Jefferson County Property Sales – March 2013

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office in the month of March 2013:

March 29

City of Watertown: Two parcels, Broadway Avenue East, Harold M. Little, by Donna M. Little, attorney in fact, and Donna M. Little, Watertown, sold to Christopher J. Gleason, Woodville $105,000

City of Watertown: 0.141 acre, Haley Street, Willis B. Akers IV and Jacqueline R. Akers, Watertown, sold to Tyler James Alavekios, Watertown $172,000

March 28

Village of Ellisburg: 0.29 acre, state Route 193, James R. Hathaway and Kristina R. Hathaway, Mannsville, sold to Chad Peyton and Tove Peyton, Ellisburg $36,000

Village of Brownville: 0.35 acre, 220 E. Main St., Julia Fairman, Brownville, sold to United Realty & Development LLC, by Stephen Gilbert, member, Evans Mills $25,000

Town of Champion: 1 acre, Cole Road, Scott O. Britton and Michele M. Britton, Carthage, sold to Adam G. Nordin, Watertown $243,000

Town of Champion: 7.8 acres, no address given, Mary Lou Barker, by Jan B. LaRock, attorney in fact, Carthage, sold to Eric I. Covey and Trisha A. Covey, Carthage $100,000

Town of Adams: 4.143 acres, 18433 North Harbor Road, Kevin A. Reinhardt and Tara A. Reinhardt, Adams Center, sold to Justin T. Cook and Melissa S. Cook, Fort Drum $164,000

City of Watertown: 0.115 acre, Seymour Street, Earl T. Jefferson and Angelina H. Jefferson, Lacey, Washington, sold to Kimberly L. Ward, Sackets Harbor $125,000

City of Watertown: 110 Charles St., Marquita L. Sayles, Watertown, sold to James R. Markert and Karen E. Markert, Watertown $188,500

City of Watertown: East Division Street, Katherine M. Colwell, Watertown, sold to Matthew Hibbard, Watertown $44,000

March 27

City of Watertown: 637 Coffeen St., Robert Locy and Susan J. Locy, Three Mile Bay, sold to Cristina Thompson, Watertown $90,000

Town of Alexandria: 0.23 acre, Wellesley Island, Stacey R. Durand, Redwood, sold to Charles Bradley, Alexandria Bay $164,000

Town of Orleans: State Route 12 (foreclosure) Scott R. Nortz, Clayton, referee, Samuel J. Rivoli, aka Sam J. Rivoli, aka Salvatore J. Rivoli, Jean M. Rivoli, Peter Rivoli, aka Peter S. Rivoli, sold to Wooden Boat LLC, Fineview $260,000

March 26

City of Watertown: Winslow Street, Christopher S. Hoops and Julie L. Hoops, Elkton, Md., sold to Aaron M. Hennequin, Live Oak, Texas $125,000

Town of Pamelia: 1.1 acres, Waddingham Road, Andre G. Toutant Sr., Evans Mills, individually and by Matthew J. Toutant, attorney in fact, and by Luanne Toutant, Evans Mills, as guardian per order of the court, and Kaaren L. Toutant, Punta Gorda, Fla., sold to Jamie G. Taylor and Helen A. Taylor, Watertown $53,000

City of Watertown: No acreage or address given, Alexander Kerr and Meghan C. Kerr, Watertown, sold to Andrew N. Draper and Carly R. Draper, Lowville $145,000

Town of Brownville: Lot 26, Cedar Grove, Douglas P. Boomhower, Dexter, sold to Derek L. Edwards, Adams $154,000

City of Watertown: 339 S. Rutland St., Kenneth A. McArdle, Watertown, sold to Travis M. Ashcraft, Watertown $58,000

City of Watertown: 511 Cooper St., Jayson M. St. Croix, Dexter, sold to Neil E. Dicob Jr. and Cherie L. Dicob, Watertown $70,000

Town of LeRay: 0.60 acre, no address given, Floyd J. Smith, Apple Valley, Calif., and Joyanne Christoffersen, Peoria, Ariz., sold to Vincent James Fye, Jamestown $170,000

City of Watertown: Columbia Street, Oliver O. Buck III and Patricia Londino-Buck, Watertown, sold to Thad Norman Beach, Watertown $168,000

Village of Black River: Maple Street, Matthew L. Stock, Black River, sold to Sarah E. Adamy and Edward S. Adamy III, Southern Pines, N.C. $167,000

City of Watertown: 0.18 acre, 911-913 State St., Anne M. Harrienger, executor, will of Lance C. Marzano, late of Watertown, sold to RB & T Holdings LLC, Watertown $225,000

