Jefferson County property sales – October 2013

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk’s office for the month of October 2013:

Oct. 31

Town of Cape Vincent: 33919 Brandy Rock Lane, Barbara A. Tranello, Rochester, sold to Ron R. McFarland and Katharina G. McFarland, Spingfield, Va. $172,000

Town of Champion: Two parcels, each 0.57 acre, shoreline of Pleasant Lake, Theodore G. Jones and Patricia Jones, Carthage, sold to Gary J. Ashline and Marcia M. Ashline, Castorland $130,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: 0.97 acre, Dodge Avenue, Gregory K. Carlson, Sackets Harbor, sold to Roberto Hernandez and Julia M. Hernandez, Sackets Harbor $305,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels, South Hamilton Street; 0.26 acre, Moffett Street, Nicholas L. Washburn, Watertown, sold to Khristy J. Hunt, Watertown $70,000

Town of Brownville: 0.90 acre, Game Farm Road, Renald R. Martini Jr., Watertown, sold to Philip J. Damon, Adams Center $120,000

Village of Clayton: 0.15 acre, Route 12E, Jon Eric Fredericks, trustee, Fredericks Family Irrevocable Trust, Syracuse, sold to Steven M. Daub, Galway $126,000

Village of Sackets Harbor and Town of Hounsfield: Five parcels, 28.93 acres, Adams Road; 0.459 acre, East Main Street; East Main Street (County Route 62); 2.868 acres, Adams Road; 13.50 acres, East Main Street; Robert W. Brenon, Dexter, sold to Terrel J. Zumbach and Carmen M. Zumbach, Sackets Harbor $160,000

Town of Lyme: Two parcels, 2.90 acres, 165 acres, County Route 57, Joseph J. Kovacs and Waltraud M. Stauffer, both of Three Mile Bay, sold to David W. Farr and Terri L. Farr, Benton, Pa. $90,000

Town of Alexandria: Iroquois Island Shore Road, Marlo McCabe, Charlotte, N.C., and Julia McCabe, North Hollywood, Calif., sold to James M. Donegan and Donna Donegan, Alexandria Bay $700,000

Oct. 30

Town of Ellisburg: Browne and Eddy Tract, Carolyn H. Pedersen, Cerrillos, N.M., sold to Daniel Sorber and Gwen Sorber; Michael Sorber and Meaghan Sorber; Ian Cuthbert and Kristen Cuthbert; and Jonathan D. Sorber, all of Syracuse $237,500

Village of Clayton: 0.324 acre, Cantwell Drive, Sharon J. Bondellio, Watertown, sold to Tamela J. Major, Alexandria Bay $44,000

City of Watertown: 0.27 acre, 1130 Superior St., Thousand Islands Area Habitat for Humanity Inc., Watertown, sold to Calvin Henry and Jenine Bowman, both of Black River $143,000

Town of Brownville: 3.39 acres, intersection Vaadi Road and Route 12, Joseph W. Gerstenschlager and Dawn M. Gerstenschlager, Watertown, sold to Steven J. Carlo, Watertown $31,500

City of Watertown: 0.241 acre, 372 Pawling St., David M. Spirz and Heather E. Keltner-Spirz, Saint Charles, Mo., sold to Joseph D. Heiner and Sally K. Ames, Calcium $145,500

Town of Adams: Two parcels, each 0.41 acre, Route 11, Hager-LeBlanc Living Trust, Jon R. Hager and Caroline A. LeBlanc, co-trustees, Adams, sold to Kimberly A. Caird, Adams $270,000

Town of Wilna and Village of Carthage: Three parcels, 39.27 acres, 10.40 acres, 2.705 acres, no addresses given, Carthage Aero Corporation, Carthage, sold to Slack Chemical Co. Inc., Carthage $72,000

Village of Adams: 0.500 acre, intersection, Valley Park Drive and Shirley Drive, Kimberly A. Caird, Adams, sold to Sabrina K. Madden and Craig N. Madden, Fort Drum $244,000

Hamlet of Great Bend: Route 3 (foreclosure) Steven Munson, Watertown, referee, Larry J. Lacey Jr., sold to Gary Deskins, Felts Mills $25,000

Town of Hounsfield: 2 acres, Middle Road, Michael J. Falton and Rhonda L. Falton, Fayetteville, N.C., sold to Kathleen D. Koser, Sackets Harbor $211,000

