Jefferson County Property Sales – February 2013

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office in the month of February 2013:

Feb. 28

Town of Watertown: 1.15 acres, County Route 159 (Gotham Street Road), Cold Brook Development LLC, Watertown, sold to Michael Romeo, Watertown $35,000

Town of Pamelia: 9947 Aspen St., Pleasant Acres Subdivision, Beacon Deerfeld LLC, Fayetteville, sold to Eduardo Ramos and Jessica Stelz-Ramos, Fort Drum $240,000

Village of Dexter: Grant Street, Converse Construction Don Inc., Watertown, sold to Frederick P. McDermott Jr. and Tracy J. McDermott, Dexter $272,000

Village of Clayton: 7.04 acres, intersection Webb and Hugunin streets, Clayton Local Development Corporation, Clayton, sold to Clayton Harbor Hotel LLC, Orchard Park $2,101,500

City of Watertown: 0.243 acre, Casey Street, John R. McCarthy and Barbara A. McCarthy, Watertown, sold to Robert J. Lapointe and Kelsey M. Wentworth, both of Watertown $125,000

Feb. 27

Town of Rutland: Highway from Chisholms Corners, Titus Martin, Philadelphia, sold to Bryan D. Pollum, Harrison Township, Mich. $225,000

Hamlet of Oxbow: Three parcels, 1), 2) no acreage given, 3) 0.60 acre, County Route 25, David J. Hermann and Donna J. Hermann, Antwerp, sold to Raschod N. Wade and Jordon Wade, Fort Drum $126,000

Village of Adams: Roberts Street, Green Lake Associates LLC, Tully, sold to Marisa M. Lyon, Adams $170,000

Feb. 26

Town of Alexandria: Three parcels, 0.3 acre, 0.03 acre, 0.04 acre, County Route 100, Estrellita LLC, Lebanon, Pa., sold to Westminster Park Wharf & Storage LLC, New Canaan, Conn. $132,000

Town of Pamelia: 2.632 acres, Hinds Road, Strough Properties LLC, Watertown, sold to Jamie D. Michel, Evans Mills $223,500

Town of Watertown: 5.469 acres, Crane Lane, Leigh M. Roukous, Watertown, sold to Nancy P. Martel and David J. Martel, Watertown $206,000

Village of Carthage: 0.37 acre, Church Street, Julia A. Whitney, nka Julia A. Blaschke, Castorland, sold to Jacob Arthur Aanerud, Colorado Springs, Colo. $135,000

City of Watertown: 523 Jefferson St., A. Brown Properties LLC, Watertown, sold to Cory M. Walters, Watertown $40,000

Village of Adams: 0.52 acre, High Street, Timothy J. Shelmidine, Adams, sold to Craig Randall, Adams Center $71,500

Feb. 25

Town of Orleans: 0.47 acre, Seaway Avenue, Tamela J. Major, Syracuse, sold to Joseph G. Chierico and Frances Chierico, Alexandria Bay $150,000

City of Watertown: 120 Thompson Blvd., Barbara Ann Noyes, Laguna Beach, Calif., executor, will of Neale C. Humes, late of Watertown, sold to Eduardo M. Ballester and Melissa A. Ballester, Adams $161,500

Town of Wilna: Two parcels, 1) no acreage given, 2) 4 acres, Harrisville Road, David A. Bickom, Williamson, and Eddie C.H. Bickom, Williamson, sold to Russell Wilken, Newnan, Ga. $45,000

Town of Champion: 4.465 acres, state Route 26, Patricia M. Turpin, Carthage; Anne M. Fleming, Croghan; Joseph A. Ginger, Carthage; and Richard J. Ginger, Watertown, sold to Joseph A. Ginger and Kristine M. Ginger, Carthage $95,000

Feb. 22

Town of Champion: 0.77 acres, Jackson 2 Road, Timothy Thornton and Staci L. Thornton, Carthage, sold to Zachary B. King and Caroline M. King, Calcium $189,000

Town of Pamelia: Lot 20, Liberty Avenue, Sciuga Corp., Solvay, sold to Luke T. Plante and Kimberly A. Plante, Windsor Locks, Conn. $232,000

