New Madrid Bakery seeks to provide local food, community and more

To Anastasia Hull, baking, family and community are inevitabilities. And in her new bakery, which had its grand opening last week, she intends to tie all that and more together.

Anastasia’s Bakery opened last week alongside the Martin Country Store, in a recently redone building at 3740 County Route 14. Owner and pastry chef Ms. Hull, a resident and native of Madrid, decided to open the bakery to be near family, explore a passion for baking and draw people to her hometown.

At her business, Ms. Hull makes a collection of confections including cakes, cookies, doughnuts and other sweets, receiving rave reviews from customers. She said opening a bakery in her hometown has been a dream of hers.

“This place means so much to me. It’s got so much potential and history,” Ms. Hull said of her hometown.

She said she moved back last fall because she didn’t want to be away from home. Now she walks to work every day from her house across the road, and regularly spends 16 hours a day there.

The building her business inhabits is owned by her father, who made it over for the bakery and Martin’s Country Store, owned by Justus P. Martin, which occupies the same space. The country store offers a wide variety of goods, from jams and candies to cheeses, produce and dry goods.

The two business owners are partners, and with their array of wares they hope to draw in customers from all over.

“We kind of wanted people to crowd into Madrid; kind of see the importance of the small town,” Ms. Hull said.

That is likely to happen with the general store’s Waddington customers, who recently were traveling about an hour to get to the Moira location of the business, Ms. Hull said.

She and Mr. Martin also focus on offering local products, such as locally roasted Park Bros. Coffee from The Bagelry, Potsdam, bread and other baked goods from Mr. Rick’s Bakery, Watertown, and of course locally baked confections from Anastasia’s.

Along with her standards, Ms. Hull said, she wants to provide customers and friends with things they can’t find on her menu.

She said she is open to trying out customer suggestions for new products, in order to get a feel for what people need and want in a bakery, which includes scratch-made gluten-free options.

“I have a lot of friends that are gluten intolerant, and it’s so hard for them to find good food,” Ms. Hull said.

She said one of the things she loves about baking is the reliability of a recipe, which can be trusted to deliver if followed faithfully.

“No matter how you’re doing that day, if you do it the right way, if you put in the right amount of things, it comes out perfectly,” she said. At the same time, Ms. Hull said, she likes the experimental side of the baking craft.

“God put a passion in me for it, and I really don’t have much choice. I just love it; I can’t help it,” she said.

Ms. Hull runs her business with one employee. In the next year, she said, she hopes to expand to include a baking lab so customers can see her in action, and incorporate baking classes to teach children breadmaking.

More information can be found at the bakery’s website a t, or on facebook at


By Alan Rizzo, Times Staff Writer