Town of Hounsfield: Three parcels, state Route 3, Michael J. Cowles Jr., North East, Pa., sold to Earl A. Robinson and Karen L. Robinson, Dexter $69,000

March 25

Town of Alexandria: 13.91 acres, Olney Road, Jose A. Meza, El Paso, Texas, sold to Anna M. Davidson, Redwood $86,500

Town of Alexandria: Three parcels, 118.5 acres, no acreage given, 14.5 acres, no addresses given, Ronald R. Bauter and Cynthia Joan Bauter, LaFargeville, sold to Brandy L. Sanderson, LaFargeville $100,000

Town of Watertown: 9.71 acres, County Route 159 (Gotham Street Road), Steven J. Hall General Contractor Inc., Cape Vincent, and Mark G. Gebo, executor, estate of Aline C.J. Taylor, Watertown, sold to Jessica Beuttenmuller, Watertown $92,500

Town of Pamelia: 9972 Aspen St., Pleasant Acres Subdivision, Beacon Deerfield LLC, Fayetteville, sold to Eddie L. Goode III, Fort Rucker, Ala. $239,000

City of Watertown: 0.1 acre, Central Street, Anne M. Harrienger, executor, will of Lance C. Marzano, late of Watertown, sold to RB & T Holdings LLC, Watertown $100,000

City of Watertown: 0.46 acre, Ives Street, the Society of St. Patrick’s Church, Watertown, sold to Sarah A. Delaney Rowland and Christopher J. Rowland, Watertown $175,000

Town of Rutland: Three parcels, 1.36 acres, 0.89 acre, 0.84 acre, state Route 3, Percy Chicks Subdivision LLC, Black River, sold to Wimbledon Properties LLC, Maryville, Tenn. $75,000

City of Watertown: 0.166 acre, Keyes Avenue, Kate D. Harrienger, Watertown, sold to Thane Alexander Keller and Sarah M. Keller, Watertown $210,000

March 22

City of Watertown: 1.71 acres, 1015 Sherman St., Joseph N. Rizzo Sr. and Carol A. Rizzo, Watertown, sold to Susan R. Swatsworth, Columbia, S.C. $186,000

Town of Lyme: Hickory Knoll, Point Peninsula, James M. Rossi and Carolyn J. Rossi, Memphis, sold to Shawn L. Albro and Erin K. Albro, Cape Vincent $109,000

Town of LeRay: 0.689 acre, 26135 Cottontail Drive, Household Finance Realty Corporation of New York, Pomona, Calif., sold to Tyrell J. Tompkins and Megan L. Tompkins, no address given $191,000

Village of Evans Mills: 1.03 acres, Main Street, Mark A. Leroux, Cranberry Lake, sold to William J. Donohue and Donna M. Donohue, Dexter $90,000

March 21

Town of Alexandria: 1.1 acres, shoreline of Clear Lake, Gouverneur Savings and Loan Association, Gouverneur, sold to Joshua N. Todd and Beth R. Todd, Malta, Mont. $115,000

Village of Cape Vincent: 0.088 acre, East Joseph Street, Roy E. Armstrong and Diana L. Armstrong, Morristown, sold to Amie L. Davis, Cape Vincent $95,000

Village of Carthage: 0.25 acre, 128 N. School St., Robert Burns, administrator, and Bridget C. Woodward, administrator, estate of Sigrid U. Derosia, Carthage, sold to Joseph D. Cowles Sr., Natural Bridge $71,500

City of Watertown: 133 Katherine St., Shawn P. Lasek and Tonia J. Lasek, Watertown, sold to Household Finance Realty Corporation of New York, Brandon, Fla. $91,000

Village of Adams: 0.203 acre, 51 Wardwell St., Kevin J. Froedtert and Dawn M. Froedtert, Adams, sold to Jeremy Scott Askins and Stephanie Askins, Watertown $130,000

March 20

Town of Lyme: Two parcels, 0.41 acre, 0.23 acre, Guffins Bay, John H. Montgomery, Newark, successor trustee, Montgomery Family Revocable Living Trust, sold to Mark D. Cullen, Minneapolis, Minn. $262,000

Town of Lyme: Two parcels, 0.895 acre, 0.250 acre, Point Peninsula, Donald C. Streib and Rebecca M. Streib, Marcellus, sold to Travis C. Overton and Leslie C. Overton, Watertown $101,000

Town of Hounsfield: 1.589 acres, 16487 Martin Road W., Jason Z. Rembowski and Amber J. Rembowski, Bordentown, N.J., sold to Bank of America, Plano, Texas $125,000