Town of Alexandria: Two parcels, shore of Goose Bay, Bernard A. Handler, by Pamela Geurds Kabati, attorney in fact, Falls Church, Va., sold to JWJ LLC, Lowville $170,000

Hamlet of Felts Mills: 0.18 acre, 7315 Boot Jack Hill, Gregory L. McBride and Louise A. McBride, Rutland, sold to Thomas S. Wong, Watertown $156,500

Town of Pamelia: 3.42 acres, state Route 11, Dong Su Kim, aka Dong Kim, Watertown, sold to Randy Peck, Watertown $145,000

Feb. 21

Town of Alexandria: 45.11 acres, road from Orleans to Alexandria, Philip G. Getman and Colleen S. Getman, LaFargeville, sold to Brandy Sanderson, LaFargeville $46,000

Feb. 20

Town of Champion: 3.11 acres, state Route 26, Joseph A. Ginger, Carthage, sold to Thomas M. Brotherton and Gail M. Brotherton, Carthage $125,000

Town of Hounsfield: 26.25 acres, state Route 3, 18000 Arsenal Street LLC, Cicero, sold to Alpine Fence LLC, Watertown $170,000

City of Watertown: 753 Rear Main Street West, sold to Knowlton West Main Storage LLC, Watertown $80,000

Town of Brownville: Three parcels, South Shore Road, Sarah Mauch, Watertown, executor, will of Charlene A. Baker, late of Dexter, sold to Richard T. Farmer and Abby M. Farmer, Watertown $125,000

Feb. 19

Town of Brownville: Two parcels, 0.50 acre, 0.100 acre, Bonney Road, Joyce Claflin, Watertown, and Melissa Mina Claflin, Belleville, sold to Shannon Elizabeth Ward, Watertown $132,500

Town of Hounsfield: 3.7 acres, Old Military Road, Heyward G. Hutson III, aka Hayward G. Hutson III, and Julie L. Hutson, Sackets Harbor, sold to Ryan R. Gilligan and Jessica L. Gilligan, Watertown $193,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels, 221 Flower Ave. W., Randolph B. Ayers, Watertown, sold to Derek J. Shockley and Amy M. Shockley, Evans Mills $268,000

City of Watertown: 139 Bishop St., Harrienger Acquisitions Inc., Watertown, sold to Oscar Martin III and Bionca DM Martin, Converse, Texas $216,500

Village of Adams: North Park Street, Beth R. Brunner and Frank G. Brunner, Lake Placid, sold to Anthony Alicea and Maria N. Alicea, Adams $340,000

Town of Pamelia: Lot 17, Liberty Avenue, Lawrence C. Longway, Watertown, sold to Sciuga Corp., Solvay $35,000

City of Watertown: 1 acre, North Hycliff Drive, Michel Gordon Demay and Young Hee Demay, Watertown, sold to Kanokphan Woolcott, Watertown $91,000

Town of Hounsfield: 5.40 acres, Old Rome State Road, Elizabeth A. Sutton, Sun City, Fla., sold to Renald R. Martini Jr., Brownville $205,000

Feb. 15

Village of Cape Vincent: 0.18 acre, Broadway (state Route 12E) (foreclosure), Michael F. Young, Lowville, referee, LLW Purchase Inc., sold to Richard Johnson, East Lansing, Mich. $53,000

Town of LeRay: 0.59 acre, 27496 state Route 3, Dianne Marie St. Joseph, Watertown, and Judy Irene Murray, Long Beach, Calif., sold to Geoffrey R. Norton and Beverly M. Norton, Theresa $156,000

Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.23 acre, High Street, Cheryl D. Lowe, Theresa, sold to Anthony J. Rufa and Narelle F. Rufa, Alexandria Bay $60,000

Feb. 14

Town of Brownville: 1.033 acres, Cemetery Road, Santos Valentin, Dexter, sold to Gerry Robbins, Dexter $89,500

