Jefferson County DBAs – November 2013

DBA (doing business under an assumed name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office for the month of November 2013:

Nov. 27

Valley Purchases, 5 Irish Ave., Philadelphia, Bethany A. Kubik, 5 Irish Ave., Philadelphia

Hookah Den, 405 Arsenal St., Watertown, Charles R. Skellen, 405 Arsenal St., Watertown

Lucky’s Jewelry, 316 Bugbee Drive, Watertown, Bradley Lettiere, 316 Bugbee Drive, Watertown

Nov. 26

Empire State Construction, 206 Pine St., Theresa, Thomas P. Gray, 206 Pine St., Theresa.

Xtreme Auto Mart, 23438 New York state Route 12, Watertown, Kenneth W. Hamm, 13773 Greene St., Adams Center, Jason J. Gilmore, 24200 Perch Lake Road, Watertown.

Nov. 25

Patrick Gillette Co., 11931 Main St., Chaumont, Patrick E. Gillette, 11931 Main St., Chaumont.

Southwoods Farm, 3376 County Route 95, Lorraine, Jennifer M. Tubolino, 3376 County Route 95, Lorraine.

Nov. 22

Lotus Cafe, 869 Massey St., Watertown, Destiny P. Walker, 869 Massey St., Watertown.

SewHappyDesings, 15456 Fuller Road, Adams Center, Cynthia L. Pierce, 15456 Fuller Road, Adams Center.

Nov. 21

Olo Designs, 28129 Simpson Road, Redwood, Meagan McGinty, 28129 Simpson Road, Redwood.

Aguilar Property Services, 809 Bingham Ave., Watertown, Diego A. Aguilar, 809 Bingham Ave., Watertown.

Nov. 18

Natureburstz Photography, 24908 Woolworth St., Great Bend, Emily M. Woodwoorth, 24908 Woolworth St., PO Box 59, Great Bend.

CJ Hanson, 9737 B Washington Loop, Fort Drum, David R. Hanson, 9737 B Washington Loop, Fort Drum.

Nov. 15

Famous Dick’s Hot Dogs, 733 Water St., Watertown, Kerry Johnson, 733 Water St., PO Box 262, Watertown.

Nov. 14

Sun Kissd, 14842 County Route 91, Mannsville, Betsy Wood, 14841 County Route 91, Mannsville.

Nov. 13

Ray’s Barbershop, 131 N. Franklin St., Watertown, Raymond R. Cruz, 138 Winthrop St., Watertown.

J and K Construction, 872 Wart Road, Mannsville, Justin Graves, 872 Wart Road, Mannsville.

Nov. 12

Priority One Landscaping and Lawn Care, 645 Burlington St., Watertown, Timothy Thomas, 645 Burlington St., Watertown, Douglas H. Thomas Jr. 324 Gale St., Watertown.

NNY Gals and Guys, 262 State St., Carthage, Maria M. Runyon, 315 N. Clinton St., Carthage, Alan T. Runyon, Jr., 315 N. Clinton St., Carthage.

Sandy Pines Mobile Home Park, 29822 state Route 3, Black River, Walter A. Davis III, 23513 Rex Drive, Black River, Rebecca M. Davis, 23513 Rex Drive, Black River.

Poetry in Glass Studio, 21259 Wrape Road, Carthage, Natalie Roye, 21259 Wrape Road, Carthage.

Nov. 8

Picture It, 204 Franklin St., Watertown, Lori Hadley, 638 Burchard St., Watertown.

16762 Lowe Road Robbins Property Maintenance, 16762 Lowe Road, Chaumont, Jolene Lee Robbins, 16762 Lowe Road, Chaumont.

Nov. 7

Creative Par Tees, 642 Mundy St., Watertown, Angela M. Trombley, 642 Mundy St., Watertown and Stephanie M. Duerr, 1212 Madison Ave., Watertown.

Nov. 6

Gates Services, 2 Farr St., Carthage, Brandi Gates, 2 Farr St., Carthage.

Metaphysical Cat, 221 Ten Eyck St., Watertown, Julia Bonisteel, 221 Ten Eyck St., Watertown.

Mystical Fox Bakery, 26996 Eldon Drive, Evans Mills, Sarah Lana Breesawitz, 26996 Eldon Drive, Evans Mills.

Nov. 5

Pure & Simple, 572 Eastern Blvd., Watertown, Jessica A. Cross, 572 Eastern Blvd., Watertown.

Heel of the Boot Pizzeria, 955 State St., Clayton, Tricia L. Bannister, 35901 County Route 4, Clayton.

Nov. 4

Curled Salon, 165 Mechanic St., Watertown, Julie C. Freeman, 22764 Tall Timber Trail, Watertown.

F Y E Treasures, 15697 County Route 91, Peirrepont Manor, Elizabeth A. Slade, 15697 County Route 91, Mannsville.

Nov. 1

Shutter Alchemy, 206 S. Indiana Ave., Watertown, Maxwell French, 206 S. Indiana Ave., PO Box 904, Watertown.

Battery Performance Research Institute, 20176 Blue Heron Lane, Alexandria Bay, Roger Altman, 20176 Blue Heron Lane, Alexandria Bay.

RNB Solutions, 118 Ten Eyck St., Watertown, Randy R. Baker, 118 Ten Eyck St., Watertown.