Small Business Startup: Triple Acres Home Scents

Danielle Hicks sits with her many different varieties of wax melts that she sells online.

  For Danielle Hicks, being able to work from home and follow her dream of owning her own business has recently become a reality.

     “I decided to name it Triple Acres Home Scents after my three kids and after our family’s hunting camp Five Acres,” said Mrs. Hicks.  

     Opening her business in April 2019, Mrs. Hicks crafts and creates custom wax melts that you would see at any of your large homegoods stores.  

     “I do wax crumbles, that come in a jar with a little wooden spoon so you can control how strong you would like your scents,” said Mrs. Hicks. “I also do wax brittle and your traditional six-clam-shell melts that you would see in stores like Walmart.” 

    Ordering her supplies online, Mrs. Hicks is able to create her wax melts at home and sell her goods online through a Shopify site.  

     “Most of my scents I pick from what my husband likes and what my children enjoy,” said Mrs. Hicks. “But then I also do the traditional scents like cinnamon or apple, which is a big seller. And, seasonally, like in the fall, I will make pumpkin and during Christmas pine and peppermint.” 

     She says she was inspired to begin her own candle scents business after visiting her brother who had been crafting his own candles at home as a hobby. 

     “I’ve always loved candles but having three kids that are pretty young and under the age of five I didn’t want open flames around the house,” said Mrs. Hicks. “So, I figured with wax there’s no flames involved. You just have an electric warmer.” 

    As the business is new and just developing, Mrs. Hicks says that it is her goal to get her custom scents into local stores and has already reached out to a few local businesses 

     When asked if she had advice for anyone with a dream to start their own business, Mrs. Hicks simply said, “Go for it. Do lots of research; it’s not easy but if you really want it, you can do it.” 

~Holly Boname