June 2016: Guest Essay

Long overdue help for retirement savers

P.J. Banazek

P.J. Banazek

When visiting the doctor, most people do so without giving any thought as to whether the advice and course of action outlined by their physician is in their best interest. People do not give it any thought, as there is very little reason to believe that the advice given by the doctor would not be in their best interest. While we as patients might not like the advice, and may in fact choose not to follow it, it is not because we believe that the doctor has some ulterior motive. [Read more…]

April 2016: Guest Essay

Connecting education with business, industry

Tracy Gyoerkoe

Tracy Gyoerkoe

Career and technical educators have been connecting education with business and industry almost since their inception. In today’s world, it’s even more important for these connections to remain strong, and more and more, all educators are working to connect learning to the real world of work. [Read more…]

November 2015: Guest Essay

Some lessons learned from Cuba

Richmond_Karen WEBI recently returned from one of my life’s greatest adventures, traveling to a place few Americans have been allowed to visit — the nation of Cuba. I had never even thought about traveling there but when offered this unique opportunity, I jumped at the chance of experiencing its culture and meeting its people. [Read more…]

August 2015: Guest Essay

A call to ‘Honor the Mountain’

A rendering of the proposed 10th Mountain Division Monument in Thompson Park’s Tower Square, Watertown.

A rendering of the proposed 10th Mountain Division Monument in Thompson Park’s Tower Square, Watertown.

By Gilbert H. Pearsall Jr.

Recently, a group of Northern New York residents and business leaders formed a committee, the North Country Honors the Mountain, to build a monument honoring the sacrifice and service of the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division and the Fort Drum civilian workforce. It will also commemorate the 30th anniversary of the reactivation of the division in 1985 and the 70th anniversary of the 10th Mountain Division’s role in the allied victory of World War II. The city of Watertown has graciously donated its premier location to erect this monument: Tower Square in Thompson Park, an Olmstead-designed park. [Read more…]

June 2015: Guest Essay

Developing local tourism products

Guest writer Gary DeYoung

Guest writer Gary DeYoung

As a destination marketing organizations, the task Thousand Islands International Tourism Council is to market the region as a visitor destination. The postcard scenery of the Thousand Islands, its historic character, its rural charm, its recreational opportunities are all attributes have long been used to draw visitors who spend money. In the end, money is what tourism about. It is not about simply drawing visitors, it is about drawing the money they spend while visiting. How do you monetize the St. Lawrence River? How do you cash in on history? How does fishing on Lake Ontario translate into local jobs? [Read more…]

Practice not-so-random kindness

Bob Gorman

Bob Gorman

You don’t have to walk far to trip over a fundraiser for a local nonprofit. And you don’t have to go anywhere to have a national nonprofit text you with a donation request.
You can easily understand why the general public routinely says it has “donor fatigue.”
But the requests for more donations keep coming. And with continued cutbacks in government funding, every agency is trying to raise more and more money through golf tournaments, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti suppers and auctions. [Read more…]

Region’s needs have grown larger

Bob Gorman

Nancy Reagan, John Glenn and Lloyd Bentsen were all born in 1921. And so, too, was the Watertown Community Chest.

The names of those who signed the “Articles of Incorporation” on Sept., 26, 1921, are forever linked to the region’s industrial and banking history: Frank Rhines, George Stebbins and William Pruyn. And 10 of the 15 people who signed that document were women whose names were synonymous with the leadership of Watertown, including Nellie Willmott, Maud Reed, Mary Goodale and Alice Sherman.

Their mission was clearly stated: to raise and disburse money for “charitable, philanthropic, eleemosynary and benevolent purposes.” And their ability to develop a sustainable organization is apparent 92 years later. [Read more…]

Guest essay: Smoke free workplace benefits many

By Terra House

It was mid-spring 2003 and I can vividly remember attending a Jefferson County Legislature meeting as a heated debate ensued among local bar owners and patrons over an impending state law to prevent smoking in the workplace, which included bars and restaurants.

[Read more…]