February 2016: DBAs

DBA (doing business under an assumed name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office Jan. 4 to Jan. 29:

Jan. 29:

Underground Statements, 20721 State Route 12F, Watertown, Kimberly L. Harten, 20721 State Route 12 F.

Jan. 26:

Love and Leashes, 744 Lansing St. Watertown, Alicia Ann Crawford, 744 Lansing St., Watertown

Jan. 25:

Car Keys, 16947 Churchill Road, Watertown, Eric P. Rowland, 15674 Eimcke Place, Watertown, Brandon J. Sweet, 16947 Churchill Road, Watertown

Jan. 22:

Cam Driving School, 17072 State Route 3, Watertown, Loren Clinton, 17072 State Route 3, Watertown

Miley Mending & Embroidery, 8030C General Patton St., Fort Drum, Rebecca Marie Phillips Miley, 8030C General Patton St., Fort Drum

Guffin Bay Woodworking, 9222 County Route 125, Chaumont, Thomas S. Strejlau, 9222 County Route 125, Chaumont

Jan. 21:

RH Contracting, 135 Flower Ave. E., Watertown, Ronald A. Hamblin Jr., 135 Flower Ave. E., Watertown

Huttons Barbershop, 67 North Main St., Adams, Lisa M. Hutton, 18965 County Route 91, Adams

Jan. 15:

Pie Zanos Pizza, 1322 Washington St., Watertown, Thomas G. Ierlan, 15303 Heritage Drive, Clayton, Nicholas D. Morgia, 18222 County Route 65, Watertown

Jan. 13:

GS Construction, 511 Cooper St., Watertown, Gary R. Shattuck, 511 Cooper St., Watertown

North Star Property Services, 123 North Pleasant St., Watertown, Michael Hall, 37009 State Route 3, Carthage

Gracey Stoney Acres, 27123 State Route 283, Calcium, Michael J. Gracey, 27123 State Route 283, Calcium, Mary Rita Gracey, 26819 State Route 283, Calcium

Jan. 12:

CHO Design, 808 Huntington St., Watertown, Carolyn H. Osborne, 14110 County Route 68, Rodman

Jan. 11:

Rainbow Renaissance Learning, 123 Bowers Ave., Watertown, Marie Suzanne Rainbolt, 123 Bowers Ave., Watertown

Jan. 7:

Nightfighter Security, 6145A Meadow Wood Drive, Fort Drum, Zamar Devonn Turner, 6145 A Meadow Wood Drive, Fort Drum

Under the Camphor Tree, 335 E. Joseph St., Cape Vincent, Melissan Rookman, 355 E. Joseph St. Cape Vincent

Saw Barn, 26214 U.S. Route 11, Evans Mills, Timothy A. Danks, 22451 County Route 47, Carthage

Peace of Mind Home Connection, 740 S. Massey St., Watertown, Allyson Elizabeth MacNay, 740 S. Massey St., Watertown

Jan. 6:

Reed Haven Associate, 17410 Cady Road, Adams, Dan D. Reed, 17410 Cady Road, Adams Center, Joanne M. Reed, 17410 Cady Road, Adams Center, Alan G. Reed, 17410 Cady Road, Adams Center, Andrew C. Reed, 18136 County Route 63, Watertown, Justin D. Reed, 18134 County Route 63, Watertown

Chateau White’s Pottery, 111 Esselstyne St., Cape Vincent, Dean White, 111 Esselstyne St., Cape Vincent, Susan Castle, 111 Esselstyne St., Cape Vincent

Julie’s Custom Cakes, 208 Paddock St., Watertown, Julie Piazza Kelly, 208 Paddock St. Watertown

Jan. 5:

Rothy Custom Tshirts, 21182 Salmon Run Mall Loop W., Watertown, Bradley Steven Roth, 26328 Lanner Lane, Evans Mills

Paintless Dent Repair of NNY, 497 Newell St., Watertown, Nicholas Sherwood, 497 Newell St., Watertown

Sech Family Farms, 33656 Lamb Road, Carthage, Matthew J. Sech, 33656 Lamb Road, Carthage

Jan. 4:

PRW2 Delivery Service, P.O. Box 157, State Route 3, Great Bend, Prennis Ray Williams II, P.O. Box 157, State Route 3