July 2016: Agri-business

One man’s junk is another’s necessity

Jay Matteson

Jay Matteson

It is not unusual to encounter situations where farms keep old equipment and materials that may appear as “junk” to the non-farm public. Old tractors, farm machinery, and building materials may be kept by the farm for later use as replacement parts or building materials. Old tires may be kept for use to hold down plastic film placed on bunk silos storing animal feed. Farmers have always been masters of the three “Rs” of waste reduction: reduce, reuse and recycle. The three Rs apply when they keep old equipment to use for parts or to make devices to help complete daily farm chores. [Read more…]

July 2016: Entrepreneur’s Edge

Don’t give up because it didn’t happen

Joleene Moody

Joleene Moody

Are you familiar with the 80/20 rule?

It’s originally known as the Pareto Principle and it basically says that 20 percent of any input creates 80 percent of the result.

In other words, only 20 percent of you will do whatever it takes to become a self-sustaining entrepreneur. [Read more…]

June 2016: Entrepreneur’s Edge

Tips to improve social media response

Joleene Moody

Joleene Moody

There’s a saying out there that says, “If you’re not on social media with your business, you’re not in business.”

I believe this to be true. And if you’re in business and disagree with this, you should check your resistance and ask yourself why. Why are you resisting a social media presence? Whatever answer you come up with is the very block that needs to be removed so your business can grow. And trust me, it will grow. [Read more…]

Apex unveils Galloo wind project plans to Jefferson County legislators

Representatives from Apex Clean Energy unveiled the details of its Galloo Island wind project during a Jefferson County Board of Legislators meeting Tuesday. [Read more…]

May 2016: Entrepreneur’s Edge

On mud, entrepreneurship and flowers

Joleene Moody

Joleene Moody

It’s May. (I’m sure you knew that.)

This is the time of year when I am reborn. I hibernate in the winter. But come spring, I grow new petals and my stem gets taller as I look up and drink in the sun. It’s lovely, beautiful, glorious May. And it’s a brand new season. [Read more…]

May 2016 20 Questions: Grant Sussey, Watertown Airport

Growth in full flight

Watertown International Airport manager Grant W. Sussey talks about several projects in his office at the county-managed airport. Photo by Justin Sorensen, NNY Business.

Watertown International Airport manager Grant W. Sussey talks about several projects in his office at the county-managed airport. Photo by Justin Sorensen, NNY Business.

Sussey: Watertown Airport on pace as driving force for region’s economy

Serving as Watertown International Airport’s first airport manager, Grant W. Sussey, stepped into the role during a period of extensive growth involving substantial projects like the runway extension and an addition on the airport’s terminal to make space for TSA checkpoints. He sat down with us this month to discuss the continued success of the airport’s operations and plans to transform it into a future economic driver of the region. [Read more…]

April 2016: Entrepreneur’s Edge

Release your expectations and enjoy

Joleene Moody

Joleene Moody

The large majority of us have dreams.

Wait, scratch that.

Every single one of us has dreams. Desires. Goals. A things-to-do list or bucket list or whatever-you-want-to-call-it list. For many of us, we make a plan to attain a particular desire or goal and then we attach an expectation to that desire or goal. When that goal isn’t met, then the expectation isn’t met. That’s when we crumble. We die inside. We whine and cry and decide to give up, all because we attached an expectation to the end of our desire. But here’s the tried-and-true secret to life: If we release the expectation or outcome of any scenario, some seriously incredible and beautiful things can happen. [Read more…]

Clarkson study: Henderson could lose $40 million in property value from wind project

A Henderson-funded study on the potential impact of the Galloo Island wind project found the town could face a total loss in property value of up to about $40 million because of the view of turbines. [Read more…]

Lewis maple producers say season has been a good one

Despite the unseasonably warm winter, area maple producers say this season has been a sweet one.

“It’s been a good season,” Lyle J. “Jake” Moser from Moser’s Maple, Kirschnerville, just outside of Croghan, said Sunday while handing out syrup samples to Maple Weekend visitors. “We did make a full crop.” [Read more…]

Quality of care is key to fiscal future at Lowville hospital

Lewis County General Hospital’s fiscal situation has improved over the past year or so, but quality of care is expected to play a major role in its future financial success. [Read more…]