Thank you, volunteers, for all you do

HOLLY BONAME n NNY BUSINESS In Jefferson County this year's recipients of the Macsherry Family Community Spirit Awards are Tops Family Markets and Heather White, left, With Richard Macsherry.

In Jefferson County this year’s recipients of the Macsherry Family Community Spirit Awards are Tops Family Markets and Heather White, left, With Richard Macsherry.

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Consider a proactive grant strategy

Leonard_Diane_HWYou may be asking, “What is proactive grant seeking?” Isn’t the act of submitting an application for grant funding proactive rather than merely sitting back and waiting for foundations to find you and make grants? True.

That is an initial way to look at being proactive in your grant-seeking efforts.

For the sake of this column, proactive grant-seeking is the act of writing a proposal — or at least a proposal outline — before you identify a funding source or even a request for proposal or application. I can hear the questions now: “Why write a proposal if you aren’t sure there will even be a funding source to submit the proposal to?” [Read more…]

Now is best time to plan for future

What if someone said to you, “Here’s $20,000 of someone else’s money. Give it away and do it well.” Sounds like fun, right? Certainly giving away money can be fun, but such a privilege can also be a burdensome responsibility balancing unlimited needs with limited resources. [Read more…]

Hyde-Stone Mechanical Contractors establishes charitable foundation

Hyde-Stone Mechanical Contractors owner Jay F. Stone, left, his wife, Dawn, and their two sons, Christopher and Thom, who all are leaders in the company. Photo courtesy of the Northern New York Community Foundation.

With a $100,000 gift, Hyde-Stone Mechanical Contractors has established the first corporate charitable foundation within the Northern New York Community Foundation.

Hyde-Stone, which has offices in Watertown, Potsdam and Plattsburgh, has shifted from awarding grants through the company to using a more formalized, nonprofit structure that will help fund projects and programs in Jefferson, Lewis, St. Lawrence and Clinton counties. [Read more…]

Sieze the chance for a full glass

Enacted in 1917, the charitable deduction was one of the first tax deductions allowed under law, advanced largely to counter higher taxes imposed during World War I and to encourage private support of charitable efforts at home. When talk of establishing a standard deduction arose during World War II, there was concern among nonprofits, including churches, that it would adversely affect donations. A similar scenario occurred during tax reform legislation in the 1980s. During the months and weeks leading up to the recent “fiscal cliff” discussions, there was much conversation and hand-wringing among nonprofit advocacy groups regarding a potential end to the charitable deduction. [Read more…]

Collective ownership a positive force

Marvel’s “The Avengers” has launched the summer movie season with a superhero bang. Yes, it is fantasy, however, embedded in the plot is a real message that anyone can cheer for. Behind the visual effects, are forces for good working together to overcome challenges they could never handle alone. Although their individual approaches and tools are different, the team’s ultimate objective is a shared one. It isn’t until the “a-ha” teamwork moment occurs that the movie really gets good.

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Charting a course for the future of nonprofits

New York State leads the nation in nonprofit activity. In 2011, New York nonprofits generated more than $200 billion in revenue and in the previous year employed roughly 18 percent, or 1.2 million paid workers, of New York’s non-governmental work force.

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Partnerships will drive future success

The Chronicle of Philanthropy, the “newspaper of the nonprofit world” recently published its Outlook 2012 edition. Collaboration remains a consistent theme. Strategic partnerships of all types will be critical moving forward.

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