Jefferson County DBAs – February 2013

DBA (doing business under an assumed name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office for the month of February 2013:

Feb. 28

Hillside Glass, 25777 County Route 160, Watertown, Beth P. Thesier, 25777 County Route 160, Watertown.

Feb. 27

Stone Lace Creations, 869 S. Massey St., Watertown, Destiny Walker, 869 S. Massey St., Watertown.

Theresa Cho Designs, 207 Wealtha Ave., Apt. 640 C., Watertown, Theresa C. Glass, 207 Wealtha Ave., Apt. 640 C., Watertown.

Feb. 26

Bayside Classics, 23 Anthony St., Alexandria Bay, Jacob D. Isenbarger, 23 Anthony St., P.O. Box 162, Alexandria Bay.

C&D Farm, 25361 State Route 411, Theresa, Eugene Cappuccetti Sr. and Marciele Cappuccetti, 25361 State Route 411, Theresa.

Feb. 25

Shutter’s Drywall, P.O. Box 217, Depauville, Donald W. Shutter, 32128 County Route 179, P.O. Box 217, Depauville.

Aten Schell Distributing, 19668 Minkler Road, Adams Center, Krysta Aten Schell, 19668 Minkler Road, Adams Center.

Feb. 22

Astafan Appraisal Service, 811 S. James St., Carthage, Michael F. Astafan, 811 S. James St., Carthage.

Upstate Dock and Deck, 305 W. Main St., Watertown, Thomas L. Budd, 305 W. Main St., Apt. 2, Watertown.

Feb. 21

Johnson Heating and Cooling, 115 W. Kirby St., Dexter, Jared D. Johnson, 115 W. Kirby St., Dexter.

C&L Cleaning Service, 5 Anthony St., Alexandria Bay, Charlene R. Wright, 5 Anthony St., Alexandria Bay, Leah D. Wood, 235 Weldon Drive, Watertown.

Feb. 20

Rosie’s Auto Detailing, 568 Bradley St., Watertown, Rosemary C. Farone, 23470 County Route 32, Pamelia.

Mary Irwin Farm, 17417 May Irwin Road, Clayton, Rosana G. and James E. Munroe II, 17417 May Irwin Road, Clayton.

Feb. 19

Frank’s Small Engine Repair, 46946 Dingman Point Road, Alexandria Bay, Francis E. Wood III, 1 Briarwood Drive, No. 46, Alexandria Bay.

Cakewalk Quality Control, Salmon Run Mall Kiosk, Watertown, Ali Rhea, 914A Academy St., Watertown.

Black River Arms, 27751 Cramer Road, South Rutland, Benjamin James Clark, 27751 Cramer Road, South Rutland.

Roam Environmental Contracting Group, 105 Morgan St., Theresa, Jeffrey J. Minnick II, 105 Morgan St., Theresa.

Feb. 15

Northern New York CPR, 241 Bartlett Road, Sackets Harbor, Debra J. Patterson, 241 Bartlett Road, Sackets Harbor.

Garland City Books of Watertown, 15604 Jacobs Road, Watertown, Suzanne E. Rothenberger, 15604 Jacobs Road, Watertown.

Feb. 14

Hagen Consulting, 26471 County Route 3, Plessis, James L. Hagen, 26471 County Route 3, Plessis.

Photography by Jessie Mae, 5641 Bishop Road, Adams, Jessica Kellar, 5641 Bishop Road, Adams.

Feb. 13

China City, 1125 Arsenal St., Watertown, Jessica Flack, 8637 Peck St., P.O. Box 225, Evans Mills.

Feb. 7

CNY Website, 12 Kiblin Shores Road, Pulaski, Benjamin Kay, 12 Kiblin Shores Road, Pulaski.

Feb. 6

Team No Limits, 331 Quaker Ave., Apt. B, Philadelphia, Jorge R. Henry Jr., 331 Quaker Ave., Apt. B, Philadelphia.

Mindicore, 5842 Sunnybank Drive, Cape Vincent, Barry Roesch, 5842 Sunnybank Drive, Cape Vincent.

Cheaper by the Dozen, 26862 Anable Ave., Evans Mills, Curtis Blount Jr., 26862 Anable Ave., Evans Mills.

Feb. 5

Razors Edge, 29671 Route 50, Black River, Selinda Spears, 106 Wendell Lane, Black River.

Advance Mobile Solutions, 1416 Sunset Ridge, Watertown, Rowland Mesina, 1416 Sunset Ridge, Watertown.

All American Property Maintenance, 18104 Van Allen Road, Watertown, Thomas Roshia, 18104 Van Allen Road, Watertown.

Feb. 4

Youngs Power Service, 709 Beecher St., Clayton, Todd S. Youngs, 709 Beecher St., Clayton.

Thrifted, 106 Court St., Watertown, Michael and Alisha Tillson, 1209 Boyd St., Watertown.

Feb. 1

E Z Wheelz, 26298 Route 11, Evans Mills, Floyd W. Roberts III, 22040 Lane Road, Watertown.