A historical St. Lawrence Seaway

Scene of an Aug. 10, 1954, groundbreaking ceremony near Cornwall, Ontario, for the St. Lawrence River hydroelectric project. (Watertown Daily Times archives)

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A Seaway of Economic Stimulation

The 728 foot Canadian ship, Cedarglen, passes by Just Enough Room Island on its way to Silver Bay Minnesota.

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Binational study: maritime shipping more fuel-efficient, “greener” than land transportation

Shipping goods via the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway has a “significant” fuel-economy advantage and produces less greenhouse gas than other major modes of transportation, according to a recent comparative environmental impact study.

Based on 2010 performances, the study — conducted by the Research and Traffic Group, a Canadian transportation consulting firm — found that marine vessels were able to carry cargo significantly farther than both rail and trucks using the same amount of fuel. [Read more…]

Seaway: cargo shipments continue to rise

Shipments along the St. Lawrence Seaway “continue to nudge upward” thanks to increasing international demand for iron ore and coal, according to Seaway officials.

“Seaway tonnage increases this year continue to nudge upward to 5 percent overall when compared to the same time frame last year,” Rebecca Spruill, director of trade development at the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp., said in a news release. “Double-digit figures were noted in coal and iron ore, and general cargo is up almost 7 percent.”

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