Small Business Startup: Seabound Yachts

Jeremy Cohen, owner of Seabound Yachts


  After working in sales for most of his career, one Clayton resident took a leap of faith and started his own business where he could follow his dreams of working for himself. 

     Seabound Yachts, owned by Jeremy Cohen, opened in March of 2017 and has seen success across the country.  

     “Early on before opening I was learning and going through some training with my friend and mentor Bernie Coffey out of Alexandria Bay,” said Cohen. “Once I felt I had enough knowledge, I resigned at Waste Management and began following my dream.” 

     For Cohen his dream, though, wasn’t just selling boats; it was to be his own boss and to utilize his relationship–building skills, knowledge of sales and passion for communication to better his life for himself and his family.  

     “It is being my own boss, working to the beat of my own drum and meeting high net worth customers and helping them get what they want,” said Cohen.  

     Cohen is a yacht broker. He works with individuals from the Thousand Islands to California to find the perfect yacht to fit their needs; he makes the process easy for them and facilitates the transaction.  

     “I help people buy and sell boats. Unlike a dealer, I don’t hold inventory or take trades, but I can help people with financing, surveys and insurance, not only marine–related but business–related as a whole,” he explained. “When I worked on Wall Street, one hundred percent of my business was done over the phone. So I’ve combined my styles and techniques, my dedication like when I was prospecting for high net worth clients like I did on Wall Street, I applied it to this business and I call people who have ‘For Sale By Owner’ listings and explain to them why or how I may add value to them – not just that I want to sell them a boat – I show them my value, there is a big difference.” 

     The business model Cohen has built has been very successful. He travels to places like Florida and California to meet with his clientele at large boat shows and says he purposefully structured his business model to be on a larger scale.  

     “I saw the opportunity where even though it is a tangible asset, it’s not something like a house; you can ship a boat anywhere in the world,” said Cohen. “I’ve had people buy boats from California, sight unseen; a surveyor went to Kentucky, buy the boat and then wire the money – that is just how it is done.” 

     For Cohen, it’s about getting to know people and building relationships. He says that it’s about being passionate about the things that you love and he says he, “honestly has not thought about the word work since I started this business because of the passion I have for creating something for myself.” 

     But his success isn’t without the support from his wife and two small children, which Cohen says he has been blessed with.  

     “My wife has been a huge supporter for me, backing me and it’s scary having two young kids and starting this business from scratch with no real experience other than being able to build relationships,” said Cohen. 

     In looking forward, he hopes that the business will continue to grow and develop; that he continues to provide the best communication and service to his customers.  

~Holly Boname