Small Business Startup: Tender Touch Massage Therapy

Owner of Tender Touch Massage Therapy, Ashley Mason poses for a portrait at her business in Chaumont. Kara Dry/NNY Business

BY: Holly Boname
When you find your passion, it can lead to great things, and for Ashley Mason she found her passion and applies it to her growing business.   

     Mrs. Mason, owner of Tender Touch Massage Therapy, located in the village of Chaumont, graduated Morrisville State College in 2006 and has been mastering the art of massage therapy since. Her services have grown as she studies the many types of massage therapy allowing her to offer services like Swedish massage, hot stone, herbal massage, herbal style massage, Ashiatsu, cupping, craniosacral, reflexology, myofascial, prenatal massage and she is also a massage doula.    

     “I love what I do,” said Mrs. Mason. “It carries over into my personal life. As a healer you are also putting your energy into your clients, so it’s important you are dedicated to your art.”   

     Art is exactly how Mrs. Mason describes her practice. She says that every massage therapist is different, and should be. That is what is so interesting to her about the art of massage therapy.    

     “I have a lighter touch then some massage therapists,” she said. “I do not do deep tissue massage, though some of my clients would say that I do.”   

     One of Mrs. Mason’s offerings include a Shiatsu massage.    

     “My version of a deep tissue massage is actually with the bars that you see on my ceiling,” she explained. “Shiatsu, which literally translates to foot pressure, is when I use the bars and am actually up on the table providing the massage with my feet rather than my hands.”    

     After having three children Mrs. Mason understood the stress, aches and emotional strain that pregnancy can have on a mother’s body. Studying to become a certified massage doula, she has been able to expand her services and now helps mothers-to-be with their pregnancy and birth.    

     Mrs. Mason had been searching for a permanent place to establish her own massage studio. She had been working in Watertown and commuting between home and work, something that took time away from her being with family which is the most important aspect of her life, she says.  

     “I was finally able to open in July amid the pandemic,” she said. “I was still finishing up this new space during the pandemic which lent well to the completion of the project.”  

     Mrs. Mason had purchased a building in downtown Chaumont. She had always wanted her own space and when she found the small building, that she says was “a project of love due to its state”, she knew it would be something great.  

     “The community was so welcoming. Talking with the planning board and the town clerk, they were all so supportive of what I was bringing to the community,” she said. “People would stop by while I was doing work to be able to open and tell me it was looking great!”   

     Since opening, Mrs. Mason said that she has been very busy and couldn’t be happier to offer the ‘art’ of massage to those in the Chaumont and surrounding communities.