September 2016: Top Transactions

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office in August:

$665,000: Aug. 30, Town of Watertown: Four parcels, 0.5548 acres, 231-233 Goodale St., Franklin St., 26-44 Public Square and 124-132 Franklin St., Myron Kehoe, Watertown, Kehick Development LLC, East Syracuse, and Kehoe Development LLC, East Syracuse, sold to Watertown Holdings LLC, Watertown.

$460,000: Aug. 19, Town of Orleans: Two parcels, 1.581 acres, Lake of the Isles, Fred H. Shafer and Primrose M. Shafer, Wellesley Island, sold to Todd W. Cowman and Cindy Bowman, Camden.

$450,000: Aug. 19, Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.545 acres, 5 Fuller St., 5 Fuller St., LLC, Alexandria Bay, sold to CF Coffeen LLC, Alexandria Bay.

$325,000: Aug. 18, town of Clayton: No acreage listed, Lot. No. 4, Block No. 1, Roosevelt Highway Tract, Darcy J Joncas, Taveres, Fla., sold to Potter Boulevard LLC, Clayton.

$303,000: Aug. 8, Town of Orleans: 0.5 acres, Clayton-Alexandria Bay Road, Martin W. Ham, Roanoke, Va., as trustee of the Philip W. Ham and Janice P. Ham Revocable Living Trust Agreement, sold to Mark G. Nowak, Syracuse.

$300,000: Aug. 5, Town of Clayton: 0.13 acres, 538 Riverside Drive, 538 Water Street Corp., Clayton, sold to Village of Clayton, Clayton.

$279,000: Aug. 2, Town of LeRay: 11.49 acres, County Route 16, Nicholas O. Sherwood by his attorney, Karen Ernest, Watertown, and Stephanie L. Sherwood, Evans Mills, sold to Jeffrey D. Foster and Amebr R. Foster, Middletown, R.I.

$275,000: Aug. 2, Town of Watertown: 3.7 acres, town road from Burrville to Middle Road, J. Patrick Campbell and Debra Campbell, Watertown, sold to David C. Meade and Joelle R. Meade, Watertown.

$275,000: Aug. 17, Town of LeRay: 0.504 acres, Lot No. 19, Riverbend Estates, state Route 3, Christopher Sean Cannon and Amanda M. Cannon, Watertown, sold to Peter M. Ward and Lauren A. Ward, Columbia, S.C.

$268,500: Aug. 11, Town of LeRay: 0.573 acres, Cullen Drive, Jason E. Walters and Heather Walters, Watertown, sold to Kevin G. Bischof and Erica L. Bischof, Watertown.

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County Clerk’s Office in August:

$450,000: Aug. 9, Village of Potsdam: Parcel 1) 0.64 of an acre more or less, Parcel 2) Unknown acres, bounded by Market and Garden streets, Parcel 3) Unknown acres, bounded by Pierrepont Ave., Parcel 4) 2.97 acres more or less, bounded by Elm St., B.H. Properties Inc., Potsdam, sold to Clark R. Porter, Gouverneur.

$400,000: Aug. 2, Town of Canton: 4 acres more or less, Lot 1, bounded by Ames Road, Neil J. St. Andrews Jr., Colton, sold to The Bicknell Corporation, Potsdam.

$365,000: Aug. 12, Town of Waddington: 0.353 of an acre more or less, bounded by St. Lawrence River Road, Westbrook Bates and Olga Margaret Roman Bates, Waddington, sold to David W. and Julie F. McBath, Waddington.

$350,000: Aug. 11, Village of Norwood: Parcel 1) 0.415 of an acre more or less, bounded by River Street, Parcel 2) 0.54 of an acre more or less, bounded by Spring Street, Parcel 3) 0.292 of an acre more or less, bounded by Spring Street, also in Town of Potsdam: Parcel 1) 0.126 of an acre more or less, Mile Square 10, bounded by Spring Street, Marisa G Perry (executor), Jennifer L Kain, Standish, sold to Gilchrist IV Enterprises LLC, Norwood.
$337,500: Aug. 8, Town of Waddington: 0.345 of an acre more or less, bounded by River Road, Terry K. and Esther M. Alsup, Waddington, sold to Troy F. and Erin E. Groebler, Brasher Falls.

