July 2016: Entrepreneur’s Edge

Don’t give up because it didn’t happen

Joleene Moody

Joleene Moody

Are you familiar with the 80/20 rule?

It’s originally known as the Pareto Principle and it basically says that 20 percent of any input creates 80 percent of the result.

In other words, only 20 percent of you will do whatever it takes to become a self-sustaining entrepreneur. [Read more…]

Applebee’s to remodel walls with murals featuring community photos

Applebee’s restaurant, 1283 Arsenal St., will soon display community members’ pictures by blanketing its walls with murals.

To be completed by mid-October, the interior design project will spotlight pictures ranging from community parades and festivals to high schools, colleges and teams, along with police and fire stations.

The goal will be to make the restaurant a community hub where Watertown residents can feel a sense of pride.

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