Town of Hounsfield: 1 acre, Dodge Avenue (County Highway 75), Sara E. Wiseman, executor, will of Doris E. Woods, late of town of Hounsfield, sold to Seth Botts and Jenelle K. Botts, Sackets Harbor $190,000

Town of Clayton: 0.8 acre, shoreline of St. Lawrence River, MJSP Realty LLC, Dorset, Vt., sold to Beth Bodah, Watertown $250,000

Feb. 13

Town of Theresa: Three parcels, 1.05 acres, 0.03 acre, 0.08 acre, 39902 Hyde Lake Road, 39886 Hyde Lake Road, Barbara M. Schreiner, Rochester, sold to James R. Schreiner and Connie Schreiner, Rochester $165,000

Village of Alexandria Bay: Two parcels, Second Street, Cole Realty Holding LLC, Syracuse, sold to Citizens-Vermont Acquisiton Corp., Hammond $40,000

Town of Rutland: 23957 Cemetery Road, (foreclosure) Felts Mills, Steven Grant Munson, Watertown, referee, Sharon G. Gass, aka Sharon Gail Gass, aka Sharon Gail Pastor, aka Sharon G. Watson, aka Sharon G. Pastor, sold to Northern Federal Credit Union, Watertown $25,000

Town of Lyme: 5.10 acres, County Route 179, Michael A. Dunn, Geneseo, sold to Nancy Rand, Sauquoit $42,000

Town of Watertown: 1.668 acres, West Street, Paul M. Fowler Development Corp., Fayetteville, sold to Khalid Sindhu and Nabeela Sindhu, Watertown $67,000

Feb. 12

City of Watertown: Two parcels, 138 Haven St., 194 E. Division St., Jerry C. Ainsworth, Theresa, executor, will of Pauline Doris Carwile, sold to Marvin R. Tate and Deborah E. Tate, Watertown $53,000

Town of Rodman: 0.625 acre, no address given, Peggy L. Roberts, Rodman, and Patricia K. Larkin, Bunnell, Fla., sold to Jesse J. VanVranken and Samantha F.V. VanVranken, Rodman $96,000

Town of Alexandria: 45.70 acres, Bailey Settlement Road, Gregory R. Hall, LaFargeville, sold to Jonas Zook, LaFargeville $37,000

Feb. 11

Town of Champion: 1.354 acres, Sayre Road, Hollie R. Powis, Copenhagen, sold to Altovise D. Hall, Carthage $269,000

Town of Watertown: 19126 County Route 165, (foreclosure) Peter L. Walton, Watertown, referee, Christopher J. Rankin and Heather L. Rankin, sold to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Cleveland, Ohio $162,000

Town of Rutland: Five parcels, 1) 115.42 acres, Ridge Road; 2) 230.9 acres, 3) 60.25 acres, highway from Black River to Rutland Hollow; 4) 118.48 acres, Pohlcrest Stock Farm, Hollow Road; 5) 195.70 acres, 101.50 acres, Middleton and Ridge roads, Timothy J. Esch, Spalding, Neb., sold to Dennis L. Esch, Omaha, Neb. $270,000

Town of Lyme: Seven parcels, 1) 62.40 acres, Batchellors Creek; 2) 40 acres, 3) 55.60 acres, 4) 50 acres, 5) 21 acres; no addresses given; 6) 0.75 acre, highway to Millens Bay; 7) 413.06 acres, no address given, Timothy Esch, Spalding, Neb., sold to Dennis Esch, Omaha, Neb. $175,000

Town of Brownville: 0.612 acre, 24494 Perch Lake Road, Beverly L. Remington, individually and as surviving spouse of Hollis C. Remington, Watertown, sold to Elyse Dupee, Watertown $85,000

Town of Brownville: Nine parcels, 1) 30 acres, Perch River; 2) 21 acres, no address given; 3) 60 acres, 4) 12.41 acres, road from Perch River to Limerick; 5) 25 acres, 6) 28.75 acres, 7) 15 acres, 8) 29.38 acres, 9) 40 acres, no addresses given, John H. Dillenback, Dexter, executor, will of Doris E. Dillenback, late of town of Brownville, sold to Ashley M. Catlin, Evans Mills $40,000