March 19

City of Watertown: 919 Gotham St., Amy-Ruth A. Hallett, by Patricia P. Hallett, attorney in fact, Adams Center, sold to Mary Jo Rocker, Watertown $145,000

Town of Pamelia: 9980 Aspen St., Beacon Deerfield LLC, Fayetteville, sold to Robert C. Sprague, Fort Rucker, Ala. $204,000

Town of Orleans: 0.442 acre, Middle Road, Tammy Lynn Delaney, LaFargeville, sold to Mark R. Chapman, Felts Mills $101,000

City of Watertown: Five parcels, 324 Keyes Ave., William A. Chapin and Ruth E. Chapin, Watertown, sold to David J. Zeneski Jr. and Juel J. Zeneski, Watertown $228,000

City of Watertown: 132 S. Orchard St., Patricia M. Augustus and Lynne Ann McKee, both of Watertown, sold to Wayne Gaige and Sandra Gaige, Chaumont $65,000

March 18

City of Watertown: Three parcels, 1), 2), Main Street, 3) 115 and 117 E. Main St., Countryside ALF LLC, Rochester, sold to Stewart’s Shops Corp., Ballston Spa $492,000

City of Watertown: Fairmont Avenue, Public Square Inc., Carthage, sold to Kent D. Burto, Carthage $53,000

March 15

Village of West Carthage: Two parcels, Champion Street; 0.35 acre, Champion Street, Kathryn D. Williams, Wilton, N.H.; Janice W. Simone, Oakton, Va.; Kermit R. Williams, Wilton, N.H.; Lowell A. Williams, Nashua, N.H.; and Malcolm S. Williams, Fishers, Ind., sold to Edward A. McCaskey III, Baker, Fla. $152,000

Town of Lyme: Two parcels, 12.67 acres, 1 acre, Morris Tract Road, Robert J. Bates and Mary Lou Bates, Chaumont, sold to Amanda J. Miller and Lucas A. Hopkins, Chaumont $30,000

Village of LaFargeville: 0.54 acre, state Route 180, Terry L. Day, LaFargeville, sold to Stephanie A. Miskimon, Dexter, and Darryl J. Walker, Dexter $135,000

City of Watertown: State and High streets, SNR Associates Inc., Watertown, sold to Whitmore-Rice LLC, Watertown $134,000

City of Watertown: 565 Burdick St., James Paige, Dexter, sold to Eric T. Swartz, Watertown $28,500

Village of Clayton: 0.26 acre, James Street, Michelle K. Finley, Clayton, sold to Timothy J. Clement Jr. and Meghan A. Clement, Clayton $192,000

City of Watertown: 0.309 acre, 615, 617, 621 LeRay St., Sandra Chase Ames, Black River, executor, estate of Debra Chase Miles, sold to James A. Watson Jr., Dexter $80,000

March 14

City of Watertown: 0.101 acre, Winslow Street, Steven L. Parker, Lawton, Okla., sold to Ryan J. Slater and Gwen E. Slater, Watertown $144,000

City of Watertown: 0.430 acre, Green Street, Kay D. Watkins and Stephen P. Watkins, Watertown, sold to Wesley C. Adams and Elise N. Adams, Watertown $270,000

City of Watertown: 310 Brett St., Richard M. Young, Watertown, sold to Bryan Keith Koonce Jr. and Christina Charlene Koonce, Clayton $142,000

March 13

Town of Hounsfield: 7.50 acres, Burton Road, Mandy L. Bray, Lacona, sold to Harold W. Lessner IV, Lawton, Okla. $252,00

March 12

Town of LeRay: No acreage or address given, Yvonne M. Demiceli, Watertown; Brian P. Antonelli, Palmyra, executors, will of Betty J. Antonelli, sold to Alvin D. Whitman and Judy M. Whitman, LaFargeville $129,500

Town of LeRay: Two parcels, 0.32 acre, no acreage given, both Duffy Road, Jessica L. Frederick, Watertown, sold to Craig R. Putnam and Rachael E. Putnam, Calcium $148,000

City of Watertown: Emerson Street, Edward G. Kidder and Sherry A. Kidder, Watertown, sold to Lee Horan, Watertown $58,000

March 11

Town of Watertown: 2.500 acres, County Route 196 (Fisher Circle), New Venture Assets LLC, DeWitt, sold to Haun Watertown LLC, Syracuse $485,000

City of Watertown: 0.16 acre, Elm Street, Joshua D. Stanley, Watertown, sold to Paula Cadwell, Watertown $159,000

