July 2016 Feature Story: Agbotics

Automated Agriculture

Left, Cody Morse, left, automatics engineer, and Sean Hanson, head grower, are the men behind the machine at Agbotic.  Opposite page, a robotic tiller tills soil between rows of leaf lettuce. The metal spades make contact with soil to dislodge weeds. Photo by Stephen Swofford, NNY Business.

Left, Cody Morse, left, automatics engineer, and Sean Hanson, head grower, are the men behind the machine at Agbotic. Photo by Stephen Swofford, NNY Business.

Agbotic digs new ground for organic farming

By Marcus Wolf, NNY Business

John P. Gaus’s vision for his automated and organic farming company, Agbotic Inc., took one of its first major steps with a 1,200-square-foot prototype greenhouse built in 2014. [Read more…]

Local entrepreneurs discuss business success at North Country Symposium

For those who have been there and survived, starting a successful north country business is a difficult, but not impossible thing to do, provided the idea is a winner and the entrepreneur a person who is willing to work hard, and seek expert help to get it going. [Read more…]

2015 Class of 20 Under 40


This year’s class of 20 Under 40:

A development director, a news anchor, an assistant principal, an operations and IT supervisor, an advertising account executive, a financial director, health care professionals, a chief of staff and business owner, a village mayor, a civil engineer, an installation forester, a company president and a few directors.

Our fifth annual 20 Under 40 class was the most competitive field yet, and these individuals represent a snapshot of Northern New York’s most accomplished, dedicated and involved young professionals, across three Northern New York counties and across a wide range of nonprofits, businesses.
All of these young men and women are involved in some shape or form in their community, whether by serving on an organization’s board, creating an annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, hosting a polar bear dip, or something as simple as helping to coaching a community basketball team or participating a charity 5K run/walk.

All of these leaders, who are between the ages of 25 and 39, were chosen not only by the editors and staff of NNY Business magazine, but by virtue of glowing recommendations from their peers and employers. And not only do these emerging leaders, who embody the prized north country values of compassion, hard work and selflessness, make time in hectic schedules to volunteer in the community, they give their very best in challenging career fields each and every day, all out of an effort to make the place they have chosen to stay in and call home the very best place it can be.

Kevin L. Richardson, 34: North Country Farms


The name of Kevin L. Richardson’s company encompasses much of what has helped shape his mindset as an entrepreneur: North Country Farms. [Read more…]