$249,000: Aug. 1, Town of Potsdam: 1.5 acres more or less, Miel Square 68, bounded by Outer Main Street, Christopher and Teresa Stone, Potsdam, sold to Anthony K. And Kristen S. Betrus, Potsdam.

$245,000: Aug. 8, Town of Morristown: 0.75 of an acre more or less, Lot 35, bounded by Blackstone Bay Road East, Marjorie Hamann, Rochester, sold to Dennis and luAnne Murphy, Morristown.

$227,000: Aug. 1, Town of Canton: 16.298 acres more or less, bounded by Hale’s Lot, Joseph L. and Normadine D. Kennedy, Daytona Beach, Fla., sold to Steven G. and Cara Dodge Coffin, Lisbon.

$225,000: Aug. 1, Town of Hammond: 3 acres more or less, bounded ny Little Chippewa Point, Richard and Linda Johnson, Rochester, sold to Little Chippewa Point, LLC, N.Y.

$183,350: Aug. 1, Town of Pierrepont: 0.6678 of an acre more or less, bound by the Underhill Drive, Kelly P. Bush, Hannawa Falls, sold to Richard N. Raymondville.

Where do buyers really want to live?

Lance Evans

Lance Evans

When someone buys a home they aren’t just buying the house, they’re buying a neighborhood as well. But what exactly are potential homebuyers looking for in a new community?

According to the National Association of Realtors “2016 Home Buyers and Sellers Generation Trends” report, how old buyers are impacts the type of neighborhood that they want to call home.

The stage of life a person is in life heavily influences the type of location in which he or she wants to live and what is considered important. A young, childless couple is going to look in different neighborhoods compared with a family of four or a couple searching for their future retirement home.

There are features each generation considers important when choosing a potential neighborhood.

Millennials — 35 and younger

“For younger buyers, being close to work is the most important factor when choosing a neighborhood to live in,” said Debbie Gilson, president of the St. Lawrence County Board of Realtors. “Millennials want a short commute, even if it means living on a smaller lot.”

The price of the homes is also important. Specifically, millennials are looking for affordable homes. Fifty percent of millennials said that the overall affordability of homes was an important factor in choosing a neighborhood.

Gen X — 36 to 50 Years old

When Gen-Xers look for a neighborhood, they are most likely to concentrate on school districts. “When children are in the picture they tend to become the driving force behind major decisions,” according to Randy Raso, president of the Jefferson-Lewis Board of Realtors. “Thirty-four percent of Gen-Xers said that convenience to schools was the deciding factor when choosing a neighborhood.”

Young boomers — 51 to 60 Years old

Young boomers were the most likely to say that the look of a neighborhood was an important factor in deciding where to live. “These buyers aren’t looking for a starter home, they are looking for a dream home and with that comes a beautiful neighborhood,” Raso said.

Twenty-eight percent of young boomers said that neighborhood design was a significant factor in picking a place to live, more than any other generation.

Older boomers 61 to 69 years old

Twenty-four percent of older boomers say that they are looking for a neighborhood that is convenient to entertainment and leisure activities.

“These buyers tend to be considering retirement and are looking for a neighborhood where they can see themselves spending their extra free time,” Gilson said. “They want to move to a community with lots to do, and they do not want to have to go far to do it.”

Silent generation — 70 to 90 years old

Homebuyers who are either near or in retirement care are most concerned with being close to family. Fifty percent of the Silent Generation who participated in the survey said that convenience to friends and family was the factor most likely to influence where they want to live.

If you are interested in selling or buying a home, contact one of our local Realtors. You can find our members at and

The Tri-County, New York, Women’s Council of Realtors Chapter held its second annual St. Lawrence County “Top Producer” event Sept. 20. It was sponsored by Community Bank, Elite Home Inspections, Fairport Mortgage, First Niagara, Gouverneur Savings & Loan, Key Bank and North Country Savings Bank. There were 37 St. Lawrence County Realtors honored. Awards were based on the number of units sold between Aug. 1, 2015, and July 31, 2016.