Town of Alexandria: 0.23 acre, Iroquois Island Shore Road, Gloria J. Morehouse, Alexandria Bay, sold to Valentino A. Insalaco and Sherry L. Insalaco, Liverpool $51,000

Village of West Carthage: Liberty Street, Ronald E. Lightholder and Sandra K. Lightholder, Carthage, sold to Richard A. Smith, Carthage $50,000

Village of Carthage: 0.91 acre, 512 John St., Becky L. Snyder, Deltona, Fla., sold to Cody D. Everard and Sonja M. Everard, Carthage $52,000

Village of Black River: 0.93 acre, Remington Street, Jacques A. Cerow and Cynthia R. Cerow, Black River, sold to Vincent A. Cesario Jr., Black River $70,000

Town of Lyme: 22237 Luff Shores Lane, Kathleen P. Dennee, Amherst, sold to Kevin Malay and Debra Malay, Chittenango $70,000

March 8

Town of Adams: Two parcels, 0.55 acre, 0.48 acre, Maxon Lane, Ronald J. Sloan and Shirley G. Sloan, Adams, sold to Anthony W. Frederick and Jessica L. Frederick, Watertown $205,000

Village of Evans Mills: 0.625 acre, road from Evans Mills to Pamelia Four Corners, Gary E. Baxter, Evans Mills, sold to John A. Shampine Sr. and Sandra L. Reynolds, both of Evans Mills $115,000

Town of Pamelia: Liberty Residential Subdivision, Lot 26, Liberty Avenue, Sciuga Corporation, Solvay, sold to Eric J. Solomon, Watsontown, Pa. $207,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels, 1) Elm Street, 2) 0.08 acre, Elm Street, John G. Class IV and Jessie B. Class, Savannah, Ga., sold to Kelvin T. Tooke, Watertown $240,000

Town of Orleans: 4.01 acres, 31181 NYS Route 180, Alvin D. Whitman, LaFargeville, sold to Frank G. Dimock and Sheila A. Dimock, Watertown $140,000

Town of Rodman: 0.72 acre, state Route 177, Timothy N. Backus and Kristi L. Backus, Rodman, sold to Logan M. Hosley, Rodman $100,000

March 7

Town of Clayton: 1.07 acres, Old Town Springs Road, Kevin Patenaude, Watertown, executor, will of Nicholas J. Rice, late of Chaumont, sold to Randal D. Keefer Jr. and Jennifer L. Kerns, both of Clayton $111,000

City of Watertown: 123 N. Pleasant St., Raymond E. Spittler, Baldwinsville, sold to Bank of America N.A., Plano, Texas $102,000

Town of Philadelphia: 166.07 acres, Delles Road, Tug Hill Aggregates LLC, Watertown, sold to Luke S. Martin and Dorcas K. Martin, Antwerp $232,000

Town of LeRay: 30110 Rockbrook Road, Cornell & Scorzelli LLC, by Ronald A. Cornell, as member, Brewerton, sold to Luke S. Martin and Dorcas K. Martin, Antwerp $125,000

Town of LeRay: 55 acres, Simonet Road, Jose DeJesus, Evans Mills, sold to Luke S. Martin and Dorcas K. Martin, Antwerp $94,500

Town of LeRay: Three parcels, 48.36 acres, 100.63 acres, 30 acres, no addresses given, Pauline Welser, Theresa; Arthur W. Welser, Latham, by Pauline Welser, attorney in fact; Mickey A. Welser, Clay; Kathy A. Smith, Theresa; Richard Lee Welser, Watertown; Todd D. Welser, Evans Mills; and Kenneth J. Welser, Rodman, sold to Luke S. Martin, and Dorcas K. Martin, Antwerp $180,000

Village of Carthage: 0.046 acre, Francis Street (foreclosure), Scott R. Nortz, Clayton, referee, Brenda L. Larock-Hunneyman and Marvin R. Hunneyman, sold to Carthage Federal Savings & Loan Association, Carthage $56,000

Town of Watertown: 2.51 acres, Massey Street Road (County Route 63), Bryan A. Parker and Danielle M. Parker, Watertown, sold to David S. Komorowski and Mary Schubert, both of Milan $227,500

City of Watertown: 128 Barben Ave. (foreclosure) Daniel S. Dickinson III, Watertown, referee, Brent A. Fetters and Karen L. Fetters, sold to US Bank N.A., N.D. $164,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels, 513 Frontenac St. (foreclosure) Kimberly Wood, Watertown, referee, Bruce Ashline and Deborah Ashline, sold to Citimortgage Inc., O’Fallon, Mo. $49,000

