November 2015 Business History: Oneida

A storied past

A postcard dated June 26, 1907, shows the  Oneida Community  Home Building in  Kenwood, N.Y.,  near Oneida. Photo courtesy of

A postcard dated June 26, 1907, shows the Oneida Community Home Building in Kenwood, N.Y., near Oneida. Photo courtesy of

Oneida flatware was necessity for utopian society

By Lenka Walldroff, NNY Business

There are few people today who have not used or at least heard of Oneida cutlery. The flatware is ubiquitous in restaurants, hotels, and kitchen drawers worldwide. Since its founding in the 19th century, Oneida Limited flatware has become something of an American tradition, although its roots are anything but traditional. [Read more…]

November 2015: Entrepreneur’s Edge

Use failure as a lesson for growth

Joleene 115_MED WEBI bombed a talk last month. It was awful. My colleagues tell me every speaker bombs a talk at some point and, in an effort to ease the humiliation I was feeling, shared stories about their own experiences crashing and burning in front of a crowd. [Read more…]

November 2015: Small Business Success

Ensure your product’s price is right

OConnellWebOne of the decisions a business owner has to make is how to establish the price for their product or service. Especially for a new business, this can be a daunting process. But taking it step by step, it’s just a matter of looking at a number of factors about the product. [Read more…]

November 2015: Agribusiness

Agency cooperation critical to future

Matteson_JayWThe Jefferson County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board is wrapping up work on a new County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan. The county’s original Farmland Protection Plan was completed in 2002 and proved to be a strong guide in how to support our agricultural industry. There were many successes from the 2002 plan, including improved communication and cooperation among the agencies who serve agriculture. In 2002, the agencies involved in supporting agriculture in Jefferson County began quarterly meetings. We called these meetings the Ag Agency Roundtable. But more interesting in the success of this effort is the response we’ve received from the consulting firm who is assisting in the development of our new plan. [Read more…]

November 2015: Business Tech Bytes

Fine tune mobile for the holidays

VanHoesenWSince Thanksgiving Day has now become the new Black Friday, you need to be serious about when the holiday shopping season really starts. Nowadays between football games and the second helping of pecan pie, your customers are busy browsing, mostly on their mobile devices, for the “real deals.” Last year, Thanksgiving Day saw the highest sales growth of the whole Thanksgiving holiday weekend. [Read more…]

November 2015: Nonprofits Today

For a sincere ‘ love of humankind’

Richardson_RandeW“I am only one, but I am still one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything I will
not refuse to do the something that I can do.” — Helen Keller

Don’t let the word “philanthropy” scare you. Don’t for a second believe that the experience of philanthropy only belongs to someone else. The word comes from the Greek meaning “love of humankind.” That’s the only requirement. Simple. [Read more…]

November 2015: Guest Essay

Some lessons learned from Cuba

Richmond_Karen WEBI recently returned from one of my life’s greatest adventures, traveling to a place few Americans have been allowed to visit — the nation of Cuba. I had never even thought about traveling there but when offered this unique opportunity, I jumped at the chance of experiencing its culture and meeting its people. [Read more…]

November 2015 20 Questions: James W. Wright, DANC

Regional solutions at work

Development Authority of the North Country executive director James W. “Jim” Wright talkes about the Authority’s 30-year history in his office at the Dulles State Office Building, Watertown. Photo by Justin Sorensen, NNY Business.

Development Authority of the North Country executive director James W. “Jim” Wright talkes about the Authority’s 30-year history in his office at the Dulles State Office Building, Watertown. Photo by Justin Sorensen, NNY Business.

30 years later, DANC develops tools for success

A landfill hauler dumps trash at a regional solid waste management
facility. Workers install new fiber-optic cable for a high-speed telecommunications line. An entrepreneur acquires a loan to start a seasonal resort.

Those are but a few activities in Northern New York made possible by the Development Authority of the North Country, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. The authority has seen many growing pains since it was established in June 1985 by the state Legislature, finding numerous ways to contract with municipalities and residents across Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties. On the occasion of 30 years of service, we sat down with DANC Executive Director James W. “Jim” Wright to learn more about his agency’s mission and its future. [Read more…]

November 2015 Real Estate: Top Transactions

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County Clerk’s Office in September 2015:

[Read more…]

November 2015: Real Estate Roundup

Traditions from around the globe

Evans_LanceWThe saying goes that all real estate is local, but not all homebuyers are local. According to the National Association of Realtors 2015 international homebuyers report, global buyers spent an estimated $104 billion on housing in 2014, an increase of more than $10 billion from the previous year. American real estate is extremely attractive to foreign buyers due to our attractive prices, economic stability, and well-defined property rights. [Read more…]