June 2016: DBAs

DBA (doing business under an assumed name) certificates filed at the Jefferson County Clerk’s office April 4 to April 28, 2016

May 31:

Cast Away Your Clutter, 32932 State Route 12E, Cape Vincent, Julie Sweson, 32932 State Route 12E, Cape Vincent.

Nice Nails II, 26390 State Route 11B, Evans Mills, NGOC Q. T. Vu, 105 Becker St., Syracuse.

Extreme Property Solutions, 20 Public Square, Watertown, Jarrod Randall, 114 Katherine St., Watertown, Alissa Randall, 114 Katherine St., Watertown.

Peachey’s Pure Maple Syrup, 11316 State Route 193, Ellisburg, Andrew John Peachey, 11316 State Route 193, Ellisburg.

OSVS Holdings, 20721 State Route 12F, Watertown, Kimberly L. Harten, 20721 State Route 12F, Watertown.

May 27:

Calhoun Properties, 211 Colorado Ave., Watertown, Ryan S. Calhoun, 211 Colorado Ave., Watertown, Cody N. Calhoun, 211 Colorado Ave., Watertown.

May 26:

Mr. Electric, 1061 State St., Clayton, Hillel Hart, 60 Mayfair, Hudson Quebec, Canada.

Gilmore Technologies, 24200 State Route 12, Watertown, Robert Paul Gilmore, 24200 State Route 12, Watertown.

Matthew Johnson Lawn Care, 221 N. Pearl Ave., Watertown, Matthew John Johnson, 221 N. Pearl Ave., Watertown.

J Bird 315, 18081 N. Adams Heights, Adams, Celia Cook, 18081 N. Adams Heights, Adams.

May 25:

Clean Slate Solutions, 44000 County Route 100, Wellesley Island, Eric Scott Slate, 42834 County Route 100, Fineview.

Turkey Hollow Crafts Wood & Knitted Items, 17719 State Route 12E, Dexter, Linda Beyette, 17719 State Route 12E, Dexter, William Beyette, 17719 State Route 12E, Dexter, Bill Beyette, 17719 State Route 12E, Dexter.

May 24:

Kesitech Cellphone Repair, 27540 State Route 3, Watertown, Christopher Lee Duhe, 27540 State Route 3, Watertown.

May 23:

J&L Painting and Coatings, 30748 State Route 3, Felts Mills, Larry Lacey Jr., 30748 State Route 3, Felts Mills.

Mosier Home Improvements, 12462 Timber Trail, Adams Center, Wesley Devin Mosier, 12462 Timber Trail, Adams Center, Alandra Rachelle Mosier, 12462 Timber Trail, Adams Center.

Carthage Crusaders Baseball, 142 N. Mechanic St., Carthage, Aaron J. Lagasse, 142 N. Mechanic St., Carthage.

Five and Dime Tattoo, 15 Bridge St., Carthage, Jayna L. Hoover, 1737 Burns Ave. Apt. F, Watertown.

Lax Lawncare, 23657 State Route 12, Watertown, Heather L. O’Connor, 23657 State Route 12, Watertown.

May 20:

Timberland Tots Family Day Care, 229 N. James St., Carthage, Michelle L. Ashcroft, 229 N. James St., Carthage.

Dads, 211 Creekwood Drive, Apt. 5, Watertown, Lawrence James Young, 211 Creekwood Drive, Apt. 5, Watertown.

May 19:

Merging Metal, 232 Commerce Park Drive, P.O. Box 6239, Watertown, Karl James Marshall, 24108 State Route 12, Watertown.

M&B Builders, 36477 Nolan Road, Theresa, William F. Murphy II, 36477 Noland Road, Theresa.

May 18:

Caps for Cancer, 152 W. Remington St., P.O. Box 472, Black River, Victoria A. Jellie, 152 W. Remington St., P.O. Box 472, Black River.

Quality of Life in Home Care, 6124 Machold Road, Mannsville, Melissa Crosbie, 6124 Machold Road, Mannsville, Nicole Waston, 15714 County Route 59, Dexter.

RBD Landscaping, 3718 Beartown Road, Antwerp, Robert Bernard Douglas Shoulette, 37180 Beartown Road, Antwerp.

May 17:

Kingdom Kids Christian Academy, 32500 State Route 3, Great Bend, John E. Swearinger, 25469 Huntley Lane, Carthage.

Crochet by Kimberly Mae, 9674 State Route 193, Henderson, Kimberly Rose Groff, 9674 State Route 193, Henderson.

Eman Entertainment, 787-789 Pearl St., Watertown, Brian Watson, 273 State St., Watertown, David Ellsworth, 206 State St. #110, Watertown.

May 16:

All Star Outdoor Seasonal Services, 22503 State Route 11, Watertown, Dylan P. O’Connor, 40700 Rogers Crossing Road, Carthage, Brandon J. Sweet 16947 Churchill Road.

May 13:

Wheeler Homes, 36925 County Route 46, Theresa, Andrew Melvin Wheeler, 36925 County Route 46, Theresa.

Anderson General Contractors, 21382 State Route 180, Dexter, Ronald L. Anderson, 21382 State Route 180, Dexter, William D. Anderson, 21382 State Route 180, Dexter.

Worth Gold Farm, 8061 County Route 95, Rodman, Shawn M. Chamberlain, 8061 County Route 95, Rodman.