Oct. 29

City of Watertown: 122-124 Elm St., James R. Schnauber, Clayton, sold to Toan Do, Brooklyn $165,000

Village of Adams: 0.517 acre, Carol Drive, Dorothy E. Bedor, Adams, sold to Ramco Inc., Adams $39,000

Town of Orleans: Route 180, Robert C. Fleming and April M. Fleming, LaFargeville, sold to Alan B. Lewis and Barbara J. Lewis, Ballston Lake $192,000

Town of Ellisburg: 2.09 acres, Brown Road, James E. Cobb, Mannsville, sold to Joseph P. Marra and Beverly M. Marra, Adams Center $98,000


Oct. 28

Village of Dexter: 0.21 acre, West Grove Street, Terri J. Erdner and Paul F. Erdner, Dexter, sold to Scott A. Morgia, Watertown $120,000

Town of Pamelia: 1.51 acres, Allen Meadows Subdivision, French Dotson Pope III and Teisha N. Pope, North Potomac, Md., sold to David N. Phelps and Mary K. Phelps, Watertown $217,500

Town of Cape Vincent: Three parcels, Shady Shores Development, Jeffrey Nowicki and Debra Nowicki, Boonville, sold to George D. Gustafson, The Villages, Fla. $260,000

Town of Ellisburg: Two parcels, 7677 and 7681 Cedar Drive, Genevieve E. Stenzel, Rochester, and Sondra K. Lubas, Rochester, sold to John Caldwell and Lisa Schilling, both of Liverpool $165,000

Town of Pamelia: Liberty Avenue, Sciuga Corporation, Solvay, sold to Jorge W. Ramos, Fort Drum $264,500

Town of Brownville: Two parcels, 0.41 acre, 0.40 acre, road from Pillar Point to Guffins Bay, Robert Pendock and Dawn Laux, both of Mattydale, sold to Christopher J. Bennett and Alexa Bennett, Watertown $210,000

Town of Ellisburg: 1.137 acres, intersection Woodpecker Lane and Torrey Hill Road, Christopher J. Carr, Mannsville, sold to Titus D. Peachey and Esther K. Sharp, both of Ellisburg $95,000

Village of Clayton: John Street, Leo F. Ingerson, trustee, Ingerson Living Trust, Clayton, sold to John Durand and Lori Durand, Alexandria Bay $177,000

Town of Rodman: 80 acres, no address given, Timothy N. Backus and Kristi L. Backus, Van Etten, sold to John R. Stinson and Karen J. Stinson, and James H. Stinson, all of Rodman $140,000

Village of Dexter: 0.18 acre, 124-128 William St., Richard G. Brown, Dexter, sold to Robert V. Peterson and Suzanne M. Peterson, Watertown $35,000

City of Watertown: No acreage or address given, Frederick L. Gray, Watertown, sold to Kenneth Bodah, Watertown $70,000

City of Watertown: 0.25 acre, South Hamilton Street, Donald R. Smith and Carol Anne White Smith, Sackets Harbor, sold to Paul F. Erdner and Terri J. Erdner, Dexter $194,000

Town of Alexandria: 44794 County Route 100-A, Wilma Lee Thornton, Raleigh, N.C., sold to Edward F. Martelle, Henderson $30,000

Oct. 25

Town of Pamelia: Intersection, U.S. Route 11 and Plaza Drive (foreclosure) Susan Sovie, Watertown, referee, Jo Ann Sanchez, aka Jo Ann Sanchez-Norquist, sold to City National Bank N.A., Los Angeles, Calif. $610,000

Town of Wilna: 17.330 acres, intersection, County Routes 40 and 42, Malcolm C. Wetmore Jr., Carthage, sold to Robert F. Marshall and Heidi B. Marshall, Carthage $67,000

Town of Henderson: Two parcels, 27.62 acres, 48 acres, County Route 152, Terrel J. Zumbach and Carmen M. Zumbach, Sackets Harbor, sold to Brian L. Zumbach and Amy E. Zumbach, Henderson $175,000

City of Watertown: Indiana Avenue, William E. LaJoie and Diane L. LaJoie, Watertown, sold to Thomas K. Anderson, Menifee, Calif. $133,000

Hamlet of Depauville: 0.52 acre, Caroline Street, Joseph E. Sandvil, Depauville, sold to Gordon H. Mazza and Sharon A. Mazza, Lillington, N.C. $120,000