The chapter honored Lucille Kassian, Erin Meyer, and Jennifer Stevenson as the top three producers.

The rest of the Realtors, listed alphabetically, are: Gail Abplanalp, Sharon Alford, Christine Amo, Tracy Bernard, Penny Bogardus, Allison Chadwick, Nikki Coates, Patricia Collins, Philip Collins, Rick Cutway, Randy Durham, Sarah Franklin, Cathy Garlock, Matthew Garlock, Rowena General, Debbie Gilson, Karen Gurrola, Michael Hall, Janet Handschuh, Marcia Henry, Michael Kassian, Suzanne Liberty, Brittany Matott, Martha Morrison, Timothy Post, Brenda Powell, Doreen Radway, Margaret Sherman, Scarlett Slack, Lori Snyder, Vickie Staie, Nicholas Sterling, Scott Woods, and Cheryl Yelle.

LANCE M. EVANS is the executive officer of the Jefferson-Lewis Board of Realtors and the St. Lawrence County Board of Realtors. Contact him at His column appears monthly in NNY Business.


August 2016 Feature Story: Real Estate

Mixed bag in Q2 real estate report

Jefferson up, Lewis down, St. Lawrence flat

By Marcus Wolf, NNY Business

Second quarter home sales in Jefferson County are up from the same quarter last year, but are down in Lewis County and relatively the same in St. Lawrence County. [Read more…]

August 2016: Real Estate Roundup

Student debt’s impact on home ownership

Lance Evans

Lance Evans

A survey on student loan debt and housing released in mid-June showed that 71 percent of non-homeowners with student loans believe their debt is stymieing their ability to purchase a home and slightly more than half of all borrowers expect a delay in buying a home by more than five years. [Read more…]

August 2016: Top Transactions

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office in June 2016:

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July 2016: Top Transactions

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office in May:

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July 2016: Real Estate Roundup

Top real estate questions and answers

Lance Evans

Lance Evans

I recently spoke to the Watertown Rotary Club about a number of real estate issues, including housing statistics and took questions from those assembled.

Is cash is king?

There is an expression that “cash is king.” However, is that true in real estate? During my talk I noted that cash transactions normally make up about 25 percent of residential sale transactions nationally. For 2016 so far, 35.7 percent are cash. Locally, this year Jefferson County cash sales have accounted for 33.3 percent of residential sales (22 percent in 2015), 35 percent in Lewis County (26 percent in 2015), and 25.8 percent in St. Lawrence (22.6 percent in 2015). While St. Lawrence County as not followed the national trend, why have Jefferson and Lewis counties? Looking at the median price — the price where half the prices are lower and half higher — the cash sale median is $50,000 while the median for non-cash properties is $140,000. Many of the cash sales were due to foreclosure. In fact, about 55 percent of the residential listings that sold for $50,000 or less were foreclosure sales. [Read more…]

June 2016: Real Estate Roundup

Realtors meet members of Congress

Lance Evans

Lance Evans

From May 9 to 14, the National Association of Realtors held its Realtor Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo in Washington, D.C. Approximately 8,500 attendees from across the country and around the world attended the annual conference. The week included about 200 meetings and events that covered many real estate topics and allowed NAR members to take an active role in advancing the real estate industry, public policy, and the association. [Read more…]

June 2016: Top Transactions

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office in April:

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May 2016: Real Estate Roundup

A final word on property disclosure forms

Lance Evans

Lance Evans

In March and April, I wrote about two state-required real estate forms. The first was the Agency Disclosure form, which is used by real estate licensees every time they work with a new client or customer in a residential real estate transaction. This includes a provision for advanced consent for the firm to represent both the seller and buyer in the transaction. There is a form for the seller/buyer transaction and a separate one for the landlord/tenant transaction. The other form, used in almost every transaction that involves the sale of a one- to four-unit home is the Seller Property Condition Disclosure. [Read more…]