November 2015 Business History: Oneida

A storied past

A postcard dated June 26, 1907, shows the  Oneida Community  Home Building in  Kenwood, N.Y.,  near Oneida. Photo courtesy of

A postcard dated June 26, 1907, shows the Oneida Community Home Building in Kenwood, N.Y., near Oneida. Photo courtesy of

Oneida flatware was necessity for utopian society

By Lenka Walldroff, NNY Business

There are few people today who have not used or at least heard of Oneida cutlery. The flatware is ubiquitous in restaurants, hotels, and kitchen drawers worldwide. Since its founding in the 19th century, Oneida Limited flatware has become something of an American tradition, although its roots are anything but traditional. [Read more…]