City of Watertown: 0.233 acre, Moulton Street, Kenneth A. Hanners, Sackets Harbor, sold to Jacob M. Woolnough and Christy L. Woolnough, Evans Mills $122,000

Town of Lyme: 5.4 acres, County Route 125, Richard W. Hallock, trustee, Muriel K. Benson Trust, Chaumont, sold to Dale E. Goble and Lisa Goble, Woodbridge, Va. $375,000

Oct. 24

Town of LeRay: 0.154 acre, Patricia Drive, Brian P. LaRue, Watertown, sold to Michael R. Bailey, Evans Mills $136,500

Village of Adams: 1.56 acres, U.S. Route 11, Donald Bice and Denise L. Bice, Adams, sold to Gary S. Newton and Allison I. Newton, Adams $120,000

Town of Brownville: 0.62 acre, 25160 Route 180, Cindy S. Sutton, Dexter, sold to Sarah A. Campbell and Jon-Michael Passerino, both of Watertown $50,000

Town of Brownville: 0.08 acre, County Route 59, David G. Burgenstock and Anne E. George, both of Dexter, sold to Mindy L. Caufield and Todd M. Caufield, Lacona $80,000

Town of Antwerp: Seven parcels, 54.53 acres, 27.40 acres, 55 acres. 11.15, 17.18 acres, 56.07 acres, 22.68 acres, no addresses given, Joyce Munn, Jersey City, N.J., sold to David W. Chester and Beverly A. Chester, Philadelphia, and G. Gregory Chester and Heidi A. Heap-Chester, Cass Lake, Minn. $74,000

Town of Pamelia: 0.82 acre, 23896 Route 37, John W. Robinson, Watertown, sold to Steven D. Gascho, Watertown $115,000

Town of Watertown: 3.745 acres, Weaver Road, Marc A. Mancini, Watertown, sold to Brian J. Babcock, Watertown $94,000

Town of LeRay: Route 342, Shelley A. Schaak, Calcium, executor, will of Joseph G. Kafka, sold to Jennifer Otis, Watertown $190,000

Oct. 23

Town of Pamelia: 5.15 acres, Route 37, Daniel F. Siver and Laure L. Siver, Watertown, sold to Shane M. Dudo and Wendy S. Dudo, Chaumont $240,000

Village of Clayton: 0.53 acre, Bartlett Point Road, Bruce Thomas MacFarlane, Clayton, sold to Jestlin LLC, New Hope, Pa. $60,000

Village of Carthage: Two parcels, 439 N. Washington St., Jeffrey J. Kimple, Deer River, sold to Stefano Magro and Mariantonia Magro, Carthage $39,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels, TenEyck Street, Sarah D. Purcell Tebbutt, aka Sarah D. Purcell, Watertown, sold to Andrew S. Converse and Megan L. Converse, Watertown $205,000

Hamlet of Pierrepont Manor: 0.5 acre, U.S. Route 11, Kathleen L. Henderson, Pierrepont Manor, sold to Mitchell A. Crimi, Lorraine $89,000

Village of Adams: Wardwell Street, Norma Peck, Adams, sold to Mary Beth Ramsey, Adams Center $76,000

Oct. 22

Town of Henderson: 0.40 acre, No address given, Margaret Tringale Hughes, administrator, estate of Angelo Tringale, no address given, sold to Timothy Reed and Maat Reed, Webster $137,000

Town of Theresa: 5.05 acres, Moon Lake Subdivision, Christopher Watson, Dolyestown, Pa., sold to Douglas C. Kranz Sr. and Helen L. Kranz, Floral City, Fla. $40,000

City of Watertown: 0.69 acre, 217 Arsenal St., G & K Realty, Cortland, sold to 217 Arsenal Street LLC, Pittsford $185,000

Oct. 21

Town of Orleans: Three parcels, 90 acres, 24 acres, 2 acres, County Route 15, Linda A. Marriam, LaFargeville; Susanne M. Steacy, Calcium; and Jessie D. Elliott, LaFargeville, sold to Katie E. Miller and Samuel J. Miller, LaFargeville $55,000

Village of Carthage: Two parcels, 439 N. Washington St., Betty G. McLean, Carthage, and Jane E. Matthews, Saratoga Springs, sold to Jeffrey J. Kimple, Deer River $28,500

Town of Pamelia: Lot 33, Liberty Avenue, Sciuga Corporation, Solvay, sold to Doug A. Newberry, Oak Grove, Ky. $228,000