Rocket Cab, 787 Pearl St., Watertown, William Ashlock, 26874 Libby Lane, Evans Mills.

Workman Masonry, 17133 Van Wormer Road, Mannsville, Dereck Workman, 17133 Van Wormer Road, Mannsville.

May 12:

Thousand Island Organized Lady, 4211 Branche Road, Cape Vincent, Donna Lynn Bourcy, 4211 Branche Road, Cape Vincent.

BB Enterprises, 42891 Headland Ave., TI Park, Brian William Burns, 612 Lake Road, Webster.

Goosebay Campgrounds, County Route 1, Alexandria Bay, P & G Solutions LLC, 48600 County Route 1, Redwood.

Nuthin Fancy Services, 40698 Texas Road, Carthage, Katherine E. Hoffman, 40698 Texas Road, Carthage, Robert J. Hoffman, 40698 Texas Road, Carthage.

1000 Islands Candy Shoppe, 16650 County Route 3, Clayton, Donavan Paul Hartwell, 16650 County Route 3, Clayton.

May 11:

Devito’s, 146 Arsenal St., Watertown, Giovanni C. Devito, 1208 Superior St., Apt. E 15, Watertown.

Fabricaylor by Rae, 9214B York St., Fort Drum, Rachel Marie Caylor, 9214B York St., Fort Drum.

Theyzi Clark Photography, 9644C Butler Loop, Watertown, Daisy Clark, 9644C Butler Loop, Watertown.

Gill 60 Racing, 41250 County Route 15, Plessis, Daniel J. Gill, 41250 County Route 15, Plessis.

Two Dawgz Consulting, 338 Washington St., Brownville, Thomas Michael Flynn, 338 Washington St., Brownville.

J.B. Lawn Care Service, 16051 County Route 76, Adams Center, Jonathon H. Burns, 16051 County Route 76, Adams Center.

May 10:

River Edge Lawn Care, 13081 State Route 12E, Chaumont, Timothy Hodge, 13081 State Route 12E, Chaumont, Dylan Stevenson, 34683 County Route 4, Clayton.

AJ’s Concrete and Masonry, 166 Academy St., Watertown, Arthur John Beardmore, 166 Academy St., Watertown.

May 9:

EJ’s Freestream, 21182 Salmon Run Mall Loop
W., Watertown, Eric Tyrone Johnson Sr., 167 Green
St., Watertown.

Lyon Properties, 12958 County Route 72, Henderson, Patrick Michael Lyon, 12958 County Route 72, Henderson.

Farman Photography, 311 Iroquois Ave. W., Watertown, Melissa Ann Farman, 311 Iroquois Ave. W., Watertown.

NNY Tot Town, 29573 County Route 50, Black River,
Ashley Ann Gongora, 29573 County Route 50, Black River.

K and T Spray Foam Insulation, 6370 Martin Road,
Mannsville, Kayle R. Tiffany, 6370 Martin Road, Mannsville.

May 5:

Sun Shack, 28 James St., Alexandria Bay,
Francesca Spiotta, 16846 Calhoun Road, Clayton.

Photo Throw, 20660 Sheppard St., Unit #2, Watertown, Ramsey Kristopher Towles, 20660 Sheppard St., Watertown.

Loomis Gang, 4572 Old State Road, Carthage, Bert Orville Loomis, 4572 Old State Road, Carthage.

Caprara Realty, 18476 State Route 11, Watertown, William F. Caprara, 22966 Stone Road, Dexter, Charles G. Caprara, 18320 Hickory Lane, Watertown.

Sew Much Vinyl Boutique, 10884B Baldwin Circle, Fort Drum, Hannah Cherise Winters, 10884B Baldwin Circle, Fort Drum.

DeGraff Construction, 15093 County Route 66, Adams Center, Douglas M. DeGraff, 15093 County Route 66, Adams Center.

May 4:

Candyman’s Cakes and Catering, 816 Cooper St., Watertown, Sandra Leigh Mullis, 816 Cooper St., Watertown.

Motors Edge Automotive, 503 Brown St., Dexter, Kevin M. Duffany, 12695 Bishop St., Adams, Rodney J. Beutel, 12695 Bishop St., Adams.

War Asylum Clothing, 27824 County Route 192, Redwood, Javier Jimenez, 27824 County Route 192, Redwood.

May 3:

Thousand Island and Alexandria Bay Skydive and Freefall Adventures, 23820 State Route 26, Alexandria Bay, Eric Shaw, 883 State St., Carthage.

Wax On Wax Off Detailing, 725 Starbuck Ave., Watertown, Gabrielle Elizabeth Mitchell, 214 Main St., Antwerp.

Rebby’s Property Maintenance, 22460 Alexandria St., Carthage, Amber L. Rebb, 22460 Alexandria St., Carthage.

May 2:

Fatmans Southern Cookin’, 4685 State Route 11, Pierrepont Manor, Ausrey Lee Burton, 90 Center Road, Lacona.

PGM Contracting, 17141 State Route 11, Watertown, Patrick James Martin, 17141 State Route 11, Apt. 4, Watertown.

Vandamme and Associates, 25078 Ridge Road, Watertown, Benjamin E. Vandamme, 25078 Ridge Road, Watertown.