153 E. Division St., Watertown, Geno M. Williams, 153 E. Division St., Watertown.

Jan. 23

K Strawberry Photography, 6305A Main St., Fort Drum, Kristin Brito, 6305A Main St., Fort Drum.

1000 Eye Lands Optical, 43744 Route 12, Alexandria Bay, Rhody L. Spooner, 20104 Carr Road, Wellesley Island.

Jan. 22

Gems and Things by Gina, 24905 State Route 12, outer Gifford St., Watertown, Regenia Kay Windover, 24905 State Route 12, outer Gifford St., Watertown.

Zehr Boys Grass and Snow, 32777 Montana Drive, Carthage, Davd H. Zehr, 32777 Montana Drive, Carthage.

Jan. 18

Gramma Vedora Soap Company, 209 N. Clinton St., Carthage, Shawna L. Franklin, 209 N. Clinton St., Carthage.

E.H. Song Company, 26000 Route 11, Evans Mills, Eunhee Song Scott, 239 Barben Ave., P.O. Box 714, Watertown.

Jan. 17

W T Contracting, 17831 Ives St., Watertown, Adam J. Weston, 17831 Ives St., Watertown.

RWL Construction, 14834 County Route 85, Mannsville, Randy W. Lillie, 14834 County Route 85, Mannsville.

Squiggles, 36207 State Route 3, Carthage, Susanna Kaye Wheat, 36207 State Route 3, Carthage.

Perch River Gardens, 27712 County Route 54, Dexter, Suzanne Lorraine Devine, 27712 County Route 54, Dexter.

Cosgrove K9’s, 1398 Cosgrove St., Watertown, Sandra King, 1398 Cosgrove St., Watertown.

Jan. 16

Sassy Southern Photography, 26889 Libby Lane, Evans Mills, Stephanie Stafford, 26889 Libby Lane, Evans Mills.

Jan. 15

Candy’s Accessories, 204 Main St., Antwerp, Mary Candace Pickert, 204 Main St., Antwerp.

Birch Meadow Farm, 503 West St., Apt. 2, Carthage, David R. Houghton, 503 West St., Carthage.

Jan. 14

Wunderkind Photography by Stefanie Adams-Figueroa, 6273A Lewis Ave., Fort Drum, Stefanie Gisela Adams Figueroa, 6273A Lewis Ave., Fort Drum.

Go Green Team Clean, 120 Casey St., Watertown, Angela K. Castro, 120 Casey St., Watertown.

550 Charm Bracelets, 9511B Gilman Loop, Fort Drum, Justin E. Reynolds, 9511B Gilman Loop, Fort Drum.

Jan. 11

Lori’s Herbs and Oils, 814 Riverside Drive, Clayton, Lori Wilson Arnot, 734 James St., Clayton.

Abe’s Woodworking, 21766 Reed Road, Watertown, Abraham D. Doney, 697 Mill St., Watertown.

Jackie’s Tax Services, 355 S. Esselstyne St., Cape Vincent, Jacquelyn D. Aznoe, 355 S. Esselstyne St., Cape Vincent.

The Mad Knitter, 22 E. Church St., Adams, Mary Hill Howard, 22 E. Church St., Adams.

Crafters Clutter, 29038 State Route 3, Lot 5, Black River, Frances P. Roy, 39038 State Route 3, Lot 5, Black River.

The Quilting Stash, 515 Snell St., Watertown, Christine M. Comet, 515 Snell St., Watertown.

Picture It, 200 Franklin St., Watertown, Lori Hadley, 638 Burchard St., Watertown, Raymond Massey Jr., 640 Burchard St., Watertown.

Jan. 10

Candid Images Photography, 11709A Orchard Drive, Fort Drum, Jennifer Ann Householder, 11709 Orchard Drive, Fort Drum.

Jan. 9

Account One, 35795 State Route 126, Carthage, Jeffrey S. Persha, 35795 State Route 126, Carthage.

Old Thyme Garden Shed, 13449 State Route 3, Sackets Harbor, Tamara A. Rutz, 13449 State Route 3, Sackets Harbor.

Jan. 8

Watertown Piano Lessons, 515 Snell St., Watertown, Jason D. Comet, 515 Snell St., Watertown.

Kai’s Baby Threads, 105 Ambrose Drive, Black River, David Leonard, 105 Ambrose Drive., Black River, Kimberly Leonard, 105 Ambrose Drive, Black River.

Jan. 7

Back Asswards Farm, 35161 Route 11, Philadelphia, Tina M. Stevens, 35161 Route 11, P.O. Box 106, Philadelphia.

NNY Gals and Guys, 262 State St., Carthage, Maria Margaret Runyon, 315 N. Clinton St., Carthage; Delores Lorraine Conley, 6109 Scotch Pine Drive, Fort Drum; and Alan Terry Runyon Jr., 315 N. Clinton St., Carthage.

Quilting U, 213 St. Mary St., Watertown, Karen A. Perry, 213 St. Mary St., Watertown.

Jan. 3

Samuel Wagler, 34998 Elm Ridge Road, Philadelphia, Samuel Wagler, 34998 Elm Ridge Road, Philadelphia.

Jan. 2

Morning Glory Gifts, Fort Drum Exchange Building, 10730A Enduring Freedom Drive, Fort Drum, Eun Beck, 673 State Highway 37, Hammond.

Moore’s Garage II, 8812 State Route 178, Henderson, Brian J. Moore, P.O. Box 149, Henderson.