Lewis County property sales – September 2013

The following Lewis County property sales were recorded by the Lewis County Real Property Tax Service for the month of September 2013:

Sept. 30

Town of Croghan: 10139 Second Road, Scott A. Rupert sold to James F. Rupert $120,000

Town of Watson: Chase Lake Road (no number given), Stephen R. Havas sold to Olmstead Landholdings, LCC $190,000

Sept. 27

Town of Lewis: 3922 Weiler Road, Terry M. DeBaere sold to Helen Petroski $63,000

Town of Lyonsdale: 3729 Davis Bridge Road, James W. Strouse sold to Kevin J. Hennessy $340,000

Sept. 26

Town of Denmark: Old State Road, Marc C. Ackerley sold to Regina Z. Nolt $82,500

Town of Leyden: 6759 Hells Kitchen Road, Ronald J. Shue sold to Nicholas Kenealy $110,000

Town of Leyden: 1976 East Road, Stephen E. Freeman sold to Joseph Maciejko $115,000

Sept. 24

Town of Lyonsdale: 3953 Shibley Road, Michael Maciejko sold to Gary W. Brown $85,000

Town of Pinckney: 2060 County Route 194, Francis J. Feisthamel sold to Larry J. Kloster $60,000

Town of Watson: 7638 Tractor Road, Andrew E. Fenske sold to Blazing Saddles Properties, LLC $50,000

Sept. 23

Town of Croghan: Texas Road (no number given), Kevin Lawton sold to Anthony J. Mainville $55,000

Sept. 20

Town of Croghan: Old Croghan Road (no number given), Joann Ferari sold to Vernon C. Duesler III $115,000

Town of Denmark: 10205 state Route 26, Kellie A. Fayette sold to Joshua Wellman $165,000

Town of Greig: 7375 Fish Creek Road, David J. Osmun sold to Daniel J. Sussey, Jr. $128,500

Town of Watson: Number Four Road (no number given), Lassifer Properties, Inc. sold to Edelweiss Holdings, LLC $1,900,000

Sept. 19

Town of Diana: 7958 Alpine Road, Roger Anthony Jorah sold to Michael A. Ferari $76,500

Town of Greig: 5582 Long Point Road, Michael Roche sold to John E. Ford $210,000

Sept. 18

Town of Croghan: 10460 Monnat School Road, Daniel Lyndaker sold to Jared D. Lyndaker $130,000

Town of New Bremen: 9723 state Route 126, Jan M. Eaton sold to Bruce F. Zehr $86,000

Sept. 17

Town of Turin: Snugsboro Road (no number given), Joshua H. Heintz sold to Benjamin L. Heintz $135,000

Sept. 13

Town of Diana: 14464 Cottage Road, Lyle A. and Mary J. Simser Trust sold to Kevin T. Eddy $71,300

Town of Greig: 5800 Patridgeville Road, John E. Braun sold to AGD Properties, LLC $170,000

Town of Lowville: 4053 Gardner Road, Michael A. See sold to Craig Suslosky $126,900

Village of Constableville: 5837 Main St., BOE South Lewis CSD sold to Matthew A. Zehr $50,000

Sept. 12

Town of Leyden: 1758 Thayer Hill Road, Marlene P. Doser sold to Marlene P. Doser, $70,000

Town of Osceola: Osceola Road (no number given), Jon E. and Mary E. Bratley Revo sold to Daniel F. Ralbovsky Jr. $76,000

Town of Turin: 5145 state Route 12, Two Sisters Real Estate, LLC sold to Diane Gaylord $91,214

Town of Watson: White Pine Lane (no number given), Lingerlong Estates, LLC sold to Jeanne M. Cole $91,000

Sept. 10

Town of Greig: 5533 Linda Place, Jerry F. LaBarr sold to Luke H. Evans $195,000

Village of Lowville: 7532 Cascade Ave., Eleanor L. Field sold to John Sweeney $65,000

Village of Lowville: 7635 Collins St., John & Sarah Kelly Living Trust sold to Christopher C. Dyson $290,000

Sept. 9

Village of Copenhagen: 9996 state Route 12, Emmanuel Liscum sold to KGJ Properties, LLC $86,000

Town of Greig: 5657 Partridgeville Road, Mary G. Ripp sold to Heather M. Bennett $115,000

Sept. 6

Town of Osceola: 1076 Comins Road, Neil C. Briggs sold to Limestone Ridge, LLC $67,000

Town of Watson: 6521 East Lake Shore Road, Dayle M. Kipfer sold to Lisbeth Hirschey $340,000

Town of Watson: 6567 Hodge Road, James F. Smith sold to Theresa Taraska $72,000

Sept. 4

Town of Greig: 5584 Shore Road, Ralph E. Virkler sold to William J. Marks $150,000

Town of Watson: 6730 Camp Road, Zachary T. Vogt sold to Shaun T. Bush $135,000

Sept. 3

Town of Denmark: 3927 Deer River Road, Peter E. Socquet sold to Chad Waldron $122,000