Lewis County Property Sales – August 2013

The following Lewis County property sales were recorded by the Lewis County Real Property Tax Service for the month of August 2013:

Aug. 30

Town of Diana: 14060 Cedar Point Lane, Geoffrey M. Ford sold to Brian J. Gerber $47,000

Aug. 28

Town of Greig: 5500 Shore Road, Federal Home Loans Mortgage sold to Robert Galer $150,000

Town of Harrisburg: 3829 Vary Road, Christopher Kain sold to Walter Kennell $314,060

Village of Lowville: 5595 Shady Ave., Tyler W. Roggie sold to Joseph A. Shelton, $195,000

Aug. 27

Town of Diana: 7303 Bullrock Point Road, Kenneth P. Walker sold to Loren J. Yousey $99,500

Aug. 26

Town of Greig: 5642 Shore Road, Michael J. Murray sold to Christopher J. Sorell $235,000

Town of Montague: 2129 Pitcher Road, Rudolph Schweitz sold to Bradley J. McIntyre $57,000

Town of New Bremen: 7838 state Route 812, Elise L. Thomas sold to Peter O. Burkholder $50,000

Town of Croghan: 4841 Rogers Crossing Road, Paul Arquitt sold to Brian C. Jagger, $179,900

Aug. 23

Village of Lowville: 5326 Kamryn Road, Maple Run Homes, Inc. sold to Gary L. Gulley $234,900

Aug. 22

Village of Lowville: 7369 Utica Blvd., Dennis Lee sold to Barry Lyndaker $150,000

Village of Lowville: 5615 Hillside Drive, Raymond E. Gordon sold to Floyd J. Tabolt $160,000

Aug. 21

Village of Lowville: 5367 Stowe St., Laurie B. Pendegraft sold to Kyle G. Pendegraft $89,000

Aug. 19

Town of Diana: 7405 Bullrock Point Road, Daniel Spencer sold to Stephen J. Cardinal $100,000

Town of Croghan: 8314 Long Pond Road, Sandra A. Grimmer sold to Kyle C. O’Dell $140,000

Town of Martinsburg: 6616 Field Day Road, Julie L. Mysers sold to Earl Der Jr. $118,000

Aug. 16

Town of Diana: 5625 Lewisburg Extension Road, Michael D. Hoch sold to Eric Fickbohm $64,900

Village of Lowville: 5374 Dayan St., Leon W. Brown sold to Lawson J. Lehman $78,500

Aug. 14

Town of Croghan: 11040 state Route 126, Deborah L. Kiffer sold to Larry J. Walseman II $279,000

Village of Copenhagen: 9882 state Route 12, Kenneth T. Gaines sold to John K. Williams $64,000

Aug. 12

Town of Lowville: 7135 state Route 12, Mary Leviker Estate sold to Patrick O. Flynn $72,000

Town of Watson: Snell Road (no address given), Randy L. Widrick sold to John C. Schwartzentruber $65,000

Town of Lowville: 7135 state Route 12 Mary Leviker sold to Patrick O. Flynn $72,000

Aug. 9

Town of Greig: 5600 Shore Road, Janet G. Hughes sold to Mark W. Scheer $204,750

Town of Leyden: 2044 state Route 12D Jane Jones sold to Jane E. Jones $100,000

Town of Watson: 8824 Buck Point Road, Thomas Ferry sold to Joseph M. Guadagnolo Jr. $43,000

Aug. 8

Town of Diana: 6796 Patchin Road, James J. Buckley sold to Philip Hitchman $58,000

Town of Greig: 6300 Pine Grove Road, Christina Dickinson sold to Michael J. Millard $185,000

Village of Lowville: 5204 Hillcrest Circle, Jack Lomeo sold to Patrick J. Weiler $221,500

Village of Lowville: 7744 Dewitt St., Patrick J. Weiler sold to Jessie M. Brown $117,000

Village of Croghan: 9842 state Route 812, Mattimore Grimmer-Roes sold to Joseph J. Hirsch $71,000

Aug. 6

Village of Lowville: 5423 Shady Ave., Daniel R. King sold to 5423 Shady Ave. LLC $80,000

Town of Watson: 6699 Number Four Road, Community Bank NA sold to Cindy S. Samsa $53,000

Town of West Turin: 5958 Swackhammer Road, Garrett Ventures, LLC sold to Williams Irrevocable Realty $367,000

Aug. 5

Village of Turin: 4169 state Route 26, T. Beach Roe V sold to Erik R. Wasel $70,000

Aug. 2

Town of Leyden: 2044 state Route 12D, Jane Jones sold to Jane E. Jones $100,000

Village of Croghan: 6857 Convent St., Sherrie M. Van Arnum sold to Taylor M. Grunert $48,000

Aug. 1

Town of Diana: 14463 Nancy Ann Lane, Perticone Living Trust sold to James P. Habermann $169,000