City of Watertown: 0.073 acre, 409 Flower Ave. E., Ronald D. Campbell Jr., Newport News, Va., sold to Erin Downey, Watertown $92,000

March 6

Village of Glen Park: 0.175 acre, 609 Church St., Leland E. Lear and Terra L. Lear, Evans Mills, sold to Amanda Hibbard, Watertown $127,000

March 5

Town of Henderson: State Route 3, David L. Chase and Lorraine L. Chase, Henderson Harbor, sold to Carol A. Shattuck, Henderson $138,000

Town of Adams: 3.08 acres, U.S. Route 11, Mark E. Simonton, Adams, sold to North Country Auto Sales Inc., Adams Center $270,000

Town of Clayton: Two parcels, 3.94 acres, 0.03 acre, Breezy Pine Road, Russell F. Johnson, LaFargeville, sold to Charles Garlock & Sons Inc., Alexandria Bay $150,000

March 4

City of Watertown: 0.160 acre, 227 Winslow St., Lorraine J. Zimmerman, Watertown, sold to Christopher Virgil Stone, Watertown $101,000

City of Watertown: 0.100 acre, 341 Mullin St., Margaret A. Garris, Manlius; Helena R. Archer, Ellenburg Center; Mary C. Lee, Gansevoort; Amelia Carol Burns, aka A. Carol Burns, Long Grove, Ill.; and Lawrence E. Archer, Deltona, Fla., sold to Zachary T. Willey and Eliza J. Willey, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. $147,000

Village of Theresa: 0.52 acre, Oxbow Road (County Route 194), Levi Thompson and Erin M. Thompson, Columbus, Ga., sold to Chadd J. Johnson, Watertown $180,000

City of Watertown: 706 Knickerbocker Drive, Daryl Margaret Hyde, Watertown, executor, will of Margaret C. Hyde, sold to KJG Properties of Watertown LLC, Watertown $138,000

Town of LeRay: 0.573 acre, Lot 14, River Bend Estates, Benjamin A. Bridon and Kathleen H. Bridon, Watertown, sold to Jason E. Walters and Heather Walters, Columbia, S.C. $250,000

Town of Clayton: Two parcels, 0.9189 acre, 1.55 acres, state Route 12, Millens Bay Properties LLC, Cape Vincent, sold to Matthew J. Roggow and Rebecca A. Roggow, Clayton $130,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels, Morrison Avenue, Roy Avery, Watertown, sold to Dominick T. Natali, Watertown $64,000

Town of Hounsfield: County Route 62, Sheila A. Dimock and Frank L. Dimock Jr., sold to Thad M. Thome and Juli S. Thome, Leesville, La. $188,000

City of Watertown: 0.286 acre, Colorado Avenue North, Sharon L. Messinger Rutherford, Watertown, sold to Joseph A. Dolson, Watertown $129,000

Town of Champion: 36121 VanBrocklin Road, JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., Jacksonville, Fla., sold to Gary Scott, Evans Mills $39,000

March 1

City of Watertown: 135 Michigan Ave., Jeremy S. Askins and Stephanie Askins, Watertown, sold to Justin L. Duffy and Kelly R. Duffy, Watertown $215,000

Village of Glen Park: Two parcels, 0.33 acre, 614 Main Street (County Route 190); vacant lot, Main Street, Connie A. Davis, Glen Park, sold to Adalberto J. Charles, Watertown $143,000

Town of Rutland: 0.93 acre, 31147 Burnup Road, Daniel P. Gustke and Amanda Jeanne Gustke, Black River, sold to Eric Wills, Fort Drum $224,500

Town of Adams: 1.390 acres, 19005 Minkler Road, Ronald Berie and Jennifer Berie, Adams, sold to Katie Denny, Sackets Harbor $173,500

Town of Ellisburg: 1.16 acres, U.S. Route 11, Ramco Inc., Adams Center, sold to Michael L. Arnold and Sally A. Arnold, Adams $235,000

Town of Alexandria: 1.90 acres, Wellesley Island, Windermere Holdings LLC, Wellesley Island, sold to Stephen G. Weatherly, Sarasota, Fla. $30,000

Hamlet of Adams Center: Intersection U.S. Route 11 (Church Street) and South Harbor Road, LKR Enterprises Inc., Adams Center, sold to Lowville Lighthouse LLC, Watertown $275,000

Hamlet of Great Bend: Road from Great Bend to West Carthage, James E. Faunce and Mary Ann Faunce, Watertown, sold to Amanda J. Mayne, Adams Center $35,000