Town of Rodman: 6.58 acres, Bibbins Road, Gary R. Fayette and Cathy Fayette, Rodman, sold to David L. Lichtenstein and Athena Lichtenstein, Sackets Harbor $317,000

Town of Lyme: 0.682 acre, Three Mile Point Road, Howard C. Schubert Jr., Chaumont, sold to Michael Harris and Anne M. Harris, Chaumont $175,000

Village of West Carthage: 0.130 acre, 18 N. Main St., Catherine S. Roszko, Jackson, N.J., executor, will of Eugene J. Roszko Sr., late of West Carthage, sold to Peter Hutchinson, Fort Drum $109,000

Town of Henderson: 0.13 acre, 7163 Williams Drive, Paul S. Vangellow and Alexandra Vangellow, Henderson, sold to Michael R. Burger and Kristina M. Burger, Adams $205,000

Town of Watertown: 1.408 acres, West Street, Robert R. Tyler Jr. and Katherine F. Tyler, Watertown, sold to James E. Grimm and Wendy A. Grimm, Adams Center $65,000

Oct. 18

Town of Rutland: 38.72 acres, Middleton Road and County Route 49, Galloping Hill Estates Inc., Adams Center, sold to Douglas Dodge and Kristen Dodge, Henderson $50,000

Town of Rutland: 116.80 acres. Middleton Road, Hadley Road, Andrews Road, County Route 49, South of the Border Trading Post Inc., Adams Center, sold to Douglas D. Dodge and Kristen M. Dodge, Henderson $176,000

Town of Hounsfield: 1 acre, road from Sackets Harbor to Brownville, Robert Ufolla, Leonard, Mich., executor, will of Ronnie L. Jones, late of Stillwater Township, N.J., sold to Sylvia Gilligan, Adams Center $73,000

Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.42 acre, Church Street, Adam C. Harden, McConnellsville, sold to David Garlock, Alexandria Bay $50,000

Town of Alexandria: Two parcels, each 0.52 acre, County Route 2, Barbara VanTassel, Redwood, sold to John W. Howard, Alexandria Bay $165,000

Town of Pamelia: 0.94 acre, Hinds Road, Donald J. Prouty and Phyllis M. Prouty, Watertown, sold to Ashley L. McCoy, Watertown $57,000

Town of Theresa: 51 acres, County Route 193, (foreclosure) Kimberly A. Wood, referee, James B. Vock and Marlene H. Vock, sold to Commercial Properties Inc., no address given $150,000

Oct. 17

Hamlet of Three Mile Bay: 0.125 acre, Church Street, Charles A. Munk, Three Mile Bay; Kimberly Mussot, Three Mile Bay; Deborah White, Sackets Harbor, and Sherri Marsh, Watertown, executors, estate of Wilbur G. Munk, late of Three Mile Bay, sold to Jay W. Morrow and Ashley E. Morrow, Chaumont $78,000

Village of Clayton: Mary Street, James Gate Investments LLC, Johns Creek, Ga., sold to Geoff M. Dinneen, Clayton $133,000

Town of Champion: Cole Road, John P. Rosa and Yvonne Rosa, Nolanville, Texas, sold to Warren E. Brown, Carthage $248,000

Town of Brownville: 3.341 acres, Route 180, Shane M. Dudo, Chaumont, sold to Raymond E. Cooley and Lisa A. Cooley, Watertown $158,500

Town of Ellisburg: County Route 79, Brian Worden and Diane Worden, Woodville, sold to Gerald D. Zoanetti, Henderson Harbor $155,500

Town of Champion: 27.62 acres, no address given, Andrew D. Jennings and Heather W. Jennings, Lowville, sold to Patrick C. Compo, Carthage, and Tabatha M. Dobransky, Carthage $27,000

Town of Lorraine: 0.495 acre, Route 178, Esther H. Hanson, Pulaski, sold to Bruce R. Piatt and Gloria J. Piatt, Adams $30,000

Town of LeRay: 3.94 acres, Rogers Road, Gordon H. Griffith, Gouverneur, administrator, estate of Randy Griffith, late of town of Fowler, sold to Jonathan Y. Kufuor, Fort Drum $220,000

Town of Pamelia: 0.53 acre, Route 565, Wayne R. Woodruff, Copenhagen, sold to Ronald Allen Branche, Watertown $50,000

