Jefferson County DBAs – December 2013

DBA (doing business under an assumed name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office for the month of December 2013:

Dec. 31

Little J’s Pizzeria, 566 State St., Watertown, Jessica Jarrell, 24428 Route 11 #57, Calcium.

Dec. 27

Jutty’s World, 23610 Fetterly Road, Dexter, Justin Parody, 23610 Fetterly Road, Dexter.

At Your Service, 124 Monroe Ave., Watertown, Laurel J. Adair, 124 Monroe Ave., Watertown.

Dec. 26

Danny J. The DJ, 32286 Town Line Road, Philadelphia, Robin R. Johnson, 32286 Town Line Road, Philadelphia.

Pure Leaf Landscaping & Snow Removal, 3562 Van Brocklin Road, Carthage, Janel Boni, 3562 Van Brocklin Road, Carthage, Timothy A. Danks, 3562 Van Brocklin Road, Carthage.

Dec. 20

Battlefield Paintball, 32018 Route 11, Philadelphia, David R. Burr, 44 Young Ave. A., New York Mills.

Dec. 19

Mackenzie Lane Photography, 18214 Route 177, Adams Center, Mackenzie L. Piggott, 18214 Route 177, P.O. Box 725, Adams Center.

Dec. 17

Comfy Cozy Critters, 407 S. Pleasant St., Watertown, Stacey L. Scott, 407 S. Pleasant Street, Watertown, Naphtali Kleingardner, 25035 County Road 189, Rodman.

Simply Pix by Joy, 33282 Dog Hill Road, LaFargeville, Joy Davis, 33282 Dog Hill Road, LaFargeville.

Dec. 16

High End Auto Detailing, 594 W. Main Street, Watertown, Andrew McEathron, 139 Wyoming Ave., Watertown.

Dec. 12

ABC Cleaning, 23288 County Route 69, Rodman, Kyle Berube, 23288 County Route 69, Rodman.

Shelby’s Re Sale, 109 East Main St., Brownville, Brian Watson, 833 LeRay St., Watertown.

Dec. 11

Rowsam Trucking, 29279 Hadley Road, Black River, Stephen J. Rowsam, 29279 Hadley Road, Black River.

EEE Wide Pilot Car Service, 22833 Swan Road, Watertown, Russell W. Schafer, 22833 Swan Road, Watertown.

Dec. 10

Van Brocklin Motor Sports, 25777 Slate Road, Watertown, Arnold B. Van Brocklin, 25777 Slate Road, Watertown.

KVO Property Services, 36663 Deferno Road, Clayton, Kristofer Jon Vanosdel, 36663 Deferno Road, Clayton.

Dec. 9

Manos Maple Farm, 26917 Bonney Road, Watertown, Max Manos, 26917 Bonney Road, Watertown.

Kymode Repairs, 717 McDonald Hill Road, Mannsville, Frederick L. Clark, 717 McDonald Hill Road, Mannsville.

Dec. 4

Tepfenhart Design, 24984 County Route 54, Brownville, Brian Tepfenhart, 24984 County Route 54, PO Box 157, Brownville.

Dec. 3

Renew Us, 631 Bronson St., Apt. A, Watertown, Joseph Martusewicz, 631 Bronson St., Apt. A, Watertown.

Danick Home Improvements, 142 Union St., Watertown, Daniel Jones, 142 Union St., Watertown.

Dec. 2

TK Trendz, 120 Washington St., Suite 310, Watertown, Thomas B. Hewitt, 35091 state Route 126, Carthage.

Groff’s Country Auto Sales, 2650 County Route 87, Mannsville, Patricia A. Groff, 2650 County Route 87, Mannsville.

Hill Top Garage, 7822 County Route 17, Lacona, Raymond Mullin, 7822 County Route 17, Lacona.

Kitty’s Koncoktyons & Etc, 260 State St., Apt. 207, Carthage, Catherine Melhuish, 260 State St., Apt. 207, Carthage.