June 2016: Economically Speaking

Understanding changes in health care

Columnist, Brian Marcolini

Brian Marcolini

Health care in the North Country has undergone significant transformation. Fortunately, these changes have created many positive enhancements to our health care system. Policy changes by the state and federal governments have contributed to changes in how health care is delivered. Historically, policy changes have been used to improve health care systems. Building upon that fundamental idea, many new, innovative approaches and plans have emerged that focus on improving patient care and reducing costs. [Read more…]

February 2015: Economically Speaking

Make sense of health care reform

Columnist, Brian Marcolini

Columnist, Brian Marcolini

Health care reform comes in many different shapes and sizes. More than ever before, individuals are debating how to transform, what programs to be part of and with whom to partner. Nationally, people debate all varieties of reform, when in reality there are pros and cons to each option. [Read more…]