Maple producers and experts see economic opportunity for birch syrup

AMANDA MORRISON / WATERTOWN DAILY TIMES Tomm L. Maxon, at Farmhouse Maple in Dexter on Thursday, which he owns with his wife, Marsha A., said farmers would need more birch sap to produce a gallon of syrup because it has 50 percent less sugar than maple sap.

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March 2016: Agri-Business

Time again for the sweet taste of maple

Jay Matteson

Jay Matteson

Nothing is as great a harbinger of spring as the aroma of maple sap boiling down to make the golden nectar of the woods — maple syrup. It is a special delight to enjoy the sweet taste of maple syrup on a plate of your favorite pancakes, or a teaspoon of syrup in your coffee or tea, or maple syrup slathered over barbecued chicken just before you take it off the grill. But if you’ve only enjoyed these wonderful tastes from a jug of maple syrup you purchased at the store, you are missing out on a fun and tasty opportunity. [Read more…]