Town of Clayton: Three parcels, 0.073 acre, 0.088 acre, 0.047 acre, Shady Shores Road, Frederick A. Ross, Umatilla, Fla., sold to James E. Munroe and Deborah Munroe, Macedon $238,000

Town of Alexandria: Two parcels, 0.82 acre, 0.24 acre, Iroquois Island, James A. Murphy and Carol J. Murphy, Jamesville, sold to Iroquois Island Property LLC, Cicero $1,100,000

Oct. 16

Town of Orleans: No acreage or address given, DAC Alex Bay LLC, Hammond, sold to William W. Ball, Hammond $135,000

Village of Adams: 0.408 acre, Hungerford Avenue, Josephine R. Johnson, Sackets Harbor, sold to Dennis R. Jerome, Adams Center $55,00

Oct. 15

Town of Philadelphia: Lot 7, Carpenter Meadows Subdivision, Gregory L. Delles and Laurie M. Delles, Philadelphia, sold to George P. Valtadoros and Pashalina K. Valtadoros, Philadelphia $215,000

Village of Brownville: 0.53 acre, Brown Boulevard, Thomas V. Ashley and Cheryl A. Boulton Ashley, Brownville, sold to Daniel P. Webb and Lindsay A. Webb, Dexter $162,000

Town of Brownville: 1.856 acres, Route 12E, Darrin S. Pitkin and Cathy J. Pitkin, Dexter, sold to James W. Huffman III and Lydia E. Huffman, Pickerington, Ohio $279,000

Village of Deferiet: 0.138 acre, Wilna Avenue, Thomas P. Tiernan and Margaret Tiernan, Clay, sold to David S. Paquette, Utica $93,000

Village of LaFargeville: Three parcels, 1) 0.39 acre, Ford Street; 2), 3) no acreage given, Ford Street, Peter R. Hills and Nicole V. Hills, LaFargeville, sold to Mitchell D. Holt, Evans Mills $167,000

Towns of Clayton and Cape Vincent: Two parcels, each 50 acres, no addresses given, Conjetta Cole Ingerson, Clayton, sold to Eric M. Earley, Fort Drum $145,000

Town of Rutland and Village of Black River: Two parcels, 67.09 acres, Subdivision 1, lot 6; 0.50 acre, highway from Black River to Felts Mills, Brenda K. Motichek, Folson, La., sold to Richard J. Percy Jr., Black River $145,000

Village of Carthage: 0.346 acre, 410 State St., Community Bank, N.A., Watertown, sold to Mark A. Pominville and Judith M. Pominville, Glenfield $146,000

Town of Champion: Bounded by Stone and High streets, Josefa Montgomery, Carthage, sold to Robert K. Coniski, Carthage, and Molly M. Coniski, Carthage, and Carol L. Coniski, Carthage $114,000

Village of Brownville: 0.381 acre, 111 Patrician Lane, Laurel E. Oliver, Brownville, sold to Darrin S. Pitkin and Cathy J. Pitkin, Dexter $185,000

City of Watertown: Davidson Street, Mary Margaret Henry, Watertown, sold to Ryan Henry-Wilkinson and Katherine Henry-Wilkinson, Watertown $90,000

Town of Worth: 1.86 acres, Hayes Road, Kory D. Pearson, Lorraine, sold to Megan M. Murphy, Rodman $74,000

Oct. 11

Town of Pamelia: 0.906 acre, 23938 Valley View Drive, Michael A. Crestani and Jennifer Crestani, Calcium, sold to Peter A. Coppernoll, Columbus, Ga. $203,000

Village of Carthage: 0.18 acre, Mechanic Street, Mavin L. Tyler and Brian Brennan, both of Carthage, sold to Andrew Bayliss, Carthage $32,000

Town of Hounsfield: 4.872 acres, Route 3, Terrel J. Zumbach and Carmen M. Zumbach, Sackets Harbor, sold to Thomas J. Madden Jr., Sackets Harbor $40,000

City of Watertown: 118 Michigan Ave., Brock L. Covington and Irina Covington, East Windsor, N.J., sold to Bank of America, N.A., successor by merger, BAC Home Loan Servicing LP, Simi Valley, Calif. $148,000

City of Watertown: 118 Michigan Ave., Bank of America, N.A., successor by merger, BAC Home Loan Servicing LP, Simi Valley, Calif., sold to Secretary, Veterans Affairs, Cleveland, Ohio $148,000

