Drum impact on region worth thanks

Michelle Capone

Michelle Capone

Recognized by Congress in 1999, May is National Military Appreciation Month when we celebrate Loyalty Day (May 1), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 11), VE Day (May 8), Armed Forces Day (May 19), and Memorial Day (May 30). It is a time when we reflect on the services and sacrifices of the men and women serving our great nation and thank them for their work. Yet, during this time we should also reflect on the many soldiers and their families who have called our communities home and who help to grow the culture and economy of our region. [Read more…]

Financial statements tell a story

Michelle Capone

Even after working with businesses for 15 years, I still find it very interesting when I have the opportunity to review financial statements. A business’s financial statements tell a business’s story without ever speaking with the owner. That is why it is crucial for a business owner to take time preparing and learning how to read financial statements.

There are typically three types of financial statements that a business owner should be familiar with and regularly monitor: the income statement, the balance sheet and the cash flow statement. A business owner should also monitor the aging of accounts payable and accounts receivable at the same time they review their statements.

The income statement, in short, tells the story of whether a business is making or losing money. If revenues are more than expenses, there is an operating profit; if revenues are less than expenses, there is an operating loss. [Read more…]

Alliance aids business for 25 years

Michelle Capone

A year ago, I reflected on the North Country Alliance’s success over the past 24 years. Today, I reflect on 25 years of providing funding and giving a voice to small businesses across the north country.

The NCA began in 1988 as a nonprofit community development organization comprised of industrial and government agencies from across Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence, Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties. [Read more…]

Success begins with good biz plan

As I read the May 2013 edition of NNY Business headlined, “Open for Business,” I am very pleased with the many successful, thriving businesses located in the north country, as well as the many new ones making our region home. Having worked with small businesses for the past 15 years, first at the Small Business Development Center at Jefferson Community College and SUNY Canton, and now for the Development Authority of the North Country, the one thing I keep coming back to as the backbone for any successful business is the business plan.

Michelle Capone

When asked to speak to an audience about starting or expanding a business, I always start with the importance of the business plan. Many people envision a business plan as a big book full of statistics and data. A true business plan, in my mind, succinctly includes all of the details that will make your business venture successful. [Read more…]

Community housing makes strides

It has been nearly 30 years since the announcement was made to bring 11,000 soldiers with the newly re-activated 10th Mountain Division (L.I.) to Fort Drum. The announcement was the result of community leadership positioning the north country for the type of economic growth 11,000 soldiers and their dependents would bring to the area. Today, the continued growth at Fort Drum and in our communities can be attributed to consistent leadership in overcoming obstacles associated with growth, like having a healthy housing market.

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