Welcome to the new now in business

Rhonda Abrams, a speaker and writer on small business issues, recently shared an article she wrote for USA Today in 1997. Now, 1997 doesn’t sound that long ago (to me, anyway). But when you consider the changes that the Internet has brought, not just to our personal lives but to our businesses as well, it’s staggering.

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‘Bring your own device’ a new trend

You’ve made your list, have you checked it twice? What does it include that is shiny and nice? An iPad, Android smartphone or a tablet? If Santa leaves one under your tree, I bet you will BYOD.

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Great Christmas gifts for grandma

As most have experienced, there are always those on your Christmas or holiday shopping list who are difficult to find the right gift for. Grandma Matteson is an example in our family. Grandma (my mother) lives with my wife, son and I in our home in Lorraine. Grandma is very picky about her clothes, doesn’t go away from our house very much and in our small home, there’s not much room for adding decorations or knick-knacks. The question comes every year, what special gift may one purchase for that special person?

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For the holidays: A ‘Top 10’ to live by

As the holidays approach, are you asking yourself what that unique gift is that you can buy a family member or friend?

I discovered hidden treasures in small businesses in quaint towns have the niche of selling these trendy gifts. So as you shop this holiday season remember that small businesses are critical to the nation’s overall economy and you as a consumer can help both our economy and local small businesses.

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Maximize year-end charitable giving

Although north country residents generously support the work and mission of nonprofit organizations throughout the year, it is usually in December that many look to make year-end contributions. ‘Tis the season for appeals arriving in your mailbox. Americans are among the most giving on the planet, contributing more than $290 billion to charitable and philanthropic organizations last year.

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Sieze the moment in development

When, in late 1983, discussions began in earnest about the expansion of Fort Drum to house the newly reconstituted 10th Mountain Division, the anticipation of a rebirth of economic activity was palpable. Many immediately grasped the incredible significance of what changes for the good this community was about to undergo. Looking back now over more than two decades, not only was that promise fulfilled but exceeded beyond our wildest expectations.

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Staging a home for a good sale

Each day, the Board of Realtors receives calls from its members and the public. A few weeks ago, Santa Clause called. Being a magical figure, he talks “house” and had been contacted by a local home that had some concerns. The house knows its owners are getting older, want to downsize, and want to get a good price. Santa told the house that he would contact me to write a column for potential sellers. I asked various real estate professionals for advice.

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’Tis the season for tech gadget

Sometimes techies can be the hardest people to buy for. Not only are they very particular about their gadgets but they do seem to already have the latest “thing”. This year you will find that technological gifts come in all shapes and sizes; here are a few great gift ideas to assist in your quest for the perfect “geek gift.”

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In step with technology

Howard Orthotics fits Drum soldier with first-in-state BiOM

Roger R. Howard tightens Army Spc. Matthew Hayes' biometric foot as he recieves the first one of its kind in Upstate New York, at Dr. Howard's Watertown office. Spc. Hayes lost his leg in Northern Afghanistan, and the new battery operated prosthetic acts much like a regular foot. Photo by Justin Sorensen.

By Joleene Des Rosiers
NNY Business

It was a big day for 22-year-old Army Spc. Matthew Hayes. For the past several months, he has been working with Roger Howard of Howard Orthotics and Prosthetics, Watertown, to get fitted with what is known as a BiOM ankle and foot: the first bionic lower leg system created to replace lost muscle function normally and naturally.

A Fort Drum soldier originally from Michigan, Spc. Hayes lost his lower right leg while overseas.

“I was on a mission in Northern Afghanistan and I stepped on an anti-personnel mine, which pretty much shredded my right leg and did some damage to the left. They had to amputate it,” he said.

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NNY innovator aims to ease e-commerce

Beesavy.com ‘takes the sting out of online shopping’

By Steve Virkler
NNY Business

A north country man has launched a website intended to make online shopping easier and less expensive.

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