Town of LeRay: 67.3 acres, no address given, Piece of Mine LLC, Gouverneur, sold to Randy D. Gleason and Rachel M. Gleason, Theresa $30,000

Village of Carthage: 0.500 acre, 540 S. James St., Reevie A. Rockhill, Constable, sold to Jocelyn D. Baker, Carthage $90,000

Town of Watertown: 19126 County Route 165, Secretary, Veterans Affairs, Washington, D.C., sold to Steven G. Barry and Faith E. Barry, Watertown $75,000

Oct. 10

Town of Cape Vincent: 0.75 acre, Frenz Drive, Raymond J. Frenz Jr., Westerville, Ohio, and Carolyn M. Scrantom, McKinney, Texas, and Dennis R. McCarthy and Kathryn C. McCarthy, trustees, McCarthy Living Trust, Cape Vincent, sold to Dennis M. McCarthy and Kathryn C. McCarthy, Cape Vincent $140,000

Town of Henderson: 5.64 acres, Rays Bay Road, Deborah D. Netto, Watertown, sold to Richard Silva and Jennifer Silva, Hopewell Junction $155,000

Town of Watertown: 1.214 acres, U.S. Route 11, William R. Pugliese, Watertown, sold to Shawn C. Dick, Watertown $130,000

Town of Champion: 9.26 acres, Jackson II Road, James E. Parker, Redwood, sold to Richard R. Forsyth Jr. and Deborah A. Forsyth, Watertown $30,500

Oct. 9

Town of Brownville, village of Dexter: Two parcels, 1 acre, Limerick Plank Road; Pillar Point Road, Lindsay A. Webb, Dexter, sold to Kimberly D. Okai, Watertown $147,000

Town of Lyme: 10.659 acres, County Route 179, Logan Properties LLC, Chaumont, sold to Kevin Kingsley, New Hartford $85,000

Town of Lyme: 9 acres, County Route 57, Joseph Gruff and Linda Gruff, Cape May Court House, N.J., sold to Joseph Diliberto and Christine D. Diliberto, Macedon $89,000

City of Watertown: 0.31 acre, South Massey Street, Aldemar Burgos-Rivera, Alexandria, Va., sold to Michael A. Doe and Karen C. Doe, Watertown $190,000

Town of Lyme: Road from Chaumont to Millens Bay, Jeffrey W. Jump, Lowville, sold to Heather E. Wiley, Chaumont $80,500

Town of Champion: Lot 5, Anthony J. Crupi, Black River, sold to Christopher S. Paige and LeAnn R. Paige, Carthage $26,000

Oct. 8

City of Watertown: Seymour Street (foreclosure), Michael F. Young, referee, Sean Colvin, sold to HSBC Bank USA, National Association, trustee $95,000

City of Watertown: Two parcels, 490 S. Meadow St., Mary M. Morley, Waynesville, Mo., sold to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A, Fort Mill, S.C. $120,000

Village of Sackets Harbor: 1.142 acres, Ontario Street, Clarence Joseph Eckhoff and Christine D. Eckhoff, Sackets Harbor, sold to Richard G. Sherry and Judy A. Carpenter, both of Watertown $386,500

Town of Brownville: 1.15 acres, South Shore Road, Katherine M. Wright, Salisbury, Md., executor, will of Stanley Miller, sold to Kevin Frasher, Watertown $40,000

Town of Cape Vincent: 6.60 acres, 31767 Burnt Rock Road, Leslie F. Sanford Jr., Cape Vincent, sold to Lisa Diabo and James Diabo Jr., Clayton $55,000

City of Watertown: 0.155 acre, North Indiana Avenue, Timothy M. Castilleja and Beth A. Castilleja, Watertown, sold to William E. Ryan Jr. and Kimberly A. Jewett, both of Watertown $120,000

City of Watertown: Hamlin Street, Cody James Clifton Grey, University Place, Wash., sold to Michael Unrue, Watertown $128,000

Oct. 7

Town of LeRay: 64.58 acres, Military Road, George E. Mead III and Mary Ellen Mead, Evans Mills, sold to Fults Farm LLC, Evans Mills $40,000

Town of Henderson: 32.323 acres, Route 178, Lisa Knecht, individually and as ancillary administrator, estate of Norman L. Keiper Sr., Pocono Pines, Pa., sold to Mark R. Hogan and Patricia W. Hogan, Henderson $35,000

Town of Rutland: 5.52 acres, Ball Road, Kathy A. Jewett, Longmont, Colo., sold to Trent L. Mielke, Enterprise, Ala. $107,000

