Small Business Startup: Creative Styles Pet Grooming

Sydney Schaefer/NNY Business
Kasie Naklick, owner of Creative Styles Pet Grooming.

With a love for pets and for her community, it was easy for Kasie Naklick to open her own pet grooming business, Creative Styles Pet Grooming. 

     Naklick says she got her start working with animals early on in her career. 

     “I have had dog jobs as long as I can remember,” she said. “I started as a dog walker, then a pet sitter; I worked at a dog daycare and then I moved to a small town in Pennsylvania.” 

      There she was working at a boarding kennel where she not only learned about boarding dogs, but also got her first experience grooming animals. So when she moved back to the north country, she knew that was what she wanted to do. 

     “I started out at another shop, which has since closed,” she said. “After that, I decided to go out on my own. I was fortunate because I had a lot of clients that followed me. And I think I it’s the small-town feeling, where everyone knows everyone. So I was surprised at how quickly I started to take on new clients.” 

    Her services range from your normal wash and cut to facials and pedicures. 

     “I offer full-service baths, grooms, haircuts. I do dogs and I do cats. I’ve even had a couple of people bring me ferrets and I had a rabbit that I did for a little while, but it’s primarily dogs and cats,” she said. 

     When asked where she wants to be in five years, Ms. Naklick said that she is booking out six months and can’t believe the response she has gotten from the community since opening. 

     “I obviously enjoy the success that I’ve had, but I don’t want to get too big. I like the personal relationship I have with everyone; I know a lot of my clients, I talk to them about their personal lives and I like that one-on-one connection,” she said. “I like being the one person they see every single time that they come here and they know me, they know my own animals. They know a lot about my life and my family and I like that. I like the personal small-town relationship that I have with them. You’re the only person that’s grooming here.” 

~Holly Boname