Village of Clayton: 0.344 acre, Cantwell Drive, Norbert J. Coggins and Joan M. Coggins, Clearwater, Fla., sold to William Bristol, Syracuse $72,500

Town of LeRay: 7.543 acres, Duffy Road, William J. Monnat, Watertown, sold to Christopher Phinney and Sheree Soluri-Phinney, Watertown $291,500

Feb. 8

Town of Orleans: 8.45 acres, state Route 12, Ameri/Can Market Inc., Walworth, sold to Anchor Development Corp., Fineview $147,000

Town of LeRay: 0.354 acre, state Route 3, Frost T. Haviland, Brownville, sold to Suzette L. Lentz and Jason B. Lentz, Watertown $80,000

Town of Theresa: 0.44 acre, Butterfield Point, Paul W. Wimmer, Lake Helen, Fla., sold to Norman R. Tessier and Susan Lynn Tessier, Baldwinsville $60,000

City of Watertown: 728 Knickerbocker Drive, Steven J. Alteri and Barbara A. Alteri, Sackets Harbor, sold to Iris Duffany, Rodman $80,000

Town of Brownville: 1.43 acres, Watertown to Cape Vincent state highway, Ernest J. Charleston Sr., Chaumont, sold to Ernest J. Charleston II, Potsdam $82,000

Town of Watertown: 13.74 acres, County Route 155, Todd R. McAleese, Watertown, sold to Steven Anderson and Jennifer L. Anderson, Watertown $360,000

Feb. 7

Town of Rodman: Two parcels, 33 acres, 26 acres, County Route 69, Joan M. Papp, Rodman, executor, estate of Ernest Papp, late of Rodman, sold to Joanne Lucas, Rodman $85,000

City of Watertown: 0.13 acre, Myrtle Avenue, Donald R. Lawton and Diana Lawton, Watertown, sold to Tuan Anh Vo, Philadelphia, Pa. $135,000

Town of Theresa: 0.84 acre, 327 Mill St., Donald Van Tassel and Sally Van Tassel, Theresa, sold to Robert Philip Hall, Theresa $30,000

City of Watertown: 0.615 acre, 119 Iroquois Ave. E., Michael C. Simmons and Ann Marie Simmons, Clayton, sold to Gary D. Brinker Jr. and Genesee R. Brinker, Watertown $160,000

Feb. 6

Town of Antwerp: 3.256 acres, County Route 24, Allen J. Foster Jr., Falls Church, Va., sold to David L. Benson Jr. and Michelle M. Benson, Antwerp $167,000

Feb. 5

Town of LeRay: 0.95 acre, Goulds Corners Road, Patrick F. Higgins, by Rebecca L. Higgins, attorney in fact, and Rebecca L. Higgins, Evans Mills, sold to Mark A. Langford and Katlyn M. Langford, Gouverneur $199,500

Town of Adams: 3.28 acres, Cobbville Road, Anthony Alicea and Maria N. Alicea, Adams, sold to William C. Irvine and Coleen Ann Irvine, Adams $234,500

Town of Cape Vincent: 25.420 acres, 31755 Burnt Rock Road, John E. Estle, El Paso, Texas, sold to Sean B. Godfrey and Clarissa A. Godfrey, Clayton $90,500

City of Watertown: Clinton Street, Mark G. Waterbury, Watertown, executor, will of Betty M. Scee, sold to Malynda S. Rumble, Copenhagen $200,000

Town of Clayton: Black Creek Road, Jason D. Isenhart and Sabrina M. Wedman, both of Anchorage, Alaska, sold to Ann Mazur and Virginia K. Mazur, Clayton $156,000

Town of Brownville: 0.61 acre, Weaver Road, Everett L. Crane and Beatrice M. Crane, Chaumont, sold to Stephen Favret and Janet Favret, Cape Vincent $78,000

Town of Clayton: Two parcels, 2.5 acres, 1.18 acre, Bartlett Point Road, MJSP Realty LLC, Dorset, Vt., sold to Raymond L. Brisson, Pensacola, Fla. $387,500

