Small Business Startup: The Great Escape, Mind Body and Soul

Terrie LaLone is the owner of the Great Escape in downtown Watertown. This is a business that helps with light and sound meditation and healing including a Brain Tap.

BY: Holly Boname
After years of family loss and difficulties, an Adams native took matters of self-care and health into her own hands and discovered three resources that she now represents and passionately shares with her clients and community.

   Terrie LaLone, owner and operator of The Great Escape, Mind Body and Soul provides care to her clients through state-of-the-art AW3 laser treatments (or lipo treatments), her signature BrainTap technology, as well as nutritional supplements and products that she says has helped to heal many people throughout the north country who are suffering from physical, mental and emotional ailments.

   LaLone began her entrepreneurial journey in November 2016 when she suffered great loss in her immediate family. She sought out alternative treatments to cope with the feelings of loss and depression.

   “I reached out for help and came across BrainTap technology and after two weeks of treatments I noticed that I felt amazing.  And after months of using this technology, I felt that this could help so many people from young to old,” said LaLone.

   And that’s exactly what she did. She began to look for a small and comfortable space in Watertown, where she could introduce these resources to the community and provide a healing atmosphere for children, war veterans suffering from PTSD, enlisted military members, and men and women who suffer from issues ranging from addiction, weight loss issues, lifestyle changes and even sports injuries.

   “Once I started thinking of the business I started looking for a small space,” she said. “I started my look on Arsenal Street but knew that my services were not retail and thought, ‘How about Public Square?’ because it’s a small community here and found a perfect window front. I looked inside and knew that this was the place. I could see the space inside and knew that it would need work, but wanted to take on the project.”

   Hiring local construction and painting companies, LaLone got to work and on May 8 she opened her doors to the public.  But with technology and treatments that were not widely known or credited with healing in our area, getting the word out about the benefits was a slow start.

   “I was not busy at first. I started networking at first, inviting the military and vets and children to come in and try it for free” said LaLone.  “And then from there it was all word of mouth, and from there I became very busy. With the awareness of the BrainTap technology, and along with the lazer lipo and applying the BrainTap at the same time, people are really seeing results and I am very busy because you are balancing your mind and your body. “

   BrainTap combines a blend of light, sound and spoken word to relax, strengthen and reboot your busy brain.  Over the years, this light and sound technology has been extensively researched in its benefits of synchronization of physical, mental and emotional balance.  The combination of light, sound and spoken word helps to balance the left/right brain activity and produces a relaxation response, allowing the body to reverse the negative effects of stress. The technology comes with an app that has thousands of treatments that include behavior recovery, learning disabilities, achievement and performance and even in some cases autism in children. All things that LaLone says she has treated and seen success in healing.

   “My clients say they love coming here, it’s relaxing and they have found success in their problems where other therapies didn’t help. They are more aware of who they are and what they are doing to their body and mind, and now they can’t say enough about how they feel,” LaLone said.

   Throughout her office she has binders of testimonials, with her clients expressing their gratitude and continued support of her services. LaLone says she has even been approached by other medical professionals in the north country to introduce BrainTap to their patients.

   “I would like to run another business. I would like to expand and work in hospitals with trauma and the dying, to addictions to abuse,” she said. “If anyone is struggling with emotional, physical or spiritual trauma, I encourage them to come in and try the BrainTap for themselves. To learn more and grow towards health and wellness.”