Building projects in Ogdensburg have value of $3.3 million

New construction, rehabilitation and demolition projects are continuing to spur economic activity in the city this building season, according to a recent report by the Ogdensburg Code Enforcement Office.

Between Jan. 1 and Aug. 3 of this year, a variety of construction-related projects with a value of more than $3.3 million have taken place in the city, according to a report to City Council last week. The report said 260 building permits have been issued during the January to August time frame, representing $3,386,865 in construction value within the city limits.

Commercial and residential rehabilitation projects made up the bulk of the $3.3 million in construction projects over the last seven months, with commercial rehab work tallying $1,469,417. Likewise, residential projects tallied $1,040,829 during the same period.

In addition to residential and commercial rehabilitation projects, $444,500 in new residential construction took place within the city, according to the Code Enforcement Office.

Other larger building and rehabilitation project spending includes approximately $39,000 on fences, $37,000 on pools, $24,000 on shed construction and roughly $14,000 on construction related to new decks and deck improvements.

Costs related to demolition have totaled $303,000, according to code officials.

The fees from permits issued by the Code Enforcement Office total $16,815. Most of those fees resulted from residential and commercial rehabilitation projects, according to the report.

By Larry Robinson, Watertown Daily Times