Town of Champion and hamlet of Great Bend: Two parcels, 1) no acreage or address given, 2) 0.28 acres, no address given, John W. Faunce, Carthage, and James E. Faunce, Carthage, individually and as executors, estate of Edward H. Faunce, late of Sun City Center, Fla., sold to Kenneth L. Sharp and Suk Hui Yadlosky, both of Watertown $65,000

Town of Philadelphia: No acreage or address given, Michelle M. Adams, Washburn, Maine, executor, estate of Tracey E. Bango, late of Philadelphia, sold to Harvey Martin, Antwerp $62,000

Town of Clayton: 4.10 acres, County Route 9, Deborah J. Monroe, Solvay, sold to Mathew M. Hardy and Melissa Ringer Hardy, Clayton $106,000

Towns of Hounsfield, Watertown, Rutland, village of Carthage: Three parcels, 1) 10 parcels, town of Hounsfield, four parcels, town of Watertown; 2) eight parcels, town of Rutland; one parcel, village of Carthage; 3) three parcels, town of Hounsfield, Ridgeview Farm LLC, aka, Ridge View Farm LLC, no address given, sold to Eastern Shores Dairy LLC, no address given $4,000,000

Feb. 4

Town of Cape Vincent: 5 acres, Stoney Point Road, Melanie Curley, Cape Vincent, sold to Albert E. Goetz III and Melissa S. Goetz, Fort Drum $290,000

Town and village of Clayton: Three parcels, 0.344 acre, 0.027 acre, no addresses given; 0.158 acre, Cantwell Drive, Bonnie Fargo Marra, Watertown, sold to Isabell A. Lawson, Clayton $108,000

City of Watertown: Davidson Street, James C. Harter, Calcium, sold to LC Rentals LLC, Antwerp $32,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels, 202-204 E. Hoard St., Richard S. Pascal, Watertown, sold to Jesus Bernabe and Concha Bernabe, Watertown $142,000

Feb. 1

Town of Cape Vincent: 82.19 acres, Carleton Island, Clifford S. Robert, Melville, executor, will of Charles W. Schwing, late of Matinecock, a member of Electrical Wholesale Distribution Co. LLC, and Peter S. Schwing, Huntington, as member/manager of Electrical Wholesale Distribution Co. LLC, and as individual partner of Seal Realty Co., sold to Michael J. Comerford and Eileen T. Comerford, Bonita Springs, Fla. $200,000

Town of Watertown: Two parcels, 0.59 acre, 0.05 acre, County Route 68, William W. Conde III, Watertown, sold to William G. Crane Jr., Danville, Ky. $240,000

Town of Alexandria: 1.9 acres, Fairyland Island, Estrellita LLC, Lebanon, Pa., sold to Edward P. Denigan III and Vida J. Denigan, West Chester, Pa. $925,000

Village of Clayton: 0.31 acre, Hugunin Street, William F. Ramseier, Clayton, and Joey Lynn M. Ramseier, LaFargeville, sold to Daniel N. Frank and Karen L. Frank, Windham $215,000

City of Watertown: 728 Morrison St. (foreclosure), Cynthia Michelle McKenzie, Watertown, referee, Olivia Russell, sold to Midfirst Bank, Oklahoma City, Okla. $53,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 76.85 acres, Stoney Point Road, Melanie Curley, Cape Vincent, sold to David Bourquin and Jeanine Bourquin, Chaumont $90,000

Village of Carthage: Parham Street, Roberto Nunez and Peggy S. Nunez, Carthage, sold to Keith A. Rondo and Madeleine C. Rondo, Carthage $122,000

Village of Philadelphia: Church Street, George J. DeVita and Sylvia A. DeVita, Evans Mills, sold to Joseph Z. Marion, Evans Mills $134,500

Town of Brownville: Two parcels, 0.172 acre, County Route 59; building lot, south shore of Sherwins Bay, Francis H. Prevost and Rosalie T. Prevost, Watertown, sold to Jeremy J. Prevost, Watertown $125,000