Small Business Startup: Michael Fox Construction and Masonry

Michael Fox of Michael Fox Construction and Masonry poses for a portrait with the counter top he created that mimics the St. Lawrence River.

     For Clayton resident Michael Fox getting creative while on a new construction or masonry site is why he loves what he does.

     After working in construction early in his career, Mr. Fox decided that he wanted to create something unique to his skill set and that he would be able to do that by starting his own business. In April 2017, he began Michael Fox Construction and Masonry, where he specializes in carpentry, home remodels, maintenance and repairs.

     “We also specialize in foundations, to sidewalks, decorative concrete such as stampcrete, concrete countertops, outdoor kitchens and more,” said Mr. Fox.

  Two of Mr. Fox’s most recent projects that he says he is extremely proud of are the renovation at the Subway in Clayton and the concrete bar top at Garland City Beer Works in Watertown.

     “My favorite part of my job is when I get to be creative, use our vision to create an end product that the customer is very happy with. We can be creative when finishing a patio, whether it be the layout, the color, the design, we can even place stamps into patio’s to give each one their own personal feel. When putting an addition on a home, it is vital to make the best use of the space provided, at times this involves being creative. Of course when it comes to decorative concrete, especially concrete countertops, you can see that the opportunities for creativity are endless,” he said.

     But it is not just the work that Mr. Fox finds rewarding. He says that at the end of a job when he has the opportunity to show the completed project it is the customer’s reaction and satisfaction with the job that means the most.

     “When they send a thank you note, or a referral you know that not only have we done a good job but that they trust us and in this business trust is very important,” he said.

     Now with four employees, and the business taking off, Mr. Fox says his goal is to continue to grow the company.

     “We are happy with the number of employees we have and they continue to deepen their skill sets and learn every day. We would like to expand the decorative concrete portion of the business and train an employee or two in this area, all while focusing on our main trade, which is carpentry and masonry,” he said.

~Holly Boname