June 2016: Entrepreneur’s Edge

Tips to improve social media response

Joleene Moody

Joleene Moody

There’s a saying out there that says, “If you’re not on social media with your business, you’re not in business.”

I believe this to be true. And if you’re in business and disagree with this, you should check your resistance and ask yourself why. Why are you resisting a social media presence? Whatever answer you come up with is the very block that needs to be removed so your business can grow. And trust me, it will grow.
But I digress, which is often the case, so let me get back on track.

I’m writing this because there is a strategy with social media that can no longer be denied. It is a strategy I ignored for a long time, but now that I’ve added blogging to my business, I have to look at social media as my best friend. (And by gosh, it really is.) This strategy I speak of is called RESPONSE, and it can bring more potential sales and clients your way most ricky-tick. Allow me to clarify what I mean.

If you have a Twitter account or a Facebook account (or LinkedIn or Pinterest or Instragram, sheesh, I could go on), and you’re not interacting with your followers, you might as well lock yourself behind a window and refuse to waive to passersby.

In other words, if someone is attempting to interact with you via social media, you have to engage and interact in return. I’m sure you do this on your Facebook account and that’s swell, but it goes further than that. If you want your followers to love and respect you, you’ve got to show them love and respect in return

To get more interaction, (which ultimately drives more traffic to your site, which then turns into sales), play with the tips I offer below. Try them for several weeks, too. Don’t do it one day and throw darts at this magazine when nothing happens. Do it consistently for five weeks and watch your followers grow, your engagement flourish, and your business benefit.

1) Don’t send batch posts.

Unless you want to get stabbed in the eye or unfollowed, don’t send a series of posts back to back. I see this mostly on Twitter. I’ve had to scroll through dozens of posts from the same person just to get to the posts that matter. It’s annoying. I use a social media scheduler called ViralTag that allows me to post once every hour on Twitter. Newsfeed readers like that. They don’t like several posts from one user jumbled all together.

2) Don’t ignore comments or shares.

I have unfollowed dozens of people that I’ve shared posts for because they either don’t share back, or never acknowledge that I’ve shared their content. That’s like me telling the world about your business for three weeks straight while you ignore that I even exist. Would you do that to someone outside of the virtual realm? Look at it like that. Commenting, responding, or sharing is like saying hello. You’re acknowledging your appreciation. If you continue to acknowledge them, then they tell their friends, share your posts, and the traffic starts coming to your site in droves.

3) Follow back.

If you dabble with Twitter or Instragram, folks that like your posts will follow you. Follow them back, especially if they are complimentary to your posts and your work. Be a friend. Be an outstanding community member. Don’t be pompous (yeah, I went there) and ignore them because you think your better than them. I used to be like that … until someone I thought was “beneath me” included me in a huge project that changed the landscape of my business. It humbled me. So follow back, and always remain humble.

4) Don’t ask for retweets or shares.

Finally, don’t ask for retweets. Just don’t. There is a woman in my Twitter feed that does this ALL the time. And you know what? No one retweets her. Like, ever. She even says, “Please re-tweet!” with two exclamation points in every single post. I think that’s why no one retweets her. If you want retweets and shares, provide good content. Content that is meaningful and offers value will get shared faster than content that has 26 exclamation points and a “Please re-tweet.”

As a blogger, I have to be diligent about interacting. I’ve actually grown to enjoy it. And I’ve met some incredible people, too. If your mindset about social media is that it is annoying and a waste of time, change your perception. Look at it differently. Look at it as an opportunity to become immersed in an incredibly talented community. I get that we are bombarded by social everyday. You don’t have to be. Do your part, interact with those that care about you, and ignore everything else. Happy posting!

Joleene Moody is a freelance writer, blogger and speaker who lives in Oswego County with her husband and daughter. Learn more at www.takeyourvoiceback.com. Her column appears monthly in NNY Business. Visit nnybizmag.com to read past columns online.