Village of Brownville: 0.92 acre, Franklin Street, Brenda I. Haley, aka Brenda I. O’Boyle Haley, Brownville, sold to Rudolph G. Lindsey, Whispering Pines, N.C. $174,000

Town of Alexandria: 2.608 acres, Route 12, New York Air Brake LLC, Watertown, sold to J. Paul Morgan and Carolyn Morgan, Watertown $530,000

City of Watertown: 0.25 acre, 330 Flower Ave. E., Augustine D. Capone, Watertown, sold to Aaron S. Capone and Michele L. Capone, Watertown $88,500

Town of Rutland: 0.87 acre, Percy Chicks Drive, Christopher J. Church and Donna E. Church, Black River, sold to Brandon J. Scott and Caitlin R. Scott, Columbus, Ga. $235,000

Town of Champion: Lamb Road, Bruce W. Gayne and Brenda A. Gayne, Carthage, sold to Donald C. Bolz and Lisa E. Bolz, Carthage $238,500

Hamlet of Rodman: Two parcels, 0.81 acre, 0.11 acre, Route 177, Michael P. Stone and Rebecca C. Stone, Rodman, sold to Cheryl L. Perkins and Kevin M. Perkins, Rodman $126,500

Town of LeRay: Two parcels, each 5.1 acres, County Route 46, Piece of Mine LLC, Gouverneur, sold to Cory W. Flack, Evans Mills $34,000

Oct. 4

Village of Alexandria Bay: 0.105 acre, Cornwall Street, David Garlock, Alexandria Bay, sold to Kathryn S. Garlock, Alexandria Bay $50,000

Town of Pamelia: Lot 32, Liberty Avenue, Sciuga Corp., Solvay, sold to Johnny N. Towery Jr. and Judy L. Towery, Watertown $234,000

Town of Orleans: 45228 Uptergrove Island, Wellesley Island, Richard VanGelder Sr. and Betty VanGelder, Rochester, sold to Andrew M. Widay Jr. and Linda B. Widay, Athens, Ga. $115,000

City of Watertown: Winslow Street, Marie E. Anderson, Fairbanks, Alaska, sold to Maxine Ranger, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada $105,000

Oct. 3

Town of Alexandria: Reynolds and Shoulette roads, Rose Land and Finance Corp., East Lansing, Mich., sold to LeRoy Stiefel and Michael Stiefel, Zephyrhills, Fla. and Redwood $25,000

Town of Champion: 0.438 acre, Route 26, Steven E. Petrillose and Sandra J. Petrillose, Black River, sold to Jose Gamez and Elizabeth Gamez, Cape Vincent $65,000

Town of Pamelia and City of Watertown: Three parcels, Route 12, 108 Lewis St., VL-R Bradley Street, Pyramid Company of Watertown, Syracuse, sold to MSP Realty LLC, Watertown $1,250,000

Town of Brownville: County Highway 54, Robert J. Cratsenburg and Constance a. cratsenburg, Dexter, sold to Karen A. Knight, Clayton $180,000

Town of Rodman: 1.836 acres, County Route 156, Jennifer A. Morrell, Exeter, N.H., executor, will of Nathan E. Morrell, late of town of Rodman, sold to Christopher L. Booher and Wendy J. Booher, Berlin, Pa. $146,500

Town of Pamelia: 0.901 acre, Route 37, Kimberly Ann Kampnich, Watertown, sold to Jacob A. Lawrence and Kerry P. Lawrence, Calcium $234,000

Town of Brownville: 132.13 acres, 16319 Witt Road, James R. Fitzroy and Linda A. Fitzroy, Hempstead, sold to Petrus Hoffmann Van Der Walt and Christopher Van Der Walt, both of Watertown $55,000

Village of Cape Vincent: 248 William St., Oliver A. Thorpe, Watertown, sold to PHH Mortgage Corp., Mount Laurel, N.J. $130,000

Town of Alexandria: Two parcels, 0.42, acre, Carnegie Bay Road; Peak Lane, Kevin Peak, Alexandria Bay, sold to Ronald S. Broking, West Keansburg, N.J. $50,000

Village of Clayton: 503 Franklin St., John W. LaLonde, Newark, sold to Linda Lord, Fairport $50,000

Town of Henderson: 1.486 acres, 13660 Gilman Road, Paul H. Babcock, Adams, sold to Sarah Yount, Watertown $88,000

Oct. 2

Town of LeRay: 0.504 acre, Route 3, Steven J. Hall General Contractor, Inc., Cape Vincent, sold to Christopher Sean Cannon and Amanda M. Cannon, Enterprise, Ala. $272,500

City of Watertown: 138-140 California Ave., Vincent V. Peragine, Staten Island, sold to Jeremy R. Briggs and Lindsey L. Briggs, Watertown $108,000

Town of Clayton: Two parcels, 417 & 432 Cayuga Ave., Lot 433, Murray Hill Subdivision, Murray Island, Keith O. Taif and Carol J. Taif, Brockport, sold to Matthew O. Sullivan, Worthington, Ohio $30,000

Town of Hounsfield: Five parcels, 7.515 acres, intersection, Brent Lane and Derouin Drive; 0.248 acre, Brent Lane; 1.009 acres, intersection Brent Lane and Derouin Drive; 1.016 acres, Brent Lane; 0.069 acre, Derouin Drive, Judith S. McAllaster-Gunn and Steven F. McAllaster-Gunn, Central Square, sold to Donald R. Smith and Carol A. Smith, Watertown $479,000

City of Watertown: 717 Coffeen St., Kenneth A. Hanners, Sackets Harbor, and Benjamin J. Clark, South Rutland, sold to John R. Wasilenko and Stephanie L. Wasilenko, Watertown $149,000

Village of Adams: 0.42 acre, 25 E. Church St., Paul J. Shear and Melinda A. Shear, Adams, sold to Andrew A. Sylvester and Nancy C. Wheeler, both of Adams $166,000

City of Watertown: 0.21 acre, Franklin Street (foreclosure), Todd Doldo, Watertown, referee, Solar & Frontier Buildings LLC and Gerald Kelly, sold to Washington Street Properties LLC, Watertown $1,200,001

Oct. 1

Village of Clayton: 0.01 acre, 413 Webb St., Leo F. Ingerson, surviving trustee, Ingerson Living Trust, Clayton, sold to Jeffrey D. Durand and Stacey R. Durand, Redwood $170,000

Town of Watertown: Two parcels, State Street Road, Johnny Towery, Watertown, sold to Junior T. Ramirez, Watertown $187,000

Village of Clayton: Three parcels, 0.68 acre, 0.003 acre, 0.44 acre, 755 Brooks Drive, Laura E. Reff, Clayton, and Judy A. George, Clayton, trustees, Thomas M. and Veronica A. Bogenschutz and Veronica A. Bogenschutz Irrevocable Trust, sold to Andrew A. Rainer and Jessica E. Rainer, Clayton $151,000

Town of Wilna: 4.51 acres, South James Street, Larry P. Campany, trustee, Campany Family Irrevocable Trust, Carthage, sold Donald J. Campany, Castorland $68,000

Hamlet of Three Mile Bay: 1.15 acres, Bay View Drive, Kimberly R. Barrett Johnson, Colorado Springs, Colo., sold to Elliott S. Cohen and Margaret E. Crowe, both of Chaumont $355,000

Town of Alexandria: 0.62 acre, Fairyland Island, James D. Huniford, New York, N.Y., sold to Martin O’Hanlon and Susan O’Hanlon, Prescott, Ontario, Canada $67,000

City of Watertown: 943-945 Remington St., Terry L. Steward, Canaan, Maine, sold to Bonnie Lybbert, Portland, Ore. $96,000

Town of Hounsfield: 15296 Fawdrey Road, Lura M. Helvie, Sackets Harbor, sold to Donald R. Gibeau III, Carthage $113,000

Towns of Brownville and Pamelia: 0.4 acre, Carr Road, Jan L. Carr, Sarasota, Fla., sold to Nathan J. Halaburka, Watertown $35,000

City of Watertown: Palmer Street, Katherine Di Leonardo, Plattsburgh, sold to Peter M. Messina II and Linda A. Capone, Dexter $70,000

Town of LeRay: Gardnerville Road, Robert J. Gordon, Philadelphia, and Kim M. Gordon, Philadelphia, sold to Kylee J. Monroe, Philadelphia, and Kristin E. Monroe, Philadelphia $115,000

Village of West Carthage: 0.250 acre, High Street, Scott T. Burns and Gina L. Burns, Lowville, sold to David R. Kellner and Shaleen M. Kellner, Carthage $93,000