Small Business Startup: Thousand Islands Custom Woodworking


BY: Holly Boname    
Craftsmanship is something everyone looks for when they are buying a piece of furniture. But it’s not very often that you can work hand-in-hand with the woodworker that is building your custom piece.

     Jay Meyers, an entrepreneur from Fishers Landing, is giving Northern New York residents that opportunity, building custom tables, cabinets, chairs, and even doing in-home remodeling through his skills as a craftsman.

     “I get really excited when people are as excited about their project as I am,” said Meyers.

     Meyers learned of woodworking at an early age when his father passed down a kid-sized woodworking bench from when he was a child, but it wasn’t until later in life that he revisited the craft and developed his skillset into what it is today. 

     “I honestly had little interest in it when I first was gifted it,” said Meyers. “Other than making little toy guitars, or glorified air guitars, so I could pretend I was Tom Petty or Keith Richards,” he joked.  “I actually studied architecture in college and cabinetmaking was a major which at the time I thought was a joke.”

     But ten years later, Meyers was working in a hardware store and decided he wanted to make a chair set and that sparked a new interest and he began purchasing tools and developing his skill set.

     “I really enjoy it and quickly discovered that I have the right aptitude for it,” said Meyers. “I still have the original bench that my father gave me; I raised it up and use it all the time now.”

     He currently is working from his home in Fishers Landing, utilizing his garage which he has turned into a fully operational woodworking studio. Armed with the right tools, location and ability to handle multiple projects at once Meyers is always up for a challenge and invites his customers to be a part of the process.

     Meyers has embraced the buying local and DIY craze and says that those projects are some of his best sellers. He has completed projects for businesses in Clayton, projects for local residents including coffee tables, shelving and a wedding awning, and most recently completed a bathroom remodel and kitchen overhaul.

     Over the course of the next few years Meyers hopes to expand his business, gaining more clients and challenging projects. He also wants to expand from his home workshop to a larger, fully stocked shop, where he can showcase more of his work to the public and continue to provide custom woodworks